27 thoughts on “Can Financial Engineering Cure Cancer? | Andrew Lo | TEDxCambridge

  1. How does this video still have a relatively small amount of views? Hands down one of the most insightful I have ever watched

  2. I cannot believe the comments section. This professor is manipulative. His premise is based on statistical assumptions that can way too easily be wrong. First, What if more than three drugs worked? This means the profits will be well over 2/3 the original amount.
    Who is paying that profit? The actual patients and the public! The more profit financiers make, the higher the cost incurred by people! Money in this way is a zero sum game. Second, using touching stories in such way is really low class mate! Again, his whole premise is fictional and also overlooks the fact that investors want shorter term commitments and you can make more money that way. The opportunity cost might be too high. Cannot believe this is actually for real!!! A public choice will always be cheaper and reasonable. Allowing finance grip to extend to such critical matters will mean that people will have to pay such high amount for patents cost not the actual medicine or the research!

  3. This video encapsulates so much financial knowledge and compassion, amusing and spellbinding, but it has only 23k views? Curing cancer folks, 23k?

  4. I'm an Engineer and this guy is the reason I'm currently doing my CFA. His MIT Sloan OCW lectures have really been helpful. A grate man indeed.

  5. Great idea. Devil in the details.

    Who decides and how to decide which company(s) to fund and which not to fund?
    Which cancer(s)?
    One cancer or many types of cancers? Focus on one cancer and many possible solutions increase the probability of success. Focus on many types reduces the probability of success for each.
    Or, only fund possible solutions that might work on many types of cancers.

    These questions carry their own level of risk. I would be willing to risk some money on it.

  6. Mr Lo . you are a brilliant man with a heavenly heart that in this case will not work . They – the system doesn't want to a cure . There's no money in the log run for the system . There is more money in research and dramatic expensive therapies .
    There are already cures and methods out there – they are suppressed – B17 – Colloidal Silver IV's – DR Brezenski – Texas , marijuana .
    You're a nice guy .. but your mom and friends .. they died because the system want's them to and there's not a damn thing you or anyone else at this time can do about it .

  7. Professor Andrew is one of my favorite finance professor. He gave very thought provoking idea. I hope some portfolio managers will think about it.

  8. Excellent! I'm so impressed. Having being in the asset management industry for more than 10 years, I could never made a linkage between the finance to the moral practice in real life. Shame onĀ  me. Transforming speech. Thank you. I would like to takeĀ your class in the near future.

  9. Most of the time the solution is not that direct.I was moved by this idea when I watched his MIT class video.Andrew lo is really a great person.I wish to meet him soon.

  10. This is an amazing idea. I think that when most people say that America has a "mature" financial market, it also deters its innovations. Finance has unlimited power, and it is not a evil if we could use it in a responsible way. When more people get involved into the financial market with showing their real risk preference, the money will be used in a more effective way.

  11. He might have made a small mistake. He assumes that if you do more research projects, the succeed rate would stay the same. He also assumes that there is enough money available to buy more medicine. I think that the return on investment would actually go down due to the increase in R&D. So not quite 1 hit in 10.

  12. Fabulous presentation…the world needs the solutions to disease that this bold financing approach could help bring to reality!

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