38 thoughts on “Capital One data breach: More than 100 million affected

  1. We should also be securing our next election from Russian attacks. Moscow Mitch is currently blocking any funding to harden our election system from Russian Cyber Attacks. Why would he not want to take such obvious security measures? Is he a Russian Asset just like our president?

  2. Wow see that white trash who was caught? Bragging? Who believes that crap. This whole thing is probably staged by the company and they want you buy their monitoring service.

  3. Business insider reports that Amazon Cloud was at the heart of the Capital One breach, the CIA granted a contract to Amazon for a cloud. This person might have worked on that software.

  4. I guess cash ain't so bad now, at least if you get robbed carrying cash, you have the ability to go face to face with the thief. Faceless and nameless thieves just stealing money without you being able to stop it, that's cowardice. You can certainly see a cashless one world currency coming, the bible is very accurate.

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha that tweaker pulled this off? Capitol One needs to step up their security game…….like a lot.

  6. i owe cap one like 18000, havent paid a minimum monthly in six yrs, just recently got a cc application from them, thats funny

  7. Dont use banks. They wanna charge you to hold onto your money . you know how weird that would be if i asked you to hold onto your $ but was gonna keep some of it? Think about it… We been bamboozled ! Lol

  8. Right … now that we have destroyed your life .. come on in so we can watch you more closely !!!!
    Free nothings for all .

  9. I don’t know why we don’t all just storm the Fed and print out money, instead of storming Area 51. Give ourselves our annual bonus

  10. Keep outsourcing to 3rd world countries.
    People in 3rd world countries handle your social security info and much much more.

  11. Ha…well at the very least Capital One is ahead of this kind of thing. CreditWise, which is credit score and monitoring, comes free already with your card.

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