29 thoughts on “Capital One Cafés – A Refreshing Take On Banking | Capital One

  1. wow very cool and very edgy! loved the part where he demolished an entire building with only a mere awkward camera cut and arm movement. will definitely switch to capital one after this.

  2. Capital One commercials and ads seem to the foundation of every single typical video on YouTube.

  3. Stop showing me this fucking commercial every time I watch a fucking video on YouTube. You guys are worse than GEICO at this point.

  4. Everyone is talking about how "hot" he is, don't let that distract you from the fact that the man literally leveled a building with one push of the hand.

  5. Are they saying banking in a crass shopping mall structure is preferable to spending time in a classically designed building?

  6. What kind of dress shirt is that?? Love the white dress shirt I’ve been looking for something like that

  7. Real hard to appreciate this commercial…when I'm being sued by them. So just keep in mind boys and girls… if you dont play by the rules….they beat you with their money sock. You should just get a discover card!

  8. Looks like narcisse from reign. Yes Amelia it’s me, and no Amelia I’m not scared to look weird on YouTube in front of the whole world 🙆‍♀️

  9. Capital One keeps jacking up my interest rate and are taking $29 on top in an extra fee when that huge interest rate puts my balance over the limit and they are usng mine and other suckers money to open these hipster douchebag cafes?! screw em' as soon as i can i am transferring my balance to a REAL bank's card!

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