Canada Populism Rising

Canada Populism Rising

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to CCN
cross-canada news where you get to right news not the left just take a look at
populism rising in Canada populism populism is rising worldwide but it
seems to be rising in Canada let's start out a very short clip from Justin
Trudeau I promise you it's short then there's I don't have anything on
the New Brunswick election because it's not settled yet
looks like the Liberals are gonna cling on to power but the Conservatives will
end up probably being the government after the Liberal government Falls it's
too bad that the governments have to the act this way but hey they just don't want
to give up Quebec that was a washout for the Liberals that's great
the caq won I think it was 74 seats to 32 if I'm not mistaken and in Ontario
Progressive Conservatives won under Doug Ford it looks like Alberta will
probably go to Jason Kenney for that conservative party so times are changing
now the videos like I said there's one from the caq and Quebec one of premier
Ford's speech at Queen's Park just a short clip of that and then I'm gonna do
the full video the full interview of Preston Manning from the Reform Party
and then another clip of Stephen Harper his interview with Fox News and he's
there actually discussing his new book but anyways it's a short clip from
previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper so let's look at populism rising in
Canada we are now looking at perhaps what will be the most divisive and
negative and nasty political campaign in Canada's history
and I can tell you that we will do the same thing we did in 2015 so much so
much years now at the COI Simon give us we are a young party but we have been
working so hard we have come up with such a talented and competent team for
Quebecers that i think that and mr. lagoa said it yesterday he called for a
vote of confidence from all Quebecers and I think tonight we are we are having
bags we are seeing that Quebecers believed in us they wanted a change and
they sign us the only possible Avenue for that solidly changing for that stuff
thank you what a beautiful day it is today your honor distinguished guests
colleagues family and friends to the people of Ontario I stand before you
today truly humbled by the trust you put in me and intensely aware of the
tremendous task that lies ahead just three short weeks ago the people of
Ontario voted for change and you voted for change and in exercising your
democratic right in delegating your authority as the electorate of this
great province by casting your ballots you set a new course for Ontario you
voted in record numbers and you made history from Windsor to
Canora from London to Ottawa in our cities in
our rural communities voters all across Ontario believe that life could be
better you believed as a province we can do
better you gave us a clear mandate and you gave us the tools to deliver on a
plan a plan that puts you first a plan for the people of Ontario I'm not so
sure that that's really the case I mean this country does have its own tradition
of populism and I think it will express itself again in some way shape or form I
think the worst thing one the particularly the establishment or the
elites of a country can do is to not to deny the possibility of the existence of
populism that just tends to but tends to feed it impressing what were the what
were the circumstances what was in the kind of collective air Canadians were
breathing that allowed you to lead and create the Reform Party which was
arguably the last big populist movement that we've seen in Canadian politics
well I think there was an alienation from the big traditional parties and
from the traditional leadership the the Liberals lost the West and particularly
Albert over the national energy program the the federal concerns lost the West
by not addressing the deficit the debt and nearly as quickly as people expected
and so there was an alienation from the establishment litical establishment
particularly in central Canada and the danger was and again this was
underestimated there was a potential for Western separatism separatist elected
emember the Alberta legislature there was a potential for for separatism and
what reform tried to do and we use the oil patch analogy that when you get a
WoW or a rogue well one of the ways of controlling it is to drill in from the
and relieve the pressure and what we endeavor to do was we recognize these
concerns we articulated and we said we identify with the boat rather than
kicking the country apart why not use that energy to try to reform the
Federation and I think populism can be turned into a positive and constructive
form but it can have its negative side but it can have a positive side as well
what symptoms might you look for in the Canadian body politic today and in the
near term future to suggest that populism could could surface here in one
shape or another could it happen in the provincial level possibly as opposed to
a national politics the roots I think the the main thing that can stimulate
autism is is poor economic conditions and really the Canadian economy is not
