Canada needs more Nationalists!!

Canada needs more Nationalists!!

recently and I'm sure many people remember this this was about a few days ago one of the lowest black people on television now I would refer to him as a as a liberal house Negro Don Lemon Don the liberal house negro lemon he had said that nationalism was a racist word and a racist ideology and nationalism actually came up again today in a press conference Donald Trump held today in the wake of the midterm elections which everything that happened of the Iranian nation predicted correctly by the way that presscon did you see Jim Acosta did you see how he he behaved in there I mean he had the microphone and I don't know if there's a white hurt a White House intern or secretary or whoever tried to take the microphone away from him because he the president said he doesn't want to take it he's done he answered the question he move he's moving on to the next person and Jim Acosta just wouldn't shut up and he just wanted to go on he wanted he likes to hear himself talking and then something the woman tried to take the microphone from him and he was and he's grabbing the microphone back I mean this is the White House microphone you know Donald Trump should hire me to do this type of stuff in the White House I would have taken that microphone from Jim Acosta no no what I give it him up but whooping dude I would have taken that microphone from me I don't I don't knocked him out till he grabbed I'd push him down I don't push him down I don't kind of done it right there in front of the president you can put me our he'd have had to put me in jail for what I'd have done to Jim Acosta if he hadn't given me that microphone did i microphone boy I don't want him so bad with the hard end of the belt but anyway this nationalism thing came up again and he was asked a question about how he could say that his races and all this stuff well here's the thing the term nationalist and let me just say Ryan I'm a nationalist I'm a Canadian nationalist this is my country this is where I was born and I am a Canadian nationalist and nationalism is actually far from being a racist word in fact nationalism nationalism is actually a deterrent to racism now in many many recent years the left has made nationalism out to be a bad word it's a racist word and they've done ever since ever since maybe the 60s they just said it's it's a racist word it's a bad word and this is globalism at work they don't want to see borders they don't want to see countries a different people of different races rallying around one country one flag a one you know one nation under God indivisible with liberty of justice for all they don't want to see that they want to see globalism no borders everybody's dependent poor and powerless but what I just mentioned all races all people white black Hispanic Native when it comes to nationalism no matter who you are if you've got a passport of America or Canada you can call yourself a nationalist you can and that's up and it's not only right but it's your duty to be a nationalist because countries survive on nationalism and nationalism you can't be a successful country if you don't have nationalist and speaking of that I'm gonna turn my attention to my country of Canada which has some of the least amount of nationalist on the planet Canadians are some of the most disloyal unpatriotic unnatural istic human beings on God's green earth and as a result Canada its culture its identity its sense of belonging in the world is disappearing and I'm gonna tell you Atlantis the lost city of Atlantis is going to be more of a fact than Canada ever will be if we don't hurry up and produce more nationalists in this country and anybody whether it's whether it's that liberal house Negro Don Lemon or that creepy weirdo who probably must have sex at Barack Obama Chris Matthews who felt a thing go up his leg when Obama would speak I mean that guy's a freak of nature or anybody in the mainstream media Justin Long in macdaddy Trudeau who says Canada is a it doesn't have an identity I mean what are we supposed to be a colony of the United Nations whether it's all of those people these people are losers and people who need to be shunned they need to be spit upon they need to be we need to turn our backs on them we should not listen to anything that we say because these are people who are on the globalist side who want to destroy our country and have no borders and have no sense of identity for all nations and we're all just supposed to be poor and in debt and under control and needy that is what they're looking for and Canada needs to stop this especially english-speaking Canadians french-speaking Canada know they got plenty nationalism Quebec nationalism which yes it's Quebec nationalism in Quebec last I remember is very much Canadian they've got plenty national it's the English Canadians who allow me to play all these refugees to come into the nation no vetting you know anything all these illegals they turn a blind eye to it they turn a blind eye to billions of our tax dollars going to other countries they're the ones that do listen you're gonna come back you're gonna come back and for the most part they are have a hold on their identity and on their on their sense of belonging everything a Quebec politician does they do it and they they keep their identity in the back of their head you will be thrown out so quickly if you are not keeping the Quebec identity in the back of your head when you are a politician in Quebec you'll be thrown out to the wolves so the Quebecers are the only Canadians who seem to get it but the English can the mongrelized in english canaan mindset I'm not talking ice Nicky I'm talking mindset they don't know anything about Canadian culture they they want to put other nations before our country and billions of our tax dollars going to other countries and all this sort of stuff it's going to kill the nation and when I say mongrelize I mean mongrelized in the sense of national mongrelization globalism it's a mongrel policy it's gonna destroy Canada if we don't stop this foolishness immediately we nobody is going to know what Canada is was or has been or why it was great in the first place if we continue down the path that we're going on if we continue down the path that we're going on we need to stop this and we need