Candace Owens, Congress, and How They Helped Each Other Lie – SOME MORE NEWS

Candace Owens, Congress, and How They Helped Each Other Lie – SOME MORE NEWS

About black conservatives may have the audacity to think for themselves become educated about our history and the myth of things Like the southern switch and the Southern Strategy which never happened Yep, that’s me in Congress. I’m sure you’re asking: How did that happen? well It’s actually a pretty wild story and we’ll get to that story and my literally effortless Candace Owens impression But first hi and here is some news last week Congress had a hearing about the rise in white nationalist violence, a thing that is real and it turned partly into a complete embarrassment of easily provable lies and Republicans trying to not talk about white nationalist violence, a thing that is real But we’ll get into that. First this again the southern switch and the Southern Strategy which never happened and there is a PragerU video that further explicates it that I would advise and everybody watches. Thank you for your time That’s a clip of a complete liar lying about easily verified facts citing Prager University at a congressional hearing Now what’s Prager University you ask which? Ok, we’ll cover this in great detail in another episode but briefly Prager University Is according to its own website not an accredited university It’s the brainchild of decades-long neoconservative radio host Dennis Prager. It’s funded by homophobic Ultra-religious fracking billionaires the Wilks brothers despite having giant donate buttons all over their website Yes donate to make sure we can keep making videos or we’ll have to ask more billionaires for money PragerU has countless videos that are grossly misleading about science history Economics and the like and all the scripts are edited by mr Prager but the main ethos of Prager U is to bring back conservative Christian values and traditions America has done nothing wrong Racism doesn’t exist and we must protect moneyed interests at all Costs, while following the advice and boldly inaccurate information of Dennis Prager specifically again He edits all of the scripts and don’t worry Th-they’re totally not culty and weird about it. Who is Dennis Prager, and why do so many people love him? He changes the way you live for the better He makes you a better person Super normal from a fake University littered with countless verifiably false statements their videos are all under five minutes But they lie so much in them that debunking them and adding context to their lies often takes upwards of 20 minutes They’re good at what they do Lie, and again, we don’t have the time to go over it. So links down below go google their lies It’s not hard to find and we’ll get into the Southern Strategy that this liar is lying about but let’s just do a simple example that I think is just the Chefiest kiss a chef ever kissed this video about stock buybacks and how they’re good Actually, you see Donald Trump’s big tax cut for corporations that was supposed to help the working class mostly went to executives who used it for stock buybacks. So PragerU made this video where they talk about What are stock buybacks? Spoiler alert: They’re good, and don’t worry about it They specifically cite companies like Home Depot The Home Depot who engaged in this behavior? But it’s good and then the video Ends and you go to the description and see that this video is in conjunction with Job Creators Network and so you go what’s what’s that and you find out it gets a significant amount of funding from the billionaire Mercer family and It was founded by a different billionaire who also founded home depot That’s interesting Anyway Prager U is trash and they’re starting to infiltrate Congress with their lies making even more lies in Congress than normal But we’ll get back to our beautiful friends at Prager U, maybe. Let’s return to the star of this terrible film Candace Owens record scratch freeze-frame Yep, that’s me. How did I get here? Well Candace Owens grew up in Connecticut during high school Her town’s mayor’s son and his s#!tty friends left her a bunch of racist death threat-y voicemails incidentally this article about it mentions that earlier Candace was arrested for harassment in an unrelated incident more on this later but fast forward to 2015 when she ran an anti Trump and anti conservative website called degree 180 a name which we’ll discover is a little too on the nose for foreshadowing. After the site fell apart She moved on to a project called social autopsy, which was her idea for a website that would document hate speech something She doesn’t think exists and online harassment Ostensibly doxxing anyone who makes mean comments online While perhaps well-intentioned the website was panned by people from both sides of the political spectrum a few months later Candace came out as conservative interesting a real real degree 180 turn there she claimed that her decision came after the liberal media lied about her website that nobody lied about and Everyone not just liberals told the truth about there’s a Breitbart article about it and then she said that a bunch of liberals posed as right-wing trolls