25 thoughts on “Candace Owens at House Hearing on White Nationalism & Hate Crimes

  1. It is sad that the conservative right could only come up with someone like Owens,as Mr Lieu stated.OWENS NEVER STARTED BLEXIT,SHE STOLE IT FROM A BLACK PROGRESSIVE ORGANIZATION,NOW SUEING HER BECAUSE OF IT. Owens background can be researched on social media.As the evidence shows she is a liar,con artist,opportunist,and fraud.,she is on the conservative right for the monies she is being PAID,by Turning Point.Owens is a complete empty shell when it comes to knowledge on important issues.Owens has strong support from white supremists on the right,as the killer of 50 people in New Zealand sited Owens as his inspiration in killing them.Owens response to the killers comment was to tweet a LOL ha ha ha,and used the puplicity to promote her you tube show,never initially showing sympathy to the families.What kind of person would try to start a DOXING site,that would hurt people and serve as a tool for phedafiles? candace owens.!!!! Owens is not respected or even liked in the black community,they know who and what she is ,.the evidence is all there.Con artists survive on remedial gullable people.

  2. The black woman next to her has sold out her own race and her country, i wonder how much the Democrat scum paid her to sell her soul? $20.00, $30.00 bucks?

  3. One Thing <> We can all be assimilated Americans but not Black or Africans , The Black Africans are the biggest Racist groups in the USA = Millions /The brown Racist comes in second , made up of the non assimilated , southern invaders, the middle east Islamic cult Muslims ( They hate all Americans ) and say we are racist < What color would you like to be invaded by ? = Millions The White Racist groups come in last , KKK , White Supremacy < White Nationalist = 8 to 10 thousand , Wait What? No equality with the non assimilated and racist assholes in America lol all people that think they are some kinda special color are always racist and it is the lack of assimilation that creates racism , Don't be fooled ,Assimilated Americans never come at you with colors or cultures, we have a common bond One People One Nation (( Americans )) There is already a people living here Candace and you join us we don't join you and you are the same Genius people that call us Americans racist and voted for the color black Obama and Hillary Clinton for the end of America and my people Americans, Vote for whoever you want racist people. we don't need your votes to win Trump 2020 and we aren't voting for a color. Just keep calling new things a growing White supremacy and it could look like they are growing , you all suck and bring nothing but trouble

  4. we love you candace. we have the utmost respect for you. thank you for sticking up for black people and telling the ugly truth about the evil demoncrats.

  5. Wow !!! What a Very Smart and Great Lady ! I Love Her. The Real American's Love Her. Please keep up your hard work for the people of America ! God Bless You Candace Owens !!!

  6. What they did to candice is deplorable. I mean come on. Call an affluent black lady a Nazi. Plz keep it coming, she can take it and you are digging your own holes. When i heard it i actually got mad. So the President is helping the black community well lets attack a black woman whom supports him. I wish i had a word filthy enough to describe how that makes me feel. But i dont.

  7. This comment is directed at Ms. Owens directly. I have watched many clips and interviews in which you appear. First and foremost I must say I respect your resolve. I being white was raised in the segregated south, as your grandfather being black was raised in the segregated south. I was myself called many names as I had black friends. My parents taught me that heart and character defined a person and not their skin color. I found the name calling against me hurtful as a teenager, yet I didn't let that define me for I stayed true to myself. I still live in the south and I find that racism is more prevalent today as it was 40 plus years ago with one exception…it has been reversed in my opinion. The powers that be have subverted the message of equality for their own gain and in effect are brainwashing many of the young blacks coming into the world today. I admire your position in pointing out that people of color are not beholding to one preconceived great deal ideology. Though I may not be alive, but I pray that one day we shall all see ourselves as one and work hand in had for the common good. Bless you for trying and may all your endeavor be fruitful.

  8. When the Right first started hyping Candace, I thought it was because she happened to represent, ironically, the intersection of identitarian demographics they needed at the time to combat their 'white male' image problem. She's black, female, (beautiful is always a huge plus in media), and willing to give the message that certain demographics can't hear if it's coming from a white male.
    And that probably is largely why she was initially singled out for opportunities. But nobody expected her to be this good at it. She's not just holding the line to give black people a Republican option. She's blitzing all over motherfuckers, trying to Blexit the whole demographic. Dodging upper-cuts that should be career ending, and countering with knockout super-woman punches. Using people's best moves against them. She fights like Jon Jones.

  9. The black woman sitting to Candace's left is so disturbed by Candace she looks at her with a pucker that could easily have come from sucking on an extremely sour lemon. Without having watched the entire hearing, I'M WONDERING IF CONGRESS EVER GOT AROUND TO ASKING HER QUESTIONS.

  10. WOW, Nadler is one angry Democrat and his hate and hypocrisy are shining bright. Candace Owens is intelligent, confident and seemingly fearless and is quick to put Nadler in his place or anyone else. She is more suited to sit in the Chairman's chair.

  11. Damn Candice, conservatives dont turn a blind eye to the gaying of this once morale nation. Its a perversion and they are targeting our children. This is evil.

  12. Im a white nationalist. Its not a bad thing. We stand the post that keeps our great nation going. The country needs us. We keep the people safe. We fight the forces the liberals pretend dont exist.

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