37 thoughts on “Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (Original)

  1. Unequivocally one of the greatest music videos ever made. The contrast between the happy beautiful and absurd dancers and the raw terror of what we do to each other during the violence of war is such a simple profound message. We can dance lovingly one day and drop napalm on villagers the next.

  2. Esta canción para mí simboliza las dos locuras de el ser humano, una buena y una mala, la guerra y el baile

  3. I was honestly crying inside when I watched this. This may not be the meaning that the creators were trying to show but I feel that this is a tribute to soldiers throughout the years and when they are out risking their lives, we are "Safe and Sound."

  4. Este vídeo explica que el mundo está en peligro y sólo unirse podemos acabar con esto y da un ejemplo la música no hay que pelear por el control mundial solo hay que hacer la paz mi tío murió atropellado por un tanque de guerra

  5. I like how the videos get more modern as it progress,like it starts with World War 1 and ends with the Iraq War

  6. The other one made me teary-eyed but this one left me crying. The contrast between two spectrums of humanity. </3

  7. Today in class we watched this cuz we are learning juxtaposition, me and my bsf started crying cause we both loved the song but we didn't realize how intense the original mv was, this happend irl, just thinking about that made me scared.

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