Can Trump End Income Taxes?, 2309

Can Trump End Income Taxes?, 2309

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[Music] [Music] This report is brought to
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at the end of this report. Good evening. I’m still reporting on the economy. This morning, Neil Cavuto was asking
Jonas Max Ferris about the potential severity of the so-called “mini trade war”
that Trump has apparently initiated. Then, Jonas offered an incredible
observation that must be going around in the upper stratosphere
of the New York financial world. And it made me jump out of my chair to be sure, I was recording this. President Trump may be contemplating
a gradual transformation into a new system of taxation that would
guarantee that he went down in history as one of the greatest
American Presidents. Listen closely to this:>>This is not the greatest — the
biggest trade war of all time. That was in 1930 under Hoover. Relative to GDP, this is a relatively small
trade war at this point.>>In sheer dollars effect.>>Yeah, because the dollars are worth like>>I understand.
>>This, what? But you…you think that,
You know cooler heads for–>>In my opinion, it’s still a bad idea. But might be moving to a — call it populist nationalist tax policy
where you only tax people in hidden ways. Whether it’s a value-added tax or tariffs, and we move away from income taxes. And that could be…
this could be permanent.>>What he said was
that we may be moving towards a populist nationalist tax policy, where you only tax people in hidden ways. Whether it is a value-added tax
and/or tariffs, and we move away from income taxes, and this can be permanent. Wow.
What a great concept. What would your world be like
if you didn’t have to keep those receipts and fill out in mind-numbing
detail those 1040 forms, then sign them under
penalty of perjury every year. Before 1913, there was no income tax. And there was no reason
for an income tax. And income tax is widely
considered to be unconstitutional. That’s why the government felt compelled
to introduce the 16th Amendment to the Constitution in 1913. This made the income tax constitutional. Never mind the fact that there
is considerable controversy about whether this amendment was legitimately ratified by the required three quarters of the states. The point is, that the income tax
has always been unpopular, and during the Obama years,
it was used as a weapon against political opponents. So how did we finance our government
before the income tax? The founders of this great nation
hated the idea of an income tax. For the first 125 years of our existence, the US government derived
most of its income from excise taxes. Tariffs. Up to the Civil War, tariffs still
funded 95% of the federal budget at a tariff rate for incoming
goods averaging only 15%. Tariffs stimulate internal manufacturing. Throughout the post-civil war boom
as America industrialized westward, tariffs still funded more
than 50% of the US budget at tariff rates between 30 and 45%. Every four years, the size of
the tariff was a huge election issue in every presidential
campaign back then, and America prospered mightily. Once the income tax came in, in 1913, the percentage
of income derived from tariffs, crashed to less than 1% in just 30 years, and America started
its long and deceitful journey into debt, deindustrialization,
decay and joblessness thanks to the siren song of free trade. This is what’s at the root
of all this decline, and reversing this problem is what’s
at the root of Trump’s trademark to Make America Great Again campaign. President Trump needs to be
supported in readjusting tariff policy to stop the financial
bleeding of our nation, and restore our internal
manufacturing might, and this cannot be
accomplished overnight. As I’ve said many times before, no nation can hope to
be strong and independent unless it makes most of the stuff
it consumes on a regular basis. Just look at these macroeconomic numbers: the income derived from the income tax
is 1.63 trillion dollars per year. Our trade deficit is more than half that. 825 billion dollars a year. If Trump could wipe out the trade deficit, that’s half our income tax
payment right there. Our gross domestic product
is 20 trillion dollars a year. So if we zeroed out our trade deficit, then added a value-added tax
to everything of just 4%, that’s equals the current
income tax revenue. Now before I hear howls
from real economists, I know a trade deficit
is not the same as income from an income tax. But who knows the effects on,
just GDP for example, of revitalizing America’s
manufacturing capability. It could double GDP
before Trump leaves office. Then that 20 trillion
could easily turn into 40 trillion, and make that income
tax figure look even smaller. I say give it a shot. Tariffs is the economic factor that drove America
to be the world’s manufacturing power. Think about this: tariffs are what’s driven
China’s financial success. They have tariffs,
but by comparison, we don’t. Now let’s listen to Jonas one more time
to see if this makes more sense now.>>In my opinion, it’s still a bad idea
but we might be moving to a– call it a populist nationalist tax policy
where you only tax people in hidden ways. Whether it’s a value added tax or tariffs, and we move away from income taxes, and that could be…
this can be permanent.>>I’m still reporting from outside
the one-time Free Speech capital of the world. Good day. Raul Sanchez is our latest
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  2. Woody Wilson gave us income tax, the Federal Reserve and WW1. After 105 years of retrospective analysis, maybe we're finally in a position to make a change in our enlightened self-interest. You think?