performing as well as it could and particularly it's in Alberta for example
the economy has been very much hurt by the decline in oil prices and the
election of an NDP government here that is just chasing investment away so I
think economic conditions and and because you mentioned reform as a as an
evidence of Canadian populism but the election of Rob Ford in Toronto this is
not Western Canada this in Canada's biggest city the election of Rob Ford
was a an expression of a populist phenomena so it can occur in other parts
of the country not just not just the West do you take anything from Kevin Lee
or Kevin O'Leary's drop out from the conservative leadership race as a kind
of sign that that breed of populism a kind of Trump style economic populism
that he was selling couldn't connect with voters and arguably couldn't
connect with the very voters who would be most receptive to it no I I think
again I think that would be a misinterpretation we did a poll in
January in Alberta because they were talking about bringing up one of these
spokespersons from the the Trump campaign we asked Albertans does Alberta
need a trump-like leader and the 60 percent said no but 40 percent said yes
stronger in the south and the north was weaker among women and among band which
was predictable but the interesting thing was it was about 5050 among
Millennials and if you look at the support that O'Leary was getting partly
because of his his internet presence his strongest area of support was among
Millennials which indicates that there's – there is an unrest among Millennials
that do not identify with the establishment politics and if someone
came along to tap into that who knows how far they could go press in less than
a minute left Justin Trudeau you know as a kind of supposed model of
international progressive politics of thinking is he a kind of wet blanket on
populist movements in Canada and their potential to rise up no I don't think so
I think he could stimulate it because the way the worst thing you can do if
you're worried about populism is first of all deny its existence and the second
worst thing you can do is decry its existence which means you you ignore
thus the bottom up symptoms that they're causing it and I think Justin Trudeau is
more on that wavelength and therefore would not be an antidote to any popular
sentiment if and when that emerges in almost every Western democracy you see
the rise of a essential trump-like movement it's a conservative sort of
conservative populism but that has problems with the way markets trade
policy immigration policy have been handled and we saw it in Brazil
yesterday yeah you're seeing it in Italy as we speak you're seeing it all over
the world and I know a lot of traditional conservatives their reaction
has been to bemoan it or condemn it and there are things I think we can disagree
with but I think it's important that we listen to people and we adjust our
policies to address these concerns I think the concerns are real I think in
some cases they're legitimate and as you just said the alternative if we do not
address them is not to kind of go back to the way things were the alternative
will be left-wing socialism which i think is far more dangerous and which
would take our Western economies on an inevitable and long-term to close
so do people on the extreme left pushing the socialist idea not understand
economics I mean we've seen socialism at work in Venezuela for example and we
know what what it is and how it impacts things well why have this debate it is
look it is perplexing here we have move here we have a economic philosophy that
literally has failed every single place it's ever been tried
sometimes more spectacularly than others and that's just on the economic side
forget the political tyranny and and repression that usually comes with it so
why does it keep why does it keep coming back you know your your guess is as good
as mine I I frankly attribute it to the long term support for socialism Marxism
that has existed in Western academia when we saw where we're old enough to
remember the fall of the Berlin Wall what always struck me about the fall
below Berlin Wall is we found out that all the Marxists were on the western
side on the eastern side they'd long since ceased to believe in that but
unfortunately this philosophy continues to get perpetuated through academia and
you now have generations of people who have never experienced what socialist
economics really mean and what it really does good analogy there well it looks
like there might be some hope for the future and the populist movement is is
growing and we got one more year for the next election unless you know Justin
decides to get nervous and call an early election if he thinks he can take
it so don't forget Sunday nights 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time we have live
broadcast live chat and if you haven't been there come check it out we have a
good time it's a good bunch we discuss a lot and a few jokes and stuff it's it's
pretty good so that's it for now like if you like share comment don't forget to
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36 thoughts on “Canada Populism Rising

