Can Black People Be Racist? Can Women Be Sexist? | Power + Prejudice

Can Black People Be Racist? Can Women Be Sexist? | Power + Prejudice

hey this is roaming millennial and this
is gonna be a quick video about prejudice specifically sexism and racism
now I don’t want to brag but since middle school I’ve kinda known English
was my thing vocabulary quizzes essays reading cmprehension, I slayed it all I mean I was a pretty big deal but I’ve suddenly
found myself being told that word I used to think we’re simple don’t actually
mean what i thought they did like how i used to think that racism just meant
discrimination based on race but apparently it now means exercising
prejudice plus power over someone and a lot of people are even saying that
racism cannot be used to describe the racial prejudices of black people what and similarly it may surprise you
to learn that women cannot be sexist against men that’s right sexism against men
apparently doesn’t exist and in fact to even suggest otherwise in current year
2016 is laughable the idea that non-white people can’t be racist and
women can’t be sexist because they’re supposedly oppressed has become so
popular that this kind of thinking is actually being used to excuse behavior
that would definitely and rightfully cause public outrage if a white male
were to do it so can people of color be racist and can women be sexist well in
my opinion yes they definitely can and here’s why first of all racism and
sexism don’t require power or privilege powerplus prejudice maybe a good way of
describing systemic oppression but that’s not the same as racism or sexism
as awful as institutional discrimination is it’s not the only type of
discrimination racism and sexism can and do happen among individuals like say
there’s a white man and a black man and they both dislike the other based on
their skin color regardless of the type of society these two people are living
in if they both share the exact same view that the other person is inferior
because of their race it just doesn’t make sense to say that
only one of them is racist you see being racist or sexist doesn’t require any
power because you don’t have to have power or privilege to have
discriminatory views about a race or gender you may need power to actually
enforce your prejudices but racism and sexism aren’t Justin actions they’re
also in words and in opinions take these statements here these are racist
statements it doesn’t matter who’s saying them or
what kind of history their society has or whether they’re from a disadvantaged
group or what kind of authority they may possess this is racism plain and simple the same goes for this statement it
doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or a man who said it it’s sexist and actually holding one
racer sex to a different standard than another is in and of itself
discriminatory I mean really does no one else see the irony of phrases like only
white people can be racist your attributed a negative quality to a group
of people based on their race that’s racist anyway I know that some of you may not
be willing to give up the idea of power plus prejudice so easily but even if we
were to adhere to that definition of racism and sexism it still wouldn’t mean
that black people can’t be racist or that women can be sexist because that
implies that women and black people don’t have any power in society which
just isn’t true there are tons of examples where a black person could have
power over a white person or a woman could have power over a man in today’s
society thankfully there’s no limit to what
people can achieve regardless of their race or gender so I think it’s pretty
safe to say that someone like Oprah or beyoncé or michelle obama definitely
has power over the average white male for example imagine if Oprah the multi
billionaire media tycoon called some poor little white boy we’re talking living in the Appalachians
with no electricity and his parents are cousins kind of impoverished a cracker that would definitely be racist within
it because there’s no way you can say that Bobby Joe has systemic power over
Oprah right so saying that black people can’t be racist and women can be sexist
because of a blanket assumption that they don’t have any power over white
people and men fails to take into account the institutional role of wealth
in our society and how successful woman and black people can be and also I guess
how unsuccessful some men and white people are I know it may seem nitpicky
to be arguing over definitions but the idea that minorities are incapable of
being racist or that women can’t be sexist does matter because this mindset
excuses some types of discrimination which has actually led to some very
noticeable and growing double standards of unchecked bigotry for instance we now have black lives
matter students protesting for segregated housing because they don’t
want white roommates but what do you think would happen if white students
were the ones campaigning for segregation well people would of course
be furious because and I can’t believe this even needs to be said but
segregation and saying you don’t want to be around other races is super racist
and there are recently even violent riots in Milwaukee where people were
beaten up just for being white this should have been a headline on
every major news station but instead the story was left to independent media to
report while CNN completely ignored this blatant anti-white racism and the double
standard between women and men is every bit as obvious the hashtags kill all men
and Mail tears are ways that feminist poke fun at men who for some strange
reason I don’t know where they get this think semitism is anti-male come on guys
they’re just death threats those never heard anyone but seriously if men were
to say these things about women we all know it would never be tolerated whether or not it was a joke and we’ve
even seen that attempts to address predominantly or exclusively male issues
are actually met with protests yes apparently it’s acceptable and not at
all sexist to prevent men from protecting their own interests and
rights because I guess advocating for their gender is something that only
women are allowed to do so basically what i’m trying to say is that being
part of a group that you believed to be oppressed doesn’t excuse your prejudices
it doesn’t matter what you look like anyone can be racist and anyone could be
sexist and bigotry is unacceptable no matter who it’s coming from failing to
recognize racism and sexism when we see it has left some pretty crazy ideas
going on challenge and our society needs to be willing to condemn discrimination
regardless of the race or gender of those responsible that’s all for now
thank you so much for watching and please subscribe to see more bye

