41 thoughts on “Capital Cities – Venus & River

  1. The best part is when, mentioned "COSTA RICA", definitly, they know where is the best country in the world.

  2. I’m sad you guys got rid of the trumpet part that you did in the live version. This sounds completely different 🙁

  3. Saw them perform this at a concert a few years ago and have been waiting for this to be released! So happy! Such a great track!

  4. Yaaas that is what he’s saying. I’ve Loved this band ever since day one. Even moreso now that they showed love for my gen’s James Dean.

  5. Okay, we got Mars, now we have Venus. Should we expect Mercury soon? A new album with a planets and Roman art aesthetic perhaps?

    Really great to hear this song in studio form so long after its live debut. I kinda miss the faster tempo and more heavy brass presence, but hey, maybe we'll get an alternate version like that.

  6. I get that they have other good music but would these guys be considered one hit wonders with how popular safe and sound was?

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