29 thoughts on “Capital Cities – My Name Is Mars (Lyric Video)

  1. This was 100% love at first listen. How many times can one man listen to the same song on repeat?? We're about to find out…

  2. Not really understanding the hate for the lyrics? Mars is literally the god of war, it makes sense for him to be covered in scars. A lot of this is describing what life would be like from the god of war's perspective. It all fits together thematically while also drawing comparisons from the god of war to the singers. They see themselves as the god of war. Not only are these lyrics offering a a good picture of mar's life it shown how they feel going through life is akin to being the god of war. covered in scars, constantly ready for battle, but having no regrets.

  3. Okay yeah but can I have a shirt of each picture shown in the video like now? They all look so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing!

  4. I'm Korean. But this song is good to listen to when I English study. The song helps to concentrate! I like this song.

  5. Que vibe mais energizante sinto quando ouço as músicas do capital cities, consigo me desconectar de tudo que não é bom,continuem fazendo músicas assim 😍😍😍

  6. I heard this at uniqlo. this has to be one of the worst songs i've ever heard. i was gobsmacked by its awfulness

  7. Este vídeo me hace llorar porque cuando no me escogieron en la escolta, maldito maestro . y oí esta canción en la radió

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