  3. Multiple researchers have proven the states did not ratify the 16th amendment and Philander Knox lied! Probably kin to Hitlery. lol

  4. How about a protest with “abolish IRS’ instead of “abolish ICE” seems like a better idea dont you think?

  5. We can at least put all tax receipts on a public blockchain so we can see where the money is going!

  6. Considering it was President Wilson, a true racist and "progressive democrip", which started the "Federal Income Tax", "IRS" and "The Federal Reserve". (One really has to wonder how he served two terms!)
    He also, during his first four years, ran on the promise of not getting the United States into a World War. Once reelected, he entered the United States into World War I. He also "put hundreds of German Citizens in internment camps!" This was long before President Roosevelt, another progressive Democrat, put Japanese American People in internment camps!

    President Wilson also made the Office of the President more powerful than Congress! In essence, violating the "…Separate, but equal clause…" in the Constitution!

    Oh, did I fail to mention, Wilson was a Democrat!

    PS. A little known fact about Wilson is, he would show "Birth of a Nation" to all of his democrip buddies at the White House – OFTEN!
    This movie is about the KKK and what they did after the American Civil War!

  7. In 1992, Andre Marrou ran for potus on the Libertarian ticket. Part of his platform at the time was if the United States could finance itself using a four year old budget, we could completely abolish the federal income tax because tariffs could be used to cover U. S. expenses. Also James Trafficant, former member of the UI S house of representatives, in the last speech he ever gave, (its on Youtube) pointed out that the U S should have a tax on new items ( not sure of the categories, but used items were to be excluded) to pay the federal debt and then the federal income tax could be abolished. Part of his reasoning for this tax was that as citizens we should not be living in fear of our own government in the form of the IRS.

  8. Let's just make sure no more dems get in. Republicans fix the problems and then a dem comes in and screws it all up again! We need to change many laws like ending congress living like royalty! Term limits too!

  9. A President can submit the Idea, but Congress has to write bill and then the President can isgn it into law.
    An executive order will not do.

    I'm 100% Pro Fair Tax, but I don't see Congress wiping their own ass let alone do something for the people.
    We are $23 Trillion in debt due to a Corrupt Congress.

    Which should wake everyone up. Trump didn't put us $23 trillion in debt. Yet He is somehow the villain and the so called caring Leftist Monkeys defend the corrupt system we currently have.

  10. I agree 100% Bill. Social Security needs to be replaced with individual retirement account where the citizen can keep the fruits of his or her labor and even pass it on to their heirs instead of the government keeping it and spending it without accountability. The communists socialists (communist manifesto) intentionally gutted our manufacturing, continue to promote unconstitutional graduated income taxes, and strive to remove God from everything. I hope Trump can change this.

  11. Dave Champions book "Income tax: Shattering the myths" is the absolute Authority on what the income tax is and who it actually applies to. Here are some videos of him discussing some of the details of the nature of the income tax and why most Americans have nothing to do with it.

    And another one here…

  12. The 16th Amendment had nothing to do with making the income tax constitutional. The 16th Amendment was a clarification Amendment to decide once and for all how Congress could impose the income tax. And Congress specifically according to the Supreme Court can only impose the income tax as an indirect excise. Excise taxes are generally also referred to as privilege taxes. For instance the income tax has nothing to do with the average guy. Read my other post in this comment section. Here's a good video about the 16th Amendment by Dave champion who is the author of "income tax shattering the myths"

  13. "Can he"? Yes.
    "Will he?" Fuck no, he works for the Zionist bankers just like the rest of these shit souled shills.
    Love, Bob.