100 thoughts on “Can Black People Be Racist? Can Women Be Sexist? | Power + Prejudice

  1. This is the most stupitest topic ever some black people hate or don't like other races thats the fucking meaning of racism what excludes black people from being racist i don't understands any logicsl since in that

  2. I wish EVERYONE watched your videos and formed their own opinions on them, life would be so much more bearable.

  3. I believe the new definition [of] "feminism" (not actual feminism – I'm talking about the men hating SJW) is straight up sexism.

    [Edit in brackets]

  4. To put it simply: racism isn't a system. There are systems based on racism but racism isn't a system itself. It's only a behavior.

  5. can some racism ever be justified such nat Turner slave Rebellion going to house to house killing white families. would you consider that racism?

  6. Any HALFWAY intelligent person can see that this is all actually racism and sexism, you can't change the definition of racism and you can't change the definition of sexism, you cannot possibly change the definition of something like that

  7. If a white guy or girl judges a black guy or girl of their skin color or beliefs, they're racist. If a black guy or girl judges a white guy or girl because of their skin color or beliefs, they're racist. Its not that freaking hard to understand such basic knoweldge

  8. Wrong again, RM. YES, so called Blacks can hate & be prejudiced, but we cannot be racist, because we dont have the ability to affect the food you eat, where & how you sleep, where/how you pray, your clothing or shelter in large amounts, like whites have done to us, based on a system of race. Whites control the wealth & major corporations, politics, finance, real estate, & manufacturing/labor unions, not Blacks; and Whites are the dominant society in America, not Blacks. Segregation & separation, is NOT the same thing ! For every one Black billionaire, you have about 10 White billionares. If you really believe that there's no such thing as Blacks being oppressed, & that White privilege is made up, then we challenge you to trade places with us ! America cannot escape the origin of its founding, it was built on negativity, so it will fall the same way, unless America repairs those who she has hurt the most; Blacks, Moslems, Native Americans & Mexicans. Being white & poor, is still better than being rich & black, & most Blacks gain their riches from sports & entertainment. We play in the NFL & the NBA, but dont own the teams, so explain that ! Being rich, & being wealthy, is NOT the same thing! Whites have generational wealth, we Blacks only have lifetime riches & trinkets.

  9. I hate to break it to fembots. But male tears is also know as something else other than literal male tears.

  10. I do understand what they mean. They mean that people can judge Oprah by her skin color and not the little boy. If you told me this a few years ago I would actually have agreed, but now people do judge whites based on their skin so that kind of "power" is gone

  11. People are stupid. The reason we should all treat each other with respect is cause we all BLEED when we are cut. Not because one of us has boobs. Not because one of us is purple. We should be good to things that have LIFE, that’s IT, but people have to be so fuckin complicated, yet they are as stupid as a boat with a mesh screen floor. 🙄

  12. I see a blatant misunderstanding about the word "power" in this comments. It's not especially about political, economical or power. It's way broader. Like an exotic dancer exerces power upon the man she dances for (yup, true! Ask men!), or a man can exerce power upon his peers just because of his behavior.

