49 thoughts on “Capital Cities – "Origami"

  1. I'll tell you what im gonna do. For 10,000 years u Will suffer the yoke will be strapped to your children's children's children's neck.

  2. All these comments seem to be 5 years ago, or 4 or 3. This was back when I was in 2014-15. Probably the best years for me, or 2018. I remember my dad always playing this in the car, and all the good times. I miss it quite a lot lol.

  3. i came here because they play this song in my dance class at school and im sooooo glad that my teacher plays this song cuz i think im in love 💖

  4. Keep um (lest you find the piramedyan(triangular atlas itra-enterlauda ardenu3+N(7L, and the dissapeareance of one armedian Hamada ,ship of fools, floating up or coming through do whatch, to needing the seas as triggers of much forces upon the , equinox may shift the, Arden time for large typhoons, and so forth have aguy whom is familiar with the, doing the Touch an Sam, a real "Howie"

  5. Well If you stole my dimionds and gold. I would guess I would be breaking a pinyata. Puta! And I would have only one eye covered. Because I have been know to cheat to.

  6. I did a dance routine to this in school🔥❤ it was flames too. Lmao love this song so much. Makes me dance like no ones around always.

  7. It really sounds people are at a pizza shop pouring salt on a jumbo pizza that looks good with 300 slices.

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