  14. Hidden taxes as, described here, place a withering burden on the poor and middle class. The poor spend 100% of their income and as a result are taxed on 100% of that income. By contrast, people with six, seven or eight digit incomes spend only a tiny fraction of that income on living expenses and luxuries. The rest gets squirreled away in tax-free investments.
    The 'cost' of running the country does not change, but is effectively lifted off the wealthy and corporations and dropped squarely on the shoulders of the man in the street.
    This system will not be equitable until we find a way of taxing the bribes currently used to influence lawmakers to pass legislation most favorable to the wealthy, the blackmail used to convince the justice system to turn a blind eye to the sins of the powerful and the kickbacks transnationals pay to be awarded unaudited public works.
    This form of taxation would be a gift to the globalists.

  15. For the past two decades I have very publicly refused to file an income tax return. Nevertheless, I ski surrounded by peaks soaring to heaven, while praying to remain free from chains. 
           Along with prayer, I entrust my freedom to the most concise, explicit law I am aware of that proves that there is no law that requires a citizen to file an income tax return. One law, among many laws, that would compel a jury to see the light and proclaim “Income Tax is History!” So here it is, in all its glory, the end of income tax, my stay out of jail card and an open invitation to peaceful revolution.

  16. Income Tax on citizens should be abolished, period. It is immoral. Taking money from a PERSON by force is theft, specifically mugging. However a corporation is NOT A PERSON!

    Income Tax on corporations can (once again) be structured to cause corporations to act in a patriotic fashion, in the best interests of the nation. There is no other way to incentivize a corporation to do anything or act in any way that is beneficial to the nation it does business in. Tax net income and provide write offs of gross income for workers wages, pensions, health care, child care, new equipment, equipment upgrades, new factories, new buildings, workplace safety enhancements, research and development, and pollution elimination and/or mitigation.

    This will GUARANTEE that every corporation that does business inside The United States of America will act like the most patriotic, red white and blue, son or daughter of the revolution; waving the flag, starting every board meeting with the chant, "USA! USA! USA!"

  17. Just print up the money to pay the taxes. No one needs to pay taxes when you can just print up the cash. The FED creates money out of thin air everyday!:) It's a win/win! LOL!

  18. And next we need to eliminate the 10% annual tithe taken from the top of our gdp and paid to the crown after our "independence"

  19. More than half of all Americans pay no income tax, thanks to all the deductions and exemptions that our current tax code allows. if you want all to pay their fair share, go with a flat tax or a consumption tax. Oh, and be sure to cut the size of the federal government in half.

  20. Income taxes were an excuse to finance WW1 and were supposed to be "temporary".
    Since 1913, we have been in a perpetual state of war.

  21. we pay fair tax on sales in texas and we do not have a state income tax. irs is illegal! as is the fed. i say do away with both and let the treasury or crypto cover our cash flow.

  22. Trump said this himself the other day about "getting tariffs back again and that would remove the need for income tax!" He said with a smaller, more efficient Govt., you could use tariffs to fund govts and there would be no need for personal taxation. He was sort of joking, but serious at the same time…This is the way he tosses ideas out for public debate. I heard it myself and knew immediately he would really make it his job to work towards this end goal. He is such a tease, you have to really listen to him…He masterfully flirts with ideas that you'll love and has full confidence that you'll whip them up into a serious debate! Love him!!!

  23. Sales tax except for something like the gasoline tax which are good user fee taxes, are vestigial. There is no reason for them. LVT taxes are the best way to fund a small government. It does not tax labor or industry and keep land capitalization lower which is the main source of bank credit . Banks make lots of money on mortgages assets which are driven higher as real estate taxes are lowered. However it is not just a property tax. Its based on the value which is based more on location than any personal effort. It called a ground rent. Its not a new idea. It was very popular around the 19th century.

  24. The 16th amendment was inacted by a democrat president and congress. Wilson topped Obama in deceit. Making income tax the law of the land allowed states and cities to create their own income tax. In the beginning the tax was almost nothing. During WW2, the democrats decided to grab a percentage of each workers paycheck. That "pick pocket" law persists today. Trump will truly be our greatest president by ending this democrat inspired socialistic rape of America's wealth.

  25. Great and encouraging post Bill/Promising indeed.
    Ask the Southern States of America about tariffs and northern railroads.
    In two words (Civil war.) If there were only a guarantee tariffs have a cap.
    I agree taxing wages is unconstitutional. Wage tax was never meant to be.
    What's to keep tariffs from once again becoming what wage tax was never meant to be?
    Unfair taxation without representation.

