29 thoughts on “Capital One data breach impacts more than 100 million customers

  1. Well I love CapitalOne. I will give them a pass. I wanna ring that circus clown hackers neck! CAPITALONE I forgive you. You took my call when NOBODY would. We're good…FOREVER 💘

  2. Stop promoting the fact that people get money, because they will ignore the monitoring service. You need to have your credit monitored, and protect your identity. This women is awesome trying to help inform us; you two hosts are awful.

  3. Open and shut case Watson! They solve this one quick. We got the picture and name I don’t know what pronouns. It’s always fishy when everything comes together this quick

  4. how tf is $125 sufficient for someone having my PERSONAL information. People are blinded by the free money but it's bigger than that.

  5. Just the beginning of the end for big credit. It'll still take another quarter millennium to work into law, but this is one step toward abolishing credit as we know it, assuming democracy survives/thrives as long.

  6. Terrible reporting. He leads the segment with a complete falsehood he's talking about the equifax breach. Capital one doesn't have a site to check if you were hacked or offering any money. Then she keeps saying credit one, a different bank altogether. I like how your industry expert is so stupid she didn't think to unlock her credit freeze before applying for credit. Watching the death throws of msm live

  7. These "journalists" are awful. Just report the news, don't fuzzy it up with your stupid anecdotes. Dude doesn't know the difference between this very recent hack and an existing settlement (Equifax), leading people to believe they can just go online right now and A) see if they were compromised by the Capital One hack, and B) get $150 from the Capital One hack. Straight up disinformation.

    I generally give the mainstream media the benefit of the doubt, but this idiot is just unqualified.
    He just had to take an opportunity to mansplain to two women something he doesn't even understand.

  8. Knew she’d be caught- but wanted to be famous. She showed us how vulnerable private bank info is. Give her a break.

  9. they seem to have air-balled the 80,000 bank account #'s mention/graphic: still horrible for those 80k folks of course, but that's re: CapOne secured credit cards, not regular c.cards (per Nerd Wallet I think)

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