tweeting a racist stuff at her because right-wing racist trolls are rare Online. So now, she’s a conservative now what one could see this as perhaps a hollow opportunistic move, but someone else might say Well some anonymous people were mean online so I changed all of my opinions about the economy social issues systemic racism health care and history but Whatever she soon began releasing videos about how she doesn’t care about white supremacy Black lives matter is just a bunch of whiners America isn’t racist things like that and she was soon hired as the director for urban engagement for turning-point USA a Conservative activist group with questionable finances and practices as well as a history of racial bias One could argue that this hire now allows turning-point USA’s founder Charles Tiberius Kirk to sit back and laugh while a black woman yells at black lives matter so he doesn’t have to But who knows? Candace continued this turning point while making videos for Prager U, telling celebrities: dear celebrities I’m sorry to be the one to have to break this to you But we do not care not in the slightest particle of an imaginary thing What you think right before a celebrity agreed with her? So this one this this? One’s a free thinker She also doesn’t believe in climate change despite admitting not knowing about it and saying she doesn’t trust Scientific American Because it has dot-com in its name so I don’t know just seems like like maybe she’s not a very reliable source on much of anything and doesn’t need to be in a hearing with a bunch of serious people and Organizations discussing hate crimes and white nationalist terrorism. So why was she asked? Why is she there what the heck can she add? Well, there are a lot of theories but first let’s hear from her I received word on my way in that many of the journalists were confused as to why I was invited and none of them knew that I myself Was the victim of a hate crime when I was in high school she brings up her history with the hate crime as I mentioned and says that it opened her eyes to conservatism and how the NAACP took advantage of her to boost the idea that there are hate crimes a thing that she literally experienced and is talking about Also interesting considering that she previously said what opened her eyes to Conservatism was being harassed online by liberals pretending to be anonymous right-wing racist trolls. Also in 2016 She wrote an open letter to her old high school Talking about the incident and how the media circus surrounding it ruined her life for a long time Along with people not believing her calling her a liar in it for the money and ugly and that this this sucks Nobody believed her and they made her the center of attention and the freaking mayor’s son didn’t even apologize for the racist shit He did it sucks that people called you a liar and in it for the money And it especially sucks because it really seems like you’re lying and in it for the money about all this other stuff Not the hate crime, but all of this other stuff Also, I would never call you ugly on the outside. So Anywho Candace spent a lot of her time during the hearing dismissing the very idea of racism in America today citation needed and she brought up her grandfather who was alive during a Jim Crow era to illustrate what real racism is like because pointing to the brutality of the past in order to dismiss any criticism of the present is is a Valid argument for Congress we Country built on racism it’s over. It’s over now She says all the hate crime statistics are fake. And like do you think the FBI is faking statistics to help minorities? They sent a letter to Martin Luther King jr. To convince him to kill himself and don’t get me wrong All right, one of Candice’s messages is that she’s not a victim She hates the the victim mentality and that’s a good positive message But not wanting to feel like a victim doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist or that it’s not a problem or that Racists don’t suddenly feel emboldened for Some reason so again kind of pointless What’s she doing here under the Democrat parties? Jim Crow laws Democrat Democrat Democrat the Democrats Democratic rat Democrat terrorist organization of that time the Ku Klux Klan Oh hmm It seems like maybe the Republicans invited her maybe So they could have a black person say that Racism doesn’t exist and white nationalism isn’t the problem and that the real racists are the Democrats Maybe maybe that’s why she’s there and I’m not here to say that no Democrats are racist or the Democratic policies Haven’t hurt black communities, but I am saying that this is partisan hackery at its most grotesque Which brings us back to this and the myths of things? Like the southern switch and the Southern Strategy which never happened mrs Grift goes to Washington to lie to everybody’s face about the Southern Strategy being a myth the southern strategy refers to a realignment of political parties that Started in the early nineteen hundred’s but took place mostly after the Civil Rights Act passed Republicans engaged in quiet racism to push away black people and court racist white people this is well documented and the idea that it’s a myth is