Capital One just lost over 100,000 social security numbers

Capital One just lost over 100,000 social security numbers

hey what's going on gassing dr. Boyce Watkins from your black world the black dudes in school welcome to the black financial Channel I wanted to cover something that I think affects a lot of you a lot of you may be customers of Capital One Capital One has been hit with a data breach and I'm a customer of Capital One I've got probably on my Capital One card somewhere in my wallet one of my wallets anyway I you know I thought the I think it's a kind of say I kind of crazy kind of ridiculous you know but anyway I'll give you the details on the breach so you can know the severity of it and what's going on I'm here on CNBC basically they said that the breach affects about 140,000 social security numbers which honestly is not a big number for a company like Capital One around 80,000 linked bank accounts were compromised somebody have allegedly arrested the suspect a lady named Paige Thompson was about 33 years old she's been charged with computer fraud and abuse according to court records they said Monday that the data breach was identified earlier this month and exposed personal information of its customers including social security details and bank account numbers let's see out of the about a million Canadian social security numbers were compromised so more social security numbers in Canada were hit in the US however however additional information was taken including addresses phone numbers credit scores and credit limits were exposed they said in total quote this event affected approximately a hundred million individuals in the United States and approximately six million in Canada so that's quite a few people they do claim however they're no credit card account numbers or login credentials were exposed so your credit card numbers they claim our safe the login credentials are allegedly safe and they claim that 99 percent of the social security numbers were not affected so depends on how you want to look at it you know as one so there's a 1% chance according to what they're releasing that that you were affected by this breach basically the this lady was crazy enough to go try to put this online and they caught her online and the CEO Richard D Fairbank he says I'm sorry I apologize a set of run that this this breach is gonna cost the company about 100 to 150 million dollars in 2019 now what's fascinating is that if you look at Capital One stock the stock I don't feel took a major hit for this breach so far anyway now the information I believe I'm not sure I got a double check but I believe the information was released after the markets closed a lot of companies do that because they don't want to they don't want it to happen during the day they kind of want the market to take the time to process it before they react they don't want you to overreact it's almost like you know like a husband giving his wife bad news and says okay honey sit down or here's your here's your favorite food you know and then you tell the bad news right and so basically I believe this information was released after the markets closed for a specific reason I don't think they wanted people to have this information during the day I'm looking at PR Newswire and it looks like this press release was released up now what's that about a let's see right now so I'm in about 7:00 p.m. Central which is 8:00 p.m. Eastern so yeah they did deliver it after the markets closed which is about what I would expect if you want to know a little bit about Capital One stock the market cap of the company is forty five point five billion dollars so 150 million to companies like that is almost nothing it's almost like how Facebook got the five billion dollar fine and their stock didn't even flinch it didn't flinch I mean these these people are operating and insane market caps and saying amounts of capital in cash and everything else so right now as you know in after-hours trading the stock has dropped it looks like actually it dropped one percent to during the day but it's dropped about three point nine percent or a little almost four percent overnight sorry three dollars and ninety two cents which is four point oh four percent so I apologize I said the dip was only about one percent but actually it's about four percent which is pretty significant right so the question I guess at this point if I'm an investor I'm thinking okay what does this breach say about capital one and then long-term earnings prospects what's the likelihood that the markets gonna overreact and and and go ahead and sell off this stock and drop the price you know do I have faith that they're gonna you know cover up for this breach you know I tend to be a believer that companies that go through something like this they tend to do overkill you know in terms of making sure it doesn't happen again and so I'm gonna guess that they're gonna problem b.p be pretty cautious about what they do with data in the future and I'm even wondering when the whole banking industry's gonna adopt blockchain technology which actually when I understand can actually help reduce the likelihood that some of these breaches are gonna happen but uh that may be a long way away but that's just something to think about so anyway that's my two cents on capital one sorry if you were one of the people that lost something or has something breached they do have protection services out there so you can protect your identity keep your eye on your credit card make sure nobody's ripping you off because there are people that make millions of dollars just swipe taking credit cards and it's taking a little tiny amounts from lots of people and nobody notices and it's kind of a mess so anyway I'm out here guys hit the thumbs up button hit the share button hit the subscribe button if you haven't learned to be a stock market investor yet the black business school offers a free training for you to learn how to become a stock market investor all you got to do is sign up if you want to learn to buy your first share of stock go to black money 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