  26. The ultimate tax cut — Suspend and abolish the illegitimate treasonous IRS. It is the most patriotic thing to be done. For the first two thirds of the counrty’s existence there was no IRS and the wealth existed in the hands of the people not the gov.

  27. Like I said, Trump will END IRS and FED by end of 2nd term. It is the real reason for the Andrew Jackson painting he exalts.

  28. I have seen vats in the Caribbean countries not good to move to that. They will never abolish income tax just add vats

  29. Correction: US income tax began in 1862 by pres. Lincoln. The original text declared that it is voluntary for private earnings and mandatory for public earnings. Therefore it has always been the most benign tax of its kind in history. Keep it!

  30. with no income tax, us minions would have almost 30% more money to put back into the economy, and we would…sales would go up hopefully on goods manufactured here.

  31. Hopefully republicans are voted out of office and replaced with conservatives. RINOS will block anything trump does. They hate that an outsider is doing this.

  32. Hey Bill, this is one of your best reporting since I started following your channel sometime since mid 2017. And I must say – if President Trump does abolish Income Tax, then that will give further impetus to US job creation and industrialization, further fueling GDP growth. Indeed that should be the way forward for democracies like other western world and India .

  33. Anyone ever heard of the Fair tax? HR25 Check it out and you will be amazed how well it will deal with our problems.

  34. People need  to see your documentary on "The  Federal Reserve."  It is an amazing piece of journalism. I love your channel, Mr. Still,  I know I can come here, hear pertinent news in an honest, professional  presentation.  Thank you.

  35. Bill, why do you think the very FIRST thing Trump did in the Oval Office was hang Jackson's painting behind his left shoulder?? "Jackson and No Bank!" remember? Trump didn't!

  36. the conjecture that you propose to END income taxes
    only because USA uses taxes to fund USA Police State & Military Industrial Complex.
    NOT POSSIBLE WO removing
    Federal Reserve & military support for Israeli territorial expansion NOT HAPPENING
    Here in USA under Trump, a

  37. Bill, have you every read about the Payments Tax proposed by Scott Smith? There are over 5,000 trillion dollars in payments in the US economy each year. A payment tax of just 0.1% on all payments at deposit could easily finance everything and eliminate the income tax which is based on just 15 trillion of income a year.

  38. Our world would be like…. Brazil. (Not good.) The real solution is that the Federal Government should be less than 2% of GDP, with the exception of defense.

  39. The Constitution indicates that an income tax cannot be "graduated". It has to be the same for everyone, or "proportionate"! so, as an example, if you pay a $1, I pay a dollar. The current structure is un-Constitutional and therefore is invalid! Unfortunately, our government has created a process where all people born in the US, have volunteered into this system of taxation. It has been accomplished by the filing of our birth certificates into Vital Records, which creates a corporate entity in your name. Ever ask yourself why any lawsuit in which you are named, your name is in capital letters? That is the designation of a corporation, in which the individual becomes a guarantor for the corporation. Your corporation is then monetized and traded in the world markets, being bundled in large groups. Remember the term, "the good faith and credit of the American Peoples"! Now, the light comes on… This is all part of the deceit surrounding the privately owned "Federal Reserve Bank" and our Treasury Dept.

  40. Americans have been oblivious to the fact that "wages" (according to The Federalist Papers), is NOT income. It's "fair trade for labor". There was no taxation on wages until FDR switched the country from using The U.S. Treasury, and "gold reserves" for national finance, to borrowing a piece of paper that SAID we owed the Federal Reserve Bank money plus interest.

    "The New Deal", was the biggest swindle to the American people in history. FDR promised the "temporary" tax would exist, only until the (alleged) loan was paid back. Only one problem with that. Up until then there was no compounding interest.

    What's happening right now with the national debt, was exactly what the elites envisioned when they bribed, blackmailed, and pushed the bill (New Deal) through both houses. And FDR was going to sign it anyway (being one of them already). So those of you that think FDR saved the day, maybe you oughta do some research and see just how corrupt he really was.

    By the way, there's not ONE law on or off the books stating there's mandatory tax on wages. Don't believe me? Call and ask the IRS what it is. They won't and can't tell you because there isn't one

  41. "Income tax", is the same type of misconception, as calling our country's government, a democracy. Wages are NOT INCOME !!!! They're fair trade for labor.

