Capital One Data Breach: What you need to know

Capital One Data Breach: What you need to know

another massive data breach is impacting more than 100 million customers at Capital One Bank which is headquartered in McLean Virginia Matt Gregory is here with what you need to know to protect yourself good morning Matt well good morning Andy I mean this massive data breach hit one of the DMV's largest employers and Capital One didn't even know about it until the hacker bragged online over night Capital One revealed someone had accessed millions of its credit card applicants and credit card customers information that affects roughly a hundred six million people in the United States and Canada and at the same time the FBI says they've arrested the person responsible a seattle-based hacker named Paige Thompson court documents say that Thompson gained access through a misconfigured web firewall and the bulk of the information she took was personal information from credit card accounts and credit card applications but a hundred forty thousand social security numbers were compromised as well as eighty thousand bank account numbers and Capital One discovered the breach in online chats according to court documents Thompson who goes by the name erratic online apparently bragged about the heck so what happens to your information now Capital One says they'll notify you if you're affected and they're also going to offer free credit monitoring and identity protection to anyone who had their details taken now this hack comes on the heels of Equifax is 700 million dollar federal settlement the federal government ordered the company to pay that out for a 2017 massive data breach so there will be a review of Capital One's breach by the federal government and that's one of the things you and I were just talking about going forward they'll have to figure out what went wrong with in that misconfigured web firewall toughen up their security system to right all right Matt thank you we'll keep following the story as it continues to develop right now let's

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  1. They need to find out why Capital One was NEVER aware of the breech until the hacker bragged about it. What is even more concerning, is that a major credit company is totally unaware it's been hacked. Why not???? The Federal Government should ask Capital One how that was even possible?

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