Capital One HACKED: How To Protect Your Info

Capital One HACKED: How To Protect Your Info

hey what's up everybody welcome back to the channel so my name is Walter this is the credit-card national channel so if you're new here we talk about travel we talk about credit credit tips so you like that you give me a thumbs up please subscribe as well so today's video is going to be about this Capital One data breach that we just found it about to download it to make sure I'm giving it to you early wanted to kind of give you exactly what's going on if you're somebody who doesn't like to her like a look at the news too much kind of read or you just want to kind of listen to this in your later to work or something like that or whatever would be just like you to better so I'm going to tell you a couple of things what it is what's going on if you're affected and what you can also do to prevent a lot of people on these blogs have not really told you would you can do to prevent it and to kind of really save yourself I'm gonna give you some a couple methods on how to really save yourself from these data breaches to really make sure you are you and your family are protected okay and offer free so let's get right into this video [Applause] all right so if you're not new here you notice I definitely got a backdrop now the hair has been cut off so yes yes everybody I cut it off right now I wanted to waves back but other than that let's get right into this video so according to multiple sources and again I'm not taking credit for any of these articles that I'm showing to you you can see who the credit is it looks like the first one is CNN so it looks like it's actually the only one a hundred million people now this X iam sorry New York Times a hundred million people were affected from this data breach this is going down as the largest breach in history and this is by a single person we're not gonna know who it is and what they all this crazy stuff but 100 million people were compromise hundred and forty thousand social security numbers in eighty thousand bank account numbers could have possibly been affected that is HUGE okay that is huge Capital One is also pretty much saying that the looking at maybe up to a hundred and fifty million dollars worth of damages which you know it's not as much as the Equifax data breach that we just had recently but it is still a tremendous amount of money that are saying some Canadian customers have been affected some American customers credit card applications as well as existing you know bank account numbers and things of that for existing card holders so here's the thing I just applied for a Capital One car that I was just declined for if you want to see why was decline if you're interested in that video I'll put that up here for you guys to see why was declined from Capital One and video actually did really well but here's the thing I'm pretty much I think I'm pretty much definitely in that you know 100 million I'm probably definitely in that situation is what you guys can do to actually prevent this now again if data is being breached we live in a world where you really can't prevent that unfortunately a hundred percent at a time a lot of things are computer mostly everything nowadays computer but here's what you can do to make sure you and your family are safe if things are breached now things like address things like phone number unfortunately those things are really not in my niche or so I really can't talk about those but I can definitely talk about the most important thing which is a social security number we can actually protect ourselves for free so here are a couple of different ways the first thing you can do is you can get a credit monitoring service I'm actually recommending and again I'm not a financial adviser but I'm definitely just giving you some recommendations I would definitely recommend to have a credit monitoring service like Credit Karma credit Sesame anything that you guys kind of use to make sure you are monitoring your credit credit card was awesome like I said they tell me as soon as somebody pulls my credit they tell me if something's fell off they update your credit score every week no it's not the most accurate as far as credit score but I use it for free it's a free service I use it more so as a credit monitoring service because my credit is not bad at all but I just want to make sure everything as far as utilization inquiries software hard things of that nature are up and in great standing and also things that are being reported so the three credit bureaus all right so also I would also recommend to make sure you get your annual credit report you can get a free credit report every year all right for all three credit bureaus Equifax TransUnion and Experian I could put that link in the description for you guys as well so if you see something let's say you don't have a credit monitoring service so let's say you just wanted to do this anyway as a habit because I do this every year you pull your credit for free on our website I think I believe they can sentence you to be a male or be a you know a electronic file which I did electronic file and you can kind of just go through your report now it's not going to give a score so gonna just give you a report which is really important you can see what's on there see if something is not accurate to see if something is accurate and kind of go from there now also the most important thing that I do that's free and this really helps out the credit this really helps out the Social Security because the other two methods I mean once they've gotten your Social it's pretty much over freeze your credit you are entitled in the United States you are entitled to have your credit frozen for free of charge what that means is if let's say somebody got my social security number from a data breach or anything like that and they tried to go out there and get a credit card go out there and get a bank account go out there and get a mortgage go out there and get a lease or finance or whatever and my credit is frozen for all three credit bureaus they will not be able to be approved yes they I have my social which is a bad thing really bad but the worst thing that they can do have the information is one thing actually using it is a lot worse okay so if your credit is frozen they have no access they can't apply for a credit card and get approve they cannot apply for a loan and get approved they cannot apply for a mortgage HELOC finance at least anything and be approved because your credit is frozen which is an awesome thing so you can freeze your credit by calling each credit bureau or you can do it on each credit bridge website you can actually freeze your credit for free our freeze means you cannot apply for anything you will automatically get declined I freeze all of them if you try to apply for something you have to unfreeze it it's really easy to unfreeze up you call them right back or you go online and you unfreeze so if I want to apply for a chase card and I know Chase pools are certain credit bureau I simply have to only unfreeze that one credit bureau making a quick call going online unfreezing it you can have the option to unfreeze it for a certain time frame typically what I do is I unfreeze it for one day and how to get placed back on without me even calling it the next day so it's unfrozen for one day the freeze is placed back the next day I keep my credit frozen it does not cost you you can freeze and unfreeze as many times as you want that is your right as a u.s. person okay US citizen who has a credit report credit score you can freeze your credit that is the best thing and it's really awesome it doesn't charge you okay so that's what's going on with capital wall right now again me I just applied for a credit card two months ago so I could be affected by but again guys if you are affect about I'm truly sorry I mean it happens but I just gave you a really good way I think the best way is to really freeze your credit definitely still monitor your credit even if there's no data breaches because there always is those there's typically a data breach here and there maybe once every couple years and sometimes you have these really big ones that we've been having over these last couple of years you want to make sure you're always a step ahead of the game though make sure your credit is frozen if your credit is frozen a lot of people don't know that when I talk to people on the streets when I talk to people but places they don't know you can freeze your credit I always like to make sure I put people on game because it saves us as a whole and the word gets around so this helps you out make sure you give me a thumbs up make sure you have subscribed thanks so much for tuning in I see you guys in the next video take care

8 thoughts on “Capital One HACKED: How To Protect Your Info

  1. Definitely freezing my credit card from the 3 bureaus and only unfreezing it when I am going to apply for new line of credit.

  2. I was approved for the Venture card last week and on Sunday on a random whim froze my Equifax and Transunion reports ( I pay for Experian and the option to lock is readily available). Crazy world we live in!

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