  13. It seems like its an excuse for underachieving, failure and not being accountable most of the time! Your project fails? You dont getthe job you want? You get arrested? None of these are your fault, your oppresed! even when it's obvious your not….yeah sorry i refuse to take responsibility for for things i did not do and 99% do not know what oppression is!

  14. Dear Roaming M.: My heart leap's for joy to know that there are people like you,who have a clear understanding of these problems, and don't feed into the zombies who believe anything they're told.We do not fight fire with fire, we fight fire,or gasoline.We fight fire with water. I know it's hard, but we should never stoop to others level.We should be able to rise above and beyond the critic's and nay sayers.Thank you for posting this video.

  15. I'm currently trying to help a black girl who thinks black people can't be racist understand the definition of racism. Send me prayers.

  16. I was literally taught in school by a teacher that someone who’s black can’t be racist. Everyone who spoke up in class disagreed and brought up actual points like the ones in your video but the teacher just kept saying that it wasn’t possible. You could only be prejudiced against them.

  17. 4:34 You missed a VERY important fact that makes Milwaukee exponentially more fucked-up: the cop who “started” the unrest by…using his training to pull the trigger before the fleeing felon pointing a stolen gun at him was black.

  18. Hey Roaming Millennial do you think white people started racism or do you think racism or the concept of racism has existed way before the Europeans? I’m just wondering what are your thoughts.

  19. I have encountered many white people and most of them that I know were not mean, prejudice and racist. I also had many white friends that weren’t racist and prejudice.The racist people that I mostly encountered were non whites and most of them were Asians, Pacific Islanders and some of them were blacks. Even my non white friends were even racist towards white people and they would say prejudice/racist things about them. What I’m trying to say is that anyone can be racist no matter what their race is. No race is more racist than other races. Even saying only white people can be racist, prejudice, cruel and evil just doesn’t make any sense. Even the whole belief that only white people can be racist and evil is extremely dangerous. People are just racist, cruel and evil.

  20. She nailed it on this one…
    No matter who you are or what color your skin is ,saying someone is a piece of shit, and their kind should die just cuz their the wrong color and some people who look like them did some bad shit years (or centuries) ago, is equally wrong, whether the person is black or white, male or female. Hypocrisy looks like shit on you no matter who you are or what color you be.

  21. I definitely agree but, I think making an argument erasing this distinction is a slippery slope. I say this because there's a reason why black people (notice that I didn't say "minorities") hold the admittedly errant view that only the race in power can be racist. It's because in this country the race in power has been the only group able to successfully and continually perpetuate their racism. It's a stereotype but, most stereotype has some root in truth (even if it's a manipulated or misinformed truth). Rather than needlessly debunking this concept its better to engage in the discussion as far as to why it exists. The power of fair dialogue is sorely undervalued even amongst some of the most progressive minds these days.

    Here's a thought: if given the opportunity, when hearing someone mouth off on an idea or stance that you disagree with, take a moment to engage in dialogue and see exactly why that belief is so important to them. With hold as much judgment as you can and just seek understanding. May sound weird and unreasonable to you and if it does you've just proven my point.

  22. 3:58 yeah in zimbabwe whites face a systemic oppression and it should be considered racism

  23. Sad truth is I understand everything this woman says was true it hurts that our world isn't this simple shes.

    White people run the world and brought this on them selves that's why the loop between what racism is does exist deep it

  24. I really hate the term "reverse racist" because it implies that the group you're being "reverse racist" against is inherently racist themselves. Which is honestly a pretty darn racist thing to say, tbh.