thoroughly debunked by what most would call actual historians and Heck since we’re here real quick Fake historian might point out that there’s a higher percentage of Republicans that voted for the Civil Rights Act and Democrats But then if you actually look at the votes You see that the divide is actually regional It was a north-south thing wonder why not so much a Democrat Republican thing and in fact more Southern Democrats by percentage and number of votes in both the House and the Senate voted for the act Then did Southern Republicans and more northern Democrats by percentage and number of votes in both the House and the Senate voted for the act Then did northern Republicans, but whatever. All right, let’s let’s do breeze through this All right Because the writing’s on the wall here or in many cases The writing is on the transcripts of interviews about this with the people who did it Aside from the fact that the woman who made the PragerU video in question debunking the Southern Strategy Literally wrote about the Southern Strategy existing in her own book The Southern Strategy was also written about by the people who engaged in it Fake historian might write an article called the myth of Nixon’s Southern Strategy and that fake historian might mention Nixon advisor Kevin Phillips in the article But that fake historian for some reason won’t include the quote from Nixon advisor Kevin Phillips saying out loud That the Republicans were never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the quote Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the south the sooner the Negro folk whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans We can also go to this quote describing the southern strategy from a memo written by former Nixon adviser and current Republican senator of Tennessee Lamar Alexander or Lee Atwater someone a fake historian literally never mentions for some reason Atwater was advisor to both Ronald Reagan and George Bush the first and he said quote you start out in 1954 by saying N-word n-word n-word by 1968 you can’t say n-word that hurts you backfires so you say stuff like Forced busing states rights and all that stuff and you’re getting so abstract now you’re talking about cutting taxes and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is Blacks get hurt worse than whites. We want to cut this is much more abstract than even the busing thing and a hell of a lot more abstract than n-word n-word But I’m sure that this strategy only applies to those Republican presidents All right, nothing after George Bush doesn’t care about black people Damn Candace any comments? Here’s the thing famous ladies and gents. Nobody cares what you think? damn Okay, so that was easy Maybe these people are a little full of complete bull and shouldn’t be testifying before Congress So why why why why is she there to run cover it seems to lie it seems it’s so weird that this employee if Charles Koch’s Turning Point USA would be invited by the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee who have received more than $140,000 from Charles Koch every one of these twerps who asked Candace questions Here’s a guy who took his time addressing the rise in white nationalist violence to ask Candace. How’s she doing? Does it bother liberals that she’s a conservative does it trigger them? And no, I’m not exaggerating I think you’ve caused my friends on the Left too to go to their safe spaces, and I’d love to Explore with you a little bit of the reason for that Did you consider yourself a conservative I am a conservative yes. Okay. Are you pro-life I am pro-life, okay Does that trigger people when you see them that they know that you’re pro-life it makes them very upset and Democrats hate me great job Congress some of these Koch buddies spent their time addressing the rise in white nationalist violence by Complaining about how Candace was described in the program for the hearing Nobody else is described as progressive or liberal, but you are described as a conservative advocacy Group turning-point USA and a conservative commentator and political activist known for her criticism of Black lives matter and the Democrat Party two congressmen took the time to do this and first of all, maybe call her Conservative activists or whatever is accurate And there aren’t similar descriptions for the other people at the hearing because they’re all serious people with serious jobs who take these things seriously also First of all, I don’t think she could well with the accuracy of that It’s a simple statement of who she is and furtheredly more I do just want to add that my biography which I submitted you reduced it to one sentence calling me just a conservative activist So you’re complaining about the description of her and according to her? moments later she submitted her own bio and they just Made it shorter and if we if we if we really want to get into this I know this doesn’t matter but you can find a signed form from Candice and everyone who testifies in front of Congress must fill out Here it is. There’s her name the date the topic and her writing down her description of herself Conservative activist right on what a waste of time Conservatives love to