15 thoughts on “CAPITAL ONE SAVOR UPDATED! | PERKS WORTH IT? 4% DINING & $500 BONUS (2018)

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  2. The way I see it is that I’m really getting a $405 bonus and $95 will pay for next year‘s fees. If it doesn’t live up to the hype and they won’t waive the fees then I’ll stop using it and get a different credit card that has a better cashback value. Or just go back to my cash plus card that I’m currently using. Overall spending roughly $3000 a month I’m paying it off each month plus the sign on bonus and the extra cash back it seems worth it to me at least in my situation. I really hate how other card you have to pick categories each quarter, and they don’t give you anything back other than those categories. Most cards I’ve had also don’t show you what you’re actually earning until the end of the 30 day month. When they roll it all up. I really like how it Capital One shows me exactly how much I’ve earned on every purchase at any time.

  3. Bro I’m getting the savor card for the 500$ and downgrading in year 2 to no annual fee… free money.

  4. Love the Savor card, we go out to eat so much. The Bonus cash back more than pays for year 2,3,4 of this card. Getting to the 3k spend is easier than it sounds- our cell bill alone is $500 plus a month.

    Heck, 2% on our groceries pays for year 2 annual fee alone not to even mention what we spend on dining for four and entertainment.

    Disagree with your assessment, anyone who eats out 3-4 times a week, even fast food GET THIS CARD! Our family has it.

  5. Mine said Annual Fee None. Doesn't say anything about the following year.. is it hiding somewhere? Thinking about applying.

  6. What about getting the card, spend 3000 dollars on christmas presents, getting 500 cash back and then closing the card, would that work?

  7. Brother, great vids man. Just subbed. Question for you……….; So had some credit issues a few years back, which I have now finally addressed (fixed credit). I am now in a position to sign up for a credit card, but am lost for amount of choices. So I am about to take a trip to the UK to visit family. Will be spending approx 4/5k on tickets. I want a card that will benefit me when spending that much on travel. The credit card willl also be used for day to day purchases (gas/groceries ect). So with that being said, what card do I go with!!! Probably spend about 5/6k year on travel.

  8. I have a Quicksilver and a Platinum MasterCard which I'm looking at product changing. They have a Savor One as well but a rep told me I can product change to a Venture one as well.

  9. $500 for $3K spend? Downgrade if, in a couple of years, it doesn’t work for me. Sounds pretty good.

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