  25. Yes. They can be. I'd argue that women are every bit as sexist as men. Misogyny is real – but so is misandry, and they're both equally present. However, one is seen as socially acceptable/progressive/empowering these days and the other is seen as completely unacceptable.

  26. stop spreading lies and selling merchandise to zombies, what books have you read about the topic and what credentials do you have? masters degree perhaps? i didn't realize dying my hair blue would make me an instant expert in social issues.

  27. You are smart(:
    You understand what racism and sexism is.👍(this is not sarcasm, there are not many people that know this stuff)😕

  28. Oh yeah right, me, an average white male in a "third world" country, have more power than some aholes random people in the "first world" country. Sure.

    It's like something i just once saw in a video "I'm calling you ahole not because you are a women, or a black person, I'm calling you an ahole because you are.

  29. Finally, someone made a video about this. I’ve always talked about this but this is a really good video and well said and presented.

  30. Wait, so libtards are saying you need to have power in order to be racist and black people don't have power therefore they can't be racist? First of all that is a preposterous notion, but just for arguments sake and never mind we just had a black president for eight years, but let's use those standards and apply them to countries in africa, for example. Are these libtards saying that the majority black government in south Africa, let's say, can't be racist against the white boer farmers, even though they are trying to expropriate their land without compensation? They hold the power in their country, therefore, using their own standards, they should be and absolutely are capable of racism, and they are black, so using the lefts own definitions and logic, that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that black people can, in fact, be racist. The left is so disorganized, misinformed, and in such general disarray that they can't even make a coherent argument when they completely change well-established definitions to suit their needs, that is disgraceful.

  31. I completely agree. It’s unfair to say black people cannot be racist, or that black people cannot be racist. Isn’t that racist in itself?

  32. Intelligence at its finest. Id never be able to anything like this. Id be afraid of the backlash, so keep it up. Good vid!

  33. ARE, YOU, a PERSON of COLOR?😒 NO? Maybe? ALSO, YOUR videos including BLACK PEOPLE are ALWAYS NEGATIVE. GUESS you picked UP LOTS of biases during YOUR upbringing that YOU hold DEAR TO YOUR HEART?!
    THANKS for sharing THE real YOU.

  34. Just like headlines ending with a question mark usually having the answer of 'no,' if you have to ask, the answer is probably YES.

  35. If this wave of racism from blacks continues to grow to massive proportions, I'm afraid I will be forced to be racist… .

  36. I’m not oppressed. When I was attacked, the police did everything they could to help me put my attacker in jail. Now he’s facing five years.

  37. Hey Lauren- Great viddy as always. However, I must respectfully take issue of your depiction of a couple riding a tractor ( 03:54 +- ). It is something of a problem-example. Saying the couple that looks like that is "so unsuccessful some men and white people are". Not to worry, for I too held this prejudice of the American farmer in my younger days growing up in Chicago. That is, before I had become a farmer. Yep, 14+ years of farming in a tiny swath of 20+ acres in Oregon. After 6 years in the US Army (1976-1982), graduating from college in St. Louis, and working here and there in both the Semiconductor industry, and oil & Gas. I then embarked on a career that, I had thought, would be a bit more peaceful & nurturing. As it turned out, farming was not only the most physically demanding job I held, but running a real business (employee-payroll, 7-day work-week etc) was as challenging as becoming a sniper in Panama, Jungle-expert, ARCOM-1st oak leaf cluster… Well, I quickly acquired a new respect for the American farmer. This was a real revelation for me. I could go on but you get the idea. So maybe, just seeing an elderly white man in coveralls does not equate to "unsuccessful". Know what I mean. The tractor you show, looking a bit weathered and busted-up, might be because it has seen a great deal of field-work. Try and equate that to those smudges on the keys of your keyboard. OK, that's it, love your independent media gig. Nice fireplace too! Yes, I am an avid viewer/subscriber. -Food for thought, yes!?