talk about the liberal media bias Candice mentioned it in her opening statement Probably would have been worth mentioning that the first use of the idea of a liberal media bias was used by a racist George Wallace to discredit the media’s accurate coverage of the civil rights movement, but Whatever, they love to talk about how there’s there’s a bias against conservatives there They’re they’re being censored PragerU complains constantly about this about how how more than 10 percent of their videos are in restricted mode on YouTube a mode for Schools and libraries and parents to avoid certain topics in language PragerU has a whole Lawsuit about it, but hey hey hey PragerU, more than 95% of our some more news videos are in restricted mode? Literally, the only two that aren’t or a video that’s title seemingly complements the president and a video that’s title Seemingly defends the president against the traitorous deep state in fact before this video You are currently watching. You probably saw an ad for PragerU but anyway This is a sham at one point. This congressman asked Candace after saying obviously they’re right They’re racists out there and white nationalists, but in your experience, have you met racists while talking to conservatives? it’s an odd thing for a congressman to say when one of his conservative colleagues is a white nationalist, but Candace says no, no racists or any racism Maybe she said that because she hadn’t been hired at TP USA until after a bunch of racists were fired Or maybe she’s unaware of new TP USA hire Benny Johnson formally fired from BuzzFeed for a lot of plagiarism Eventual and former writer for the white nationalist friendly website The Daily Caller owned by Tucker Carlson who we won’t be talking about today Benny Johnson opened up a recent TP USA event by saying this. Yes. Look at this. This is amazing. Oh my god I’ve never seen so many white people in one room. This is incredible rock and roll everyone involved in this situation also as we were filming this the official turning point USA Twitter account shared a photo where one of its members promoted the Kalergi plan an anti-semitic white nationalist conspiracy theory weird Because the thing is white nationalism and white nationalist violence is on the rise according to all of the serious people at this hearing according to the racist FBI according to the freaking military According to our own fucking eyes and having Candace Owens come lie about it and put on this weird Conservative YouTube grievance. Nonsense is grotesque White nationalism is what does that mean? Exactly? And what’s the agenda behind saying it and most important? What’s the effect on the country when they repeat that again? And again and again, does it make this a better place or does it make us hate each other? I said I didn’t want to talk about you today you fancy boy That of course is Tucker Carlson though white nationalist propagandist complaining about people calling others white nationalists Despite self-described white nationalists loving his show because of all the white nationalist talking points He regularly espouses in this exact same episode from this week He later talks about American birth rates and rising foreigner birth rates and how we must protect our birth rates is an issue That was central to the Christchurch shooters manifesto great replacement of white people due to birth rates and speaking of the Christchurch manifesto Candice Owens before you freak out. I’m not saying that Candice Owens is a white nationalist or a Nazi or whatever the Christchurch dip Manifesto is full little jokes, you know some trolls to confuse and get a rise out of people amidst his actual beliefs Which seemed to align with British fascist oswald mosley candice owens isn’t more extreme than this blurred out piece of shit He wanted people to go after Candice to cause more trouble, but also Candice Owens Does talk about a lot of the same things and associate with people who talk about race science a lot and birth rates a lot And all of the conspiracies that made this person do the awful thing he did. It’s a troll Mixed with some truth and that’s the problem here for example Here’s the shooter giving the okay symbol and the okay symbol was used to troll the normies into thinking something innocuous Was really some dumb Nazi s#!t Except it quickly became both some did it to trigger people some did it because they’re racists and they had a new way to signal to each other and some did it because everything was okay and this unfortunately, Is all three he’s racist. He’s trolling you and it’s okay, and that’s the problem That’s the joke it sucks Candice Owens isn’t some secret Nazi but the mainstreaming of some of her views and the misrepresentation of some of her views really helps fascists who are attracted to like anti-immigration stuff anti feminism anti anti racism anti cultural Marxism the existential threat Facing the West due to immigration and Muslims and declining birth rates in leaked discord chats fascists openly talk about how they got there and it ranges from memes and ironic racism to Infowars like the dips#!t manifesto says Donald Trump doesn’t implement a lot of policies that help their