Capital One hack: 100 million people's data stolen – News Review

Capital One hack: 100 million people's data stolen – News Review

30 thoughts on “Capital One hack: 100 million people's data stolen – News Review

  1. Fraud – the criminal activity of getting money by deceiving people – is a big issue. Clever and complicated scams can trick us into handing over lots of cash. Sam and Rob discuss the methods criminals use, hear from some experts and teach some honest fraud-related vocabulary in 6 Minute English:

  2. 😂 What a dramatic example she came up with to explain "caught up on" That was so fun! Poor Dan😂 You're so clever guys👏

  3. I hate to blow my own trumpet but my english have been improved dramatically since the day i started to follow this channel :)))) thank you you guys.

  4. Hi, I noticed that the writers in the newspapers and the news networks write the headlines without the verb "to be", which was getting me confused, before knowing that they use this way of writing to make the sentences more efficient.
    As a non-native speaker, I don't really see that the sentence is more efficient if it is written without the verb" to be".

  5. I think the meaning of the word hit is swip
    I caught up in a problem with my friend
    News always expose the criminal
    Sometimes when there is a problem l may be nervous and boasted

  6. I love bbc learning english you really help me with my acent, Iam studying for the ielts. Regards from Mexico

  7. She is a criminal as she was exposed to many illegal activities.

    The juvenile criminals got caught up by police due to shoplifting crime.

    Bora Bora island is boasted with rich marine life.

  8. That might be one of the biggest data breaches in the world. I’m wondering about how the firm operates the cyber security management system.

  9. "I hate to blow my own trumpets". So fantastic expression! Today we had two in one : News Review and The language we speak.

  10. Language challenge: The correct answer is Swipe. Ex: The cat swiped the dog across the nose (means hit) or she swiped one of my biscuits (means steal)

  11. Thank you guys for exposing your native english to all of us who are caught up in learning english step by step. I'm not writing to boast about my improvements, just only wanted to thank you from Asturias-Spain!

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