50 thoughts on “Capital Cities- "Tell Me How to Live"

  1. This song feels like it should be in the opening credits of a TV show. Kinda like a Sopranos style opening. Thoughts?

  2. A common pattern that I've found with Capital Cities' songs is that I love the verses, but dislike the chorus.

  3. The music is great. And … OMG this album's cover is SO COOL ! Just magical to me O_o

  4. When he says the grass is greener on his side, all I can think of is some guy with grass in his armpits…

  5. Gah, Capital Cities, where have ya been all my life? xD I've been living under a rock, never heard of this band until now. I LOVE IT

  6. Alguien sabe como se llama el instrumento que suena a mitad de la canción en el minuto 2:00 hasta el 2:28 y que también suena al final de la misma? es como una guitarra pero con toques árabes ! El sonido es muy conocido pero no conozco como se llama el instrumento. Gracias de antemano !

  7. the title doesn't really fit, its tell me how to live but should it ain't no body gunna tell me how to live 

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