  42. The income taxes needs not change. MATHEW 22:21….render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. But what belongs to Caesar that should be rendered by us? Under statute Title 26 USC Section 3402 (p) states Withholding from payroll is "voluntary". The tax noose around our necks was voluntarily put around us by us ignorantly signing the W-4 form when we start a new job. Read line #7 it states, for those who know, "Exempt" from withholding. Personal rights cannot be taxed, like breathing or eating. But voluntary donations to the US Government is completely accepted. Just check Section 3402 (p).. The (p) stand for paragraph "P" like in Papa. find it and then correct your W-4 by submitting a new one and submit it to your HR department, and get an instant Pay Raise without denial, because it's the law. The W-4 is a contract between you and your Employer to either withhold or not withhold. In Section 3402 (n) states conditions where employees are exempt from withholding. This applies to State's withholding income from your paycheck. NorthCarolina's version NC-4EZ line 3 also has an exempt category. Learn the truth and the truth will set you free !

  43. When this link is posted (link is copied and pasted) to facebook it renders as a "plant based products" ad.

  44. People will be amazed at what Trump will do by the end of his second term, once we get a Congress that supports him, instead of having a bunch of RINOs who are Democrats in disguise: a balanced budget, no Federal Reserve, and much more

  45. The 19 people that gave this video a thumbs down are either Libtards, slip of the thumb or mouse or are YouTube bots hahaha. But jokes aside if you haven't watched it yet EVERYONE needs to see Bill Still's documentary The Money Masters! It may have been made in '96 but is still relevant today and very much so to this video you just watched 🙂 Thanks Bill! God bless

  46. At one point in time, the wealthy kingdom of Andorra in Europe had only an import tariff, no other taxes that I know of. It would not likely be enough for the USA, but it can be done.

  47. I don't have enthusiasm for elimination of the income tax. If you save for retirement with a Roth IRA, your contributions to that account have already been taxed by the federal government. When you take money out of that account in retirement, it would be taxed again when it is spent. If you think the VAT would only be 4 percent, I think you are mistaken. The VAT in the UK is 20 percent, and they have an income tax as well. Democrats would want to exclude the poor from the VAT, placing the burden predominantly on the middle class.

  48. Wow! Thank you Bill for bringing this to my attention! Wow wow wow! I need a history book on that along with a real economics book!

  49. Now hell no. That would take a constitutional amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment. Trust me, that is not going to fucking happen

  50. Well… I believe illnesses including panic attacks can also be caused by spirits. Check out TB Joshua on YouTube. People are getting healed every single day. I believe President Trump was put in office by God to do great things. He has already earned the title of greatest president of the world. ❤

  51. income taxes are voluntary but it will cost you over a million $ in legal fees and over 10 years of your life to prove it to the IRS.

  52. we need to cut our military by 90+% the nuke missile subs, the spec ops, and the national guard are all we need for DEFENSE. Fuck the rest of the world. Let them kill each other, especially the muslims. We'll be much better off for it. Nobody dares fuck with anyone who's got unstoppable, unfindable, ACCURATE nuke missiles, launched from less than 2000 miles away. Spec ops can handle small stuff. If you dont care enough to send a nuke, just stay out of it.

  53. If he ends the fed he should be able to. Or, if he brings a case and pulls out the 'non ratified' so it's illegal

  54. ABOLISH THE IRS. We spend hours and hours and good money every year filling out forms upon forms. In addition, we must wave our constitution rights to privacy and not to be a witness against ourselves, among several others. Think about it: You must wave your 4th and 5th Amendment RIghts just to file your Tax Return – by just signing it! They have the power to confiscate bank accounts of private individuals and businesses whenever they get directed to, for political or for any reason. It costs around $11Billion a year just to administer such a monstrocity. The income tax and the way it is collected is un-American.

  55. The USA didn't have a global military empire prior to 1913. The founders didn't want a standing army let alone a global military empire. That's because all empires fall.

  56. What I write is to what 900.0000 million is telling us and even children baby's Jesus is competing he at the door he said it not us and after Roma unite state Iran again as Adrian will be destroyed in one hour earth Stuart Romania all volcano will go off and he said we all have new name and are dogs my gold dove and charlie

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