    FBI Statistics Say Reverse Racism is Real | And It's Just Called Racism


    FBI TABLE 1:

    FBI TABLE 3:

    FBI TABLE 21a:

  39. Yes everyone can be racist idiots, I have no idea where this black people can't be racist or anything because if black people themselves or any person of color says that they know how it feels be discriminated against, why would you just do that to someone else, this saying of black people (in GENERAL not just targeting black females), and them not being racist is full bull crap because it seems like people do not know the definition of "racist" it seems like racist means anything these days, ANYONE CAN BE RACIST. But one fault of this video and the comment section are people using the word "all" now the just plain assuming someone based on how they look and assuming they're sexist or racist and what not, which that there is racist. I also think using examples of real celebrities could ruin their reputation especially when they never said that. The question, "can black people be racist?" is not even needed to be asked because anyone can be and this "can black people be racist" is just to talk smack about black people and put a bad reputation on them. I see many videos adressing these questions saying the same thing but just ignoring the main question and saying more crap about examples on how black people are racist. Society have changed the campaign role of "Black Lives Matter" and made it into a joke. People used it as a symbol that black people lives matter because the shootings and killings of black people just because of they're skin color but society then said it was racist or offensive then made it "Black Lives Matter Too" changing the whole point if the message it was representing, instead saying "our lives matter but we should include black people too". Also I think each of this subjects on "sexism" and "black people being racist" needed they're own two separate videos instead of comparing both of them each needed real thought to it. Nice video btw and also, Come at me.

  40. According to some people's logic being racist or sexist depend on the location of person not their beliefs. White male will be sexist and racist in USA but would not be able to be racist in Nigeria where most people are black and he wouldn't be able to be sexist in UK where most powerful people are women (queen, prime minister)

  41. Yeah. woman can be sexist but Black people wanting their own separate housing and schools seems logical. Especially when a principle is pulling out a Black girl's hair and terrorizing their Black students year after year. Then with the police murdering, assalting, and raping Black people they just want to defend themselves. This is one video but ya'll can find more.

  42. Can black people be racist? Are you asking if the single most racist group of people on the planet can be racist? Uuuummmm, yes.

  43. Lauren Chen, your video was powerful and very well articulated. Excellent job! thank you for speaking up while the anxious want to continue with their blame game. Blessings.

  44. This is what liberals do. They change definitions of words until they can fit it into what ever agenda they want to push. The left wants to separate blacks and whites and keep the racial tension high so they changed the definition of prejudice so they can say whites are prejudice and blacks can't be because they have no power. Which is BS anyway because there is more than political power and any power is power.

  45. Power plus prejudice is a stimulative definition of racism. IE they changed the definition of racism to fit their argument lmao

  46. Great video! This subject is very important. Anyone can be sexist and racist, and the people who are to tell you it's not, are trying to justify their own bigotry. This needs to be called out, its this new form of reverse discrimination, that is destroying our society.

  47. I can’t believe people are pushing,the mass killing of a certain group of people in America.God help us PLEASE!

  48. I am black and let me tell you black people CAN be racists and women CAN be sexist. It's not reverse it's just racist and sexist. And people have to accept it for goodness sake.

  49. In my opinion women are the worst sexist and especially against women… And reverse racism doesn't exist.. It is only racism

  50. in all my 48 years, the only sexism I have witnessed is female sexism directed at men and boys.
    stop complaining about sexism if you support feminism, because feminism is just a misandry cult, and it makes you a hypocrite.

  51. Correction… Yes there are a few black people in this country with wealth and power but the majority of us are living in poverty or making just enough to make ends meet so how CAN black people AS A WHOLE be racist? We don't make any laws we don't own any Banks or control over essential natural resources. We have no control over whats being put in text books. We don't own any pharmaceutical companies. For the most part just family-owned or local businesses so I will say that white people have the vast majority of power in this country. From law enforcement to education to pharmaceutical to employment we just don't have the power to be racist. Power+discrimination=racism

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