cause But what he says what he stands for and what he represents does they’re probably attracted to a right-wing demagogue who calls himself a Nationalist and hates immigrants and talks about how much he could totally shoot people at the border But he totally won’t shoot people at the border Someone who shuts down programs that prevent white nationalist terrorism and they appreciate a person who fears and hates globalism So much that when asked about nationalism she invokes Adolf Hitler. Yeah, I agree I actually don’t have any problems at all with the word nationalism. I think that it gets the definition gets poisoned By elitist that actually want globalism globalism is what I what I don’t want So when you think about whenever we say Nationals and the first thing people think about in at least in America is Hitler You know, he was a National Socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run Well, okay fine. The problem is is that he wanted he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize now I’m not gonna say that she’s defending the Holocaust or Hitler here because she’s not What she’s doing is downplaying everything wrong with Nazi Germany except the Holocaust nationalism intrinsically creates in-groups and out-groups Xenophobia and violence, but a problem with it is when the nation expands Yeah, nationalists have no interest in expanding the nation nationalists never kill their own people. That’s something she said unbelievable folks like um, PragerU Will say that nationalism is good. Gandhi was a nationalist not mentioning that he was fighting for independence and all of his quotes about his Nationalism describe how he views it as a part of the globe and he would gladly sacrifice his nation for humanity and would never support something for his nation at the detriment of other nations, which is kind of totally the opposite of Nationalism like like like it’s the opposite of saying that we have to close down the border because most Mexicans are rapists and then saying we have to close down the border because of incoming Asylum seeking migrant families and then saying we have to close down the border because of a trade deficit with Mexico The problem isn’t that he took it out of Germany. Also globalism isn’t starting wars with other countries Even if the question is included for context, this is a bizarre Ignorant answer it’s weird incidentally, here’s one of those actual historians describing fascists and their view of Globalism is the natural result of people on a planet becoming more connected. It’s not a conspiracy by puppeteers Anyway again This is a sham and historically immoral Prager University has a bunch of videos from fake historians claiming that actually Hillier was a who is a socialist to kill a socialist and fascism is is is Left-wing and these are lies These are historically immoral lies intended to distance those with fascistic tendencies from the similarities. They share it with the past Fake historian doesn’t want you to know that Fascism is a reaction hell-bent on destroying the left and it traditionally comes to power via uneasy Collaboration with elite conservatives and classical liberals and it’s marked by all this other stuff It’s real gross what they do and we’ll get into that even more in another episode Probably so I’ll just end on this moment from another Koch-gressman about the importance of free speech, you know if there’s an ideology that we don’t like The weakest thing that we can do is try to forbid it or suppress it the strongest thing we can do is to use our own freedom of speech to confront it and defeat it on its merits the problem is bud you’re not doing that you’re here right here listening to lies and you’re Complaining about the word conservative in a witness’s description You want to combat bad speech with good correct? Speech do it now bud do it now Mention the current senator from Tennessee and former Nixon adviser who literally wrote a memo about the Southern Strategy Ted Lou, it’s it’s neat You wanted to play the little Hitler clip, but you’re woefully unprepared to explain what was wrong with it So many of these people are woefully unable and unprepared to deal with these liars and grifters seeping into Congress and congressional Hearings you tubers are better at responding to these fucking liars Ted You can’t just play it and say oh She’s just defending Hitler what you did was you played a clip of her speaking and then let her speak The end and how did she respond? Mr Loop believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety. Whoa Hey Nobody said black people Candice. Why are you so mad? First of all, the the context doesn’t make your quote any less? Absolutely wrong and second of all again Nobody said black people Candice. Why did you bring that up? In fact, you’ve heard about the black card, right? Oh so you did an entire video about playing the black card and then Okay good stuff get that woman in Congress Okay, bye there there was some Hey, what’s up? Thanks for watching subscribe to our Channel and like the video and leave a comment about how much you liked it don’t be mean visit our to support us and listen to our podcast even more news and Don’t be mean