to stop it now and by the way you've heard me mention Quebec a few times don't tell me anything about Randy Levesque right and Levesque was a great man and in fact I would say he's one of the greatest Canadians who ever lived and I'll tell you why I'll tell you why now I'll tell you why for years you've heard the English Canadian and the government elites say that Randy Levesque was the former Premier of Quebec was a historical Canadian figure who was an obstructionist a separatist who was going to destroy Canada keeping in mind that when Canada was at peace with its provinces the government elites and the establishment of this country we're doing everything they can to put other nations and other people before their own country their own countrymen whether it's white black Hispanic man woman alien from outer space native Chinese whatever they were doing everything they could to put other countries and other people ahead of their own nation they were doing it they were doing it and then you have someone like Rani love that come along who is a strong Quebec nationalist which is a part of Canada you have to say and Quebec I'll tell you the average Quebecker loves the idea of Canada but the average Quebecer is tired of the fact that you got a government which is bring in all sorts of refugees and turning a blind eye to illegals and bring in not not bringing in immigrants who have skills and who couldn't have abilities like many immigrants do but just bringing in people just for the sake of bringing in them in probably to have a new voting bloc and and the Quebec er says you know what we're not gonna call ourselves Canadian nationalists we'll just up and call ourselves go back nationalist and we'll take care of our own province and we'll leave Canada to do its own thing globalize it's country will protect our own province and I will say that if one day the Quebecer decided to leave Canada I wouldn't blame the Quebecer I blame the english-speaking Canadian who put up with a government which is completely buttered and boiled in globalization and in and in putting other people before the nation and in putting other countries before the nation I mean look look who you got now in the government Justin longer in macdaddy Trudeau I mean people say he's a Quebecker but he's more of a globalist than anything this guy gives billions of dollars to Indonesia to help them with their infrastructure this guy gives millions of dollars to a terrorist who just who kills the two soldiers this guy is is the son of Satan this guy is the son of the devil himself and he is sitting on the throne of Canada and we are just turning a blind eye to this and I'm telling you I'm sure he's probably gonna get elected next year I think he will I think he will because I haven't seen yes we've seen victories and New Brunswick and in Quebec in Ontario but when it comes to just in the long term macdaddy Trudeau as of yet I haven't seen a complete and utter rejection in the sense that would make me confident that we're going to dump the son of Satan so I fear for the future of this country I fear for it and you know you got many people on the right who attacked the Quebecer and attacked his his determination to to leave this country which is selling out to itself you don't see a lot of that happening in Quebec in fact in Quebec you see quite the opposite you have a lot of bills and motions that are out there which try to protect things like freedom of religion and stayed and and protect the language and protect the culture you've got all sorts of Stu have you see stuff like that in Ontario you would never drink an Ontarian would never see a politician putting legislation that would protect the English language for example you wouldn't see stuff like that in Ontario or Alberta or no whether you would see it in Quebec and so that is what I'm talking about but the thing about it is is that we have to straighten up in this country we really do and people think that it's not a joke that it's a joke people think it's no big deal people think oh who cares if you've got a bunch of politicians who are more concerned about money and globalization than they are about protecting our country of all people's white black Asian and Native oh who cares about that you better care because the fact is is that all great societies wrong the French Empire the British Empire even up until the election of Donald Trump the American Empire all that failed when they rejected nationalism and I am Telling You that Canada will most certainly fail if we don't change course and change course immediately and start producing more nationless so that's the lesson for today nationalism has nothing to do with race I spit on people who obsess about their race whether it's white black or whatever I spit on people like that those ethnic obsessed people who talk about the white man the black man this from nothing talk about white this is my key you know people who know me know that I will do anything to avoid people or who want to obsess about race 24/7 or people who want to put me into a conversation about race I will say no I will reject them because it's a foolish stupid ignorant retarded comment discussion to talk about I however am a nationalist a Canadian nationalist I was born in this country I'm a black man and I'm a black Canadian and I am a Canadian and I'm a nationalist and nationalism was created so that people from all over who have a Canadian passport or an American passport or whichever passport they have could rally behind their nation instead of just allowing a few ethnically privileged people to say that this is this is what we're going to talk about which is what we're going to discuss this is all that matters that's not all that matters and thank God for nationalism this is your nation

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  1. Canadians are very nationalistic. Canadians are just frontier barbarians who were sold "Global community" and became nationalistic for the globalist world order. Now that current events have destroyed that image we will switch this fake nationalism towards something real. Canadians are very nationalistic. This is why the US hates on us for being insufferable. Part of our nationalism is not waving our flags like some backwards hoorah redneck cause we are better and more 'cultured'.

