Can’t Skip Freedom

Can’t Skip Freedom

How many times have you left early, cancelled a meeting or otherwise changed your plan? How many times have you said you’re going
but stayed right where you were, sinking in the sand? How many times did you look at yourself
from another perspective and grasp, when all was said and done,
you were simply in the wrong place. Listen… We are the same size as what we see
and not as what we have. A man needs to see things with his own eyes, walk the world with his own feet, have his back burned by the sun
and his feet blistered by the street. Which is harsher, the icy winds atop of a mountain
or the baking heat along the plain? Only one way to know. Seeing all this with our own eyes and not on our smartphones, flashing up images
of landscapes already shared a million times, Really seeing with our own gazes for just a few, sometimes far too few, times. The good news is that they are still here, these landscapes do persist in the
three dimensional world that we exist, and they do hold the capacity to transform us… so come take a look. But look to see and not to show, and save it right here and here. Put the phone away and go! Once we experience distance, we understand
just how much we miss our own and our homes. We can see the wood from the trees. Travel helps us flourish and grow. We need to go to places we don’t know
to shatter that arrogance that makes us experts on what we have not seen when we should remain humble and keen as students, and just head off in discovery. In 20, 30 or 40 years time,
we are going to regret what we did not do so voyage out, let the wind blow through your sails
explore, dream and discover. Believe that sky is going to seem that bit bluer. You must have read: “When something good happens,
travel to celebrate. when something bad happens, travel to forget. And when nothing happens,
travel to make something happen.” Keep this in your head… it’s the truth, and this is the proof! And it is with us each and every day, we just have to read the signs. ‘Cause after all, we can’t skip life.

45 thoughts on “Can’t Skip Freedom

  1. Excelente trabalho! Parabéns. Portugal é incrível!
    Gostaria de sugerir o Rio Bestança em Cinfães, um dos rios mais limpos da Europa 🙂

  2. "We're the same size as what we see", is that a reference to Alberto Caeiro? "Porque eu sou do tamanho do que vejo"… Great ad by the way, superbly shot and lyrically inspired.

  3. This is incredible – A really well made advert from a tourist board. It got my attention and i didnt stop watching. A really engaging clip showing some amazing scenery from this beautiful country. I just got back from Lisbon and was in Porto in February. You really cant miss it. Check out our video –

  4. Que texto, quem escreveu isto? esta é a melhor publicidade portuguesa que alguma vez vi, muito bom, parabens.
    E James Palmer, sou fã!

  5. Merci pour ce beau CADEAU d' enthousiasme rayonnant et ces paysages inspirant qui donnent effectivement envie d'ALLER VOIR….. MERVEILLEUX PARTAGE

  6. Top. I am proud to be Portuguese, I feel ASDN of the discoveries, a Country with History, customs and excellent gastronomy and breathtaking landscapes with unique sites full of mystery.

  7. Olá, boa tarde. Estou a escrever um artigo no meu blog, onde vou partilhar este vídeo. O meu público é maioritariamente internacional, quero convida-los a conhecer Portugal.

  8. I spend hours discovering destination promo videos from different regions around the world but this one is the best one so far. Great advertisement investment and congratulations on the Portuguese tourism board for thinking outside the box.

  9. Visit the North for the Tradition, history and food(Oporto, Braga, etc…)
    Visit the center for the modern and fashion (Lisbon, Setubal, etc…)
    Visit the south for the beautiful beaches and fields (Algarve, Alentejo, etc…)
    Visit the island for the nature landscape and paradises (Madeira and Açores)
    Visit the interior for the beautiful cities in the middle of the moutains (Covilhã, Viseu, etc…)
    Visit Portugal, the most Beautiful country in the world

  10. Very moving ad but please no more mass tourism. Algarve was damaged enough with that, less tourism numbers more quality.

  11. this one is the best ad that I have ever seen on youtube, I just wonder does anyone could tell me where these are beaches and views appeared in this ad.

  12. "A man needs to see things with his own eyes…"

    I can't identify with this person at all as the woman I am. If it was a woman, she would never say "a woman needs to see things with her own eyes" and, even if she did, the advertisment would clearly only address to women. Why are women expected to identify with both women and men, but men only with men?

    The – not so subtle – sexism of using the word "man" instead of "human" is annoying as hell. Well, you made sure that I will NOT visit Portugal. 🙂

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