  1. The real goal is GLOBALISM! Don’t mistake it. All current Canadian feds are globalists! Only Max Bernier is offering something for the people. Harper speaks well, but he is a Globalist, not a Conservative! The future of our children is at stake here.

  2. Some good advise from your neighbor, declare independence from the Crown and become an independent sovereign nation. Have a referendum like Brexit but with the Commonwealth. Take control of your own destiny and govern yourself. We will be right here to make sure whatever you decide will not be challenged.

  3. Radical liberalism is suicide or genocide. Look at our children educated with the wild liberalism, their suicidal rate is outrageously high. Trudeau and his liberal government fails to recognize his identity as the representative of Canadian people and its function to protect Canadian people. All Trudeau want is to be in the spotlight as the most sympathetic,nicest person in the human history by putting down Canadian people and advocating the foreign invader. Illegal massive crossing the border is invasion. Stupid radical liberal mind. Canada has been protected too well by US and it’s natural geographical location, resulting it’s failure to recognize the difference between foreign invasion and diversity integration. I love the cuteness and naive ness of baby Canada, but grow up and face the adult world.

  4. It doesn’t take a degree to figure out why is this happening. Justy Griswold will push next for legalizing harder drugs to make Canadians even more obedient.

  5. FAITH GOLDY FOR MAYOR OF TORONTO!!….. she is a stunning candidate and she is being BLOCKED!!………………

  6. Harper knows very well the reason for the commie PUSH!  They're just not allowed to really get into it on FOX.

  7. Canadians are too stupid to become populists and nationalists. They are full of self-hate. Trudeau is certainly weak and untrustworthy but Canadians are too dumb to see it, to smell it, or to know Xmas from Easter. God bless Tommy Robinson and Don John Trump. You betcha.

  8. Gorge Soros and the globalists will make sure there puppet Trudeau stays in power and continues to destroy Canada

  9. Populism? Or realization that electing a manipulatable nitwit to power has severe economic and social consequences.

  10. I agree. Yesterday I was in the Annex, everybody has city councillor signs up, go Mike Layton! BUT NOBODY HAS MAYORAL CANDIDATE SIGNS! I saw 2 for Tory and 2 for Keesmaat (one homemade😅), nothing else from Dupont to College walking down Palmerston and Major!
    I can only imagine all those empty lawns mean a vote for Faith Goldy!

  11. A side note/share, Curious if anyone has received a formal request letter from there financial institution.
    “Declaration Of Tax Residence For Individuals” apparently in 2016 under the current government a new law was passed, Canadian Banks are required to have all clients sign the document (Declaration) )If the Clients fails to sign , the client receives 45 days notice at which time the CRA is provided with your personal and bank information, activities/yearly balances etc, the law and document has been given a nice deceptive name, I tried researching but a link led to a link etc, the word global and globalization were frequent, bottom line is the law permits the CRA full access to your information, bank activities and balances, This in the past would have required a subpoena, The Trudeau Liberal Government has been working very hard against our freedoms!
    In speaking with the Bank there response was the only way to Not par take is to close your accounts as this law is dictated, not debated, sorry to hijack the comment, pissed off as all!.

  12. Enough with the isms- the made up words and terminologies.
    Its about the self aware people against the enculturated hive mind mentalities who will vote for thir own slavery.

  13. Media obstruction of Faith GOLDY for mayor of Toronto and Kevin Johnston for Mississauga is a huge attack on voters rights .
    I hope the word is reaching the people in Toronto and Mississauga. With so much corruption ,people have to share the truth of what’s happening in our Cities , the media / voter interference , the injustices ,
    or Canada is doomed !

  14. THANK GOD, The times they need to be achanging! Trudeau is going to do what he did in 2015? CHEAT, LIE and CORRUPT?

  15. A definite must read from the poster Black Star in the comment section

  16. You can see why enough Canadians didn't vote for Manning. He wasn't a selfie taking narcissist like Justin, or an aging swinger like Pierre.

  17. The first thing we have to understand is, our cathedral media is always against us. Alberta's UCP party found itself inadvertently in the same room as members of the Soldiers of Odin, and the NDP and Liberal press can't shut up about it. Over in Ontario, a Muslim meeting in Mississauga featuring radical speakers like Linda Sarsour, was advertised as "Open to All", but they denied access to a Christian woman and a Jewish woman. They were shown a sign that read, "Reserve the right to refuse access to anyone" so that made it okay.

    Of course our version of Pravda in Canada said little if anything about this. Time to declare information war on the CBC, Global, and CTV and among others.

  18. Hey fred great video think we can get any of thease politicians to call non confidence on the liberals yet and have you checked out the Christian party I've been down so haven't looked into them any opinions welcome thanks

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