    So yes, Canada is literally retarded, but don't you worry when the heart comes out and the nationalism comes out in force you will be pleasantly surprised. Canadians are so nationalistic we accepted this immigration cause it was 'good for the nation', while behind closed doors we were seething.
    Once we realize we are Canada and nationalism is for us not the morons of the world you'll see this shit go in hard.

    Trust our spirit and never shut up.

  2. Well, they say that people on the left are more patriotic than nationalists, and there are all theses problems with people being nationalists. Therefore you should look towards the left. However, I say nationalism is about making ideas serve the people that have them. If a set of ideas don't enable the people who hold them to exist into the future, then those ideas are going to die with them. Simply because there is no guarantee that another group would adopt them. Anyone who claims to be a patriot and not a nationalists doesn't care about the ideas they claim to have. So, they aren't even a patriot.

  3. The globalist's are running out of canadastan lefty "isms, ists, or phobeas". God help our good o'l Canada.

  4. I can't be a nationalist because that would imply that I am going to put the country above my own individuality and freedom. But I am patriotic for the great country of Canada. A nationalist cannot criticise the country without being "un-Canadian", but a freethinking person who loves their country will look and speak honestly about the problems so that it can become better.

  5. I’m a Canadian. I have no desire to belong to the NWO, or being a globalist, and if I was delegated the honour of being in Vimy, to pay tribute to our fallen heros, the ones who died to protect this great country from open borders, and laws base on Christian values. I would do it with a clear conscience . Can’t say the same for the femenist and the gay pride guy I saw on TV at Vimy.

  6. Hey! thank you for the reference. I sub your channel under another channel. Cheers. Love your stuff, love your enthusiasm especially. It's just fun and informative at the same time. Thanks.

  7. Mike – You know that from a far left perspective, everything is racist! I farted once in a group of antifas and I was then accused of being a racist. That's their favorite word. eh. Drinking Moosehead beer is nationalistic and is racist too. After all, Moosehead is the last brewery which is owned and operated by those racist and nationalistic Canucks. 🙂

  8. You're spot on, the English (many) are indifferent to their history and culture. Many hate their past, white guilt, anti monarchist. The Quebecois are proud to fly the fluer des lies provincial flag with a French symbol. Are English Canadians proud to fly the Union Jack or Canadian Red Ensign while still flying the maple leaf? Not many in my opinion.

  9. The leftist militants have to make all pride in oneself and country evil, wrong and racist to make their nonsense narrative of group identity and global socialism to“seem” correct
    The leftist militants are incapable of living on their own and need to be taken care of. I believe that their fear of responsibility is transferred onto those who want to live their own life to justify their pathetic existence

  10. I’m as pissed off of as you ! Come on western providence’s, let’s band together! Take care of Canada then help all we can. Eh!

  11. Mike (and others) be sure to check out the story about the double car bombs in Edmonton (Sherwood Park) which are being quickly muzzled as "not terrorism related". Unlike the pipe bombs sent to Democrats in the US, which resulted in no harm, someone did die from the car bomb, and it seems clear it was a booby trap to set a second bomb off once first responders arrived to deal with the first bomb. Canadians are being lied to so frequently, it has become normalized.
    Joe Hazelton reports on it:

  12. Every video of Michael Arana packs so much of a wallop! I am an immigrant East Indian and a nationalist to the core. You don't have to be white to be a nationalist in a white majority country. You just have to love your country…has nothing to do with racism. And he is damn right: Canada needs more Nationalists! Just today I have been trying to wake some guys up (I usually do that) on the situation Canada faces with the Liberals and all I could get as a feedback was what their suppers would be! Chili…and whose wife would be home – or not home – so the video games can be played and the beers can be drunk! WE NEED MORE NATIONALISTS! Michael is so right!