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  34. You are all intensely online people and have certainly seen this angle, but idiots who think Candace and Turning Point aren't dishonest liars think that the "Southern Strategy" literally required all Southern Democratic congresscritters to actually switch parties en masse or the whole idea of the "Southern Strategy" is a wash.

  35. that video of candace defending hitler is 1000% improved by the sound of michael brooks cackling in the background.

  36. It's a crying shame that we have to resort to comedic outlets to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to why America is rotting from within. Between Comedy Central and Cracked, they've long covered these things with brazen honesty, without worrying about being called liberal. What Jon Stewart did in the news format, what Stephen Colbert did as satire and now as a late night host, and what these guys are doing on YouTube is what we thought mainstream network news was supposed to be doing all along.

  37. So its okay if Hitler limited to exterminating Jews within Germany, but the fact that he wanted to globalize his plan that was the real no no.

  38. small nitpick guy next to lee atwater quote wasn't lee atwater he's a much goofier looking white guy love the work

  39. OMG. You had me at news dude. Seriously you rock please keep working! I am spreading the word of the news dude worldwide!

  40. Funny that she thinks any of them will stand with her when they gain power. She’s just the token black friend, temporarily allowed into the circle, to further their agenda.

  41. This woman is fr playing a character. Saw an interview where Candace said Jay Z was her idol but she hates him now because he just goes on about racism and maintains the Democratic plantation but doesn’t help the black people in his home borough of QUEENS

    Jay Z is from BROOKLYN and that’s literally the basis of most of his music lmfao

  42. She's so very indoctrinated ಠ_ಥ
    It's gross, how unaware & self loathing her every word & every action has been.
    When we, as a Nation, finally agree to pass reparations, can we NOT include her or trumps HUD secretary!??!! (He should go back to neurology. Apparently, he WAS brilliant at it ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

  43. PragerU and other right wing commericals seem to end up in liberal youtube videos. Please do a story on that. Seems intentional.

  44. Oh look, prageru has "dot com" in its url too. Guess it's not trustworthy?

  45. "I've never seen so many white people in one room, this is incredible"
    to quote SNL: "is it over? did we get em? no? nothing matters?…"

  46. A simple question for those who still try to link the current Democratic Party to the Confederacy and KKK, "how many of the people who currently fly and vociferously defend the Confederate battle flag are Democrats vs Republicans?"

  47. I like one video by PragerU. It's the one where it tells women to stop obessing over there significant others looking at other women. Not like oogling them, or watching porn, and buying magazines, but if you're out in public and they glance but don't stare just chill.

  48. There are people actively trying to make the world more globalistic though. One example would be the entire European Union. They are trying (and so far succeeding) to make Europe less likely to go into a 3rd world war. They are partially doing this by making the countries financially dependent on each other. Which is globalism 🙂

  49. Candace Owens really doesn't get why the Nazis invaded other countries. Nazis invaded other countries to get more resources, especially living space (Lebensraum) for the German Aryan "nation". It wasn't about uniting the "globe" it was about the German Aryan "nation" getting better off. But that takes intelligence to understand.

  50. Your just Jealous that theres a RISING STAR in the Conservative movement like Candace Owens , who is Much smarter & More succesful than you will EVER BE . its funny To be honest …. Loser !!

  51. Just how repulsive and ugly, boss eyed and midget looking she looks on the outside, vis a vi, she is on the 'inside'. What a waste of a stank carcass.

    Yo 'Candace' (your poor parents MUST have been playing a practical joke with that IMPRACTICAL name you cunt) that oxygen could have been used by someone else, ANYONE ELSE but your white supremacist PROSTITUTE, black ole renting ass. I'll give you a solution to those nasty 'liberal racists' you nasty bitch you, SLIT YOUR WRISTS YOU STANK ASSED UGLY CUNT. LOL. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. There was an essayist in pre-World War One Austria, by the name of Karl Kraus [ from wiki — He directed his satire at the press, German culture, and German and Austrian politics. The Austrian author Stefan Zweig once called Kraus "the master of venomous ridicule" (der Meister des giftigen Spotts). He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature three times.] Your poison-pen letters to Ben Shapiro and, in this case, to Candace Owens remind me of Herr Kraus, who, for instance, re-labelled "königlische- und Kaiserlische Oesterreich" as "kakania" — using the two k's for satiric effect. No, I don't think anyone's going to nominate you for any prizes, let alone the Nobel. But the acidic treatment of your targets is indeed venomous.

  53. I thought he was talking about this weekend's shootings.
    Then I looked at the date.
    America = skipping record of dumb f***ery

  54. "democrat terrorist organization, the ku klux klan"
    ok. i need a moment. this is the most hilarious brazen lie i have ever heard in an attempt to misrepresent facts and smear the other side. what a joke.

  55. I want to be president.
    What's a good renaming of I.C.E. (using the same acronym), to fight and haul white supremacists out of the country?

    I'm asking for ideas…

  56. One thing I’m confused about why is Malaysian Borneo separate from regular Borneo on the upside down map behind you

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