  13. Nationalism is not an idea which hates other nationalities or cultures but wants to keep every culture and nationality in one area, to protect other cultures. What would be the point to travel to China if there's Chinatown in your neighborhood?

  14. Sole civic nationalism seems to point towards globalism. There's lots to talk about, and it's great people are at least getting a sense of the idea of one and pride in a nation, but at some point we have to get real about what needs to happen to save the West. It is a good idea to gradually work people into the idea though.

  15. or better yet. you missed your era of revolution bro and should I explain that we lost the first round .

  16. we knew so much more between the boomers and the millennials. The Generation X men

  17. So we can walk the streets and get hot coffee thrown in our faces he he called a nazi. Ha ha I'll take it !

  18. Oh fuck , lol ouch. Laying out the truth and putting it into a body slam and then getting some laughs.

  19. I know. Lets call up all criminals and thieves from across the planet and make a deal with them that we will give them free welfare , drugs and alcohol if they move to Canada and Vote for…………

  20. greatest civilization ever created, what's not to be proud of?
    compare others nations to us, we are leaps and bounds better.

  21. My family tree can be traced back in Canada before the Titanic and into the 1800's, so far. I'm still looking into it all. So I guess this makes me an Old Stock Canadian. A label the Left is trying to use as an insult just like the "Basket of Deplorable's". I'm proud of my ancestors, I'm proud of my country. New people to Canada, that are legal, and love Canada and want to protect this country are New Stock Canadians. My son in-law was not born here so he and his parents are New Sock Canadians. My daughter and he are about to have their first baby. On his side, this baby will be a 1st generation Canadian, but on my daughters side, this baby is about 7th generation or more. ANY person from any race can call themselves an Old Stock Canadian, it means your family tree was been here since Canada became a country. Just like ANY person, from any race in the USA can call themselves an Old Stock American if their family tree dates way, way back into their country. This includes black America, even though their ancestors didn't come there willingly, they are still Americans and they still can date their family tree in the USA back for hundreds of years, so ya, they are Old Stock Americans too. Just like ANY person around the world can call themselves a Nationalist in their country. So I'm going to say it "I am Old Stock Canadian, and I am a Nationalist". Let the snowflake melting begin.

  22. Nationalism is pride in your country. So Japanese people can be a Nationalist and love Japan. So Indian people can be a Nationalist and love India. But the Globalist Leftest sell outs like Acosta, keep trying to brainwash European people that they are racist if they have pride in their country. Look what is happening to Sweden and even the Dalai Lama has spoken out about what is happening, and he's trying to wake up the people in Sweden. This Globalist guilt trip that Sweden is on, is not happening to Japan. Trump is standing up to the Globalist and he's telling ALL people that they can be a Nationalist. That ALL people can have pride in their country. That ALL people can love their own country. Western countries must wake up, the Globalist want to destroy your country. Trudeau is doing it again, he is now apologizing for wrongs done in Canadian history, and now it's for the ship of Jewish REAL refugees that were turned away. Yes, this was a terrible part of Canadian history, we MUST remember history, we MUST learn from ALL of our history the good and the bad parts, BUT white people born now should not be made to feel guilty for wrongs done in history that they did NOT do. This white guilt is being used to beat down the people so the Globalist can flood more and more FAKE refugees into Canada. The UN is wanting to move 249 million more migrants into western countries. I have been hearing that the UN is planning something for December. If Quebec is filled up with all the other cultures in the world, then Quebec will loose it's French history and culture, it will loose it's self. If Canada is filled up with all the the other cultures in the world, then Canada will loose it's OWN CULTURE. Multiculturalism is a replacement system. A GLOBALIST REPLACEMENT SYSTEM!!!!! Canada has her own history and her own culture.

  23. like in nature if there's a void opened up it will be replaced by something else and so will our culture if gets weak it will be replaced by another culture, maybe by one we don't like

  24. We are Canadian Nationalists of French & Irish descent. Trudeau believes his own lies, but won't be re-elected. We love Canada & don't want Globalism to take over. Why are populist gov'ts taking over Europe, the U.S. even South America(Venezuela)?? It's a good thing not an evil as JT & Gerry Butts would love to shove down our throats. Goodbye Libs!

  25. Once the auld ensign was removed by libtards canistan doomed.🇨🇦🇧🇲⚒️🔥💩💣🔫😎🍀

  26. Every person should be a nationalist! Means you believe your country and it’s people come first before any other country! Simple as that

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