Can ARGENTINA lead the RACE for LITHIUM? – VisualPolitik EN

Can ARGENTINA lead the RACE for LITHIUM? – VisualPolitik EN

Argentina is a country famous for three things:
tango, soccer and… economic crises. Although, the later one, that might change
sooner than expected… Yes, dear viewer, we are talking again about
LITHIUM, “white gold”, the new oil, and the stuff that batteries are made of. Lithium
is what powers your smartphone, your laptop and (maybe) your electric car. As we said in this other video, Argentina
is, alongside with Chile and Bolivia, one of the three countries that make up the so-called
LITHIUM TRIANGLE. The area where between 60 and 80% of the world lithium reserves are
concentrated. From these three countries, Argentina is getting
the biggest attention by international investors. Yep, you heard that right, the biggest hedge
funds have their eyes on this country. And this is a big surprise given that Argentina
used to be the bogeyman of finances, the problem child of economics… and now, well, it’s
growing into a rock star. So today’s question is… What happened
to this country which improved their image in such a short time? Can they really become
the leader of this lithium race? And most important of all… Can lithium turn Argentina
into a new Abu Dhabi? Today, we’re going to answer all of these
questions… but, before we get started, let’s take a look at the history. ARGENTINA FIRST In the last few years, Argentina had become
the bogeyman for hedge funds. Under the presidency of CRISTINA FERNANDEZ DE KIRCHNER, Argentina’s
government did whatever they could to scare away any foreign company who might want to
invest in the country. When it comes to the mining and oil industry,
Kirchner made an interesting move. In 2008, she passed a law against the repatriation
of capital. This means that if an Australian mining company made a profit by extracting
oil or minerals on Argentinian soil, the government wouldn’t allow the company to send that
money back to Australia. Kirchner’s goal was to force these foreign companies to keep
the financial benefits of their mining in the country. Nevertheless, as you can imagine, the consequence
of this law was that most of the foreign companies simply stopped doing business in the country.
At the end of the day, why would they, if it was forbidden to enjoy the profits at home? But… well, this was not enough, the real
turning point for Argentina came in the year 2012.
Repsol, the largest oil company in Spain, in the year 1998 merged with the Argentine
YPF. For many years, this brand new company was called REPSOL-YPF. But one day, Cristina
Fernandez de Kirchner, in a very Donald Trump-esq fashion, said ‘Argentina first’… Hashtag,
MAKE ARGENTINA GREAT AGAIN? ‘Companies that stay here, even if their
shareholders are foreigners, are Argentinian companies’ And now you might wonder… Well, what happened
next? Of course, Repsol pursued several lawsuits with the government of Argentina. But this
was not the worst thing. The biggest problem was that after being nationalized, Argentine
YPF reduced their oil production in half. Argentina oil production extends decline as
rig activity slows Yes, yes… I know what you are thinking…
What’s the connection between oil production and being owned by private companies or the
government? In fact, there are several state-owned oil companies that work really well. For example
there is ARAMCO: it is the biggest dinosaur juice producer and, still, it is owned by
the Saudi Government. The problem here is that, both in the oil,
and the mining industry, you need high-end gear. And each company has different technologies
and patents. In other words, when YPF wanted to drill their those oil beds of VACA MUERTA
(BAKA MUERTA), they needed to utilize a complicated technology called FRACKING. And there are
only a few companies in the world that have the machines and the skills to do this kind
of work. This is why it is so common that different
oil companies create joint ventures to exploit an oil bed. When Repsol left Argentina, YPF
lost a technology partner. And this is why people say that Kirchner fought against those
bloody Spanish neoliberals… and ended up partnering the American ones.
Chevron, YPF Sign $1.5 Billion Shale-Oil Deal But… hold on just a second because this
is not the end of the story. The biggest issue here is what happens when you take over a
company from one day to the other. Well, the rest of the businessmen are going to be afraid
of you. And… good luck trying to convince them to invest in your country. Think about it, let’s Imagine you have an
oil or mining company… Would you really dare set up a factory and a lot of facilities
in a place where government can just seize all of it from you, just like that!? I doubt
it. And this, among other factors, is what explains why Argentina today has such a big
crisis. But, now Argentina has a new president called
MAURICIO MACRI (MAU RITHIO MAKRI) and… well… the times, they are a’changing. WHITE GOLD RUSH IN ARGENTINA In December, 2015, Mauricio Macri took his
place in the Pink House (the Pink House is the Argentinian White House). He found a country
in the middle of a bankruptcy. Real inflation was higher than 40%, dollars were sold on
the black market, and there was no company willing to invest in the country. And all
of this, despite being one of the wealthiest countries when it comes to natural resources.
This is why, since the very first moment, Macri has tried to conduct a 180 degree shift
compared to what his predecessor did. “Argentina’s new government scraps mining
taxes” In other words, Macri knows that lithium is
a peerless opportunity to repair the accounting books. Of course, no one expects Argentina
to become the new Dubai overnight. But this white gold is a huge windfall and that money
could cover the financial gaps of Argentina’s budget without raising taxes or cutting costs.
And this explains laws like this one. “Argentina signs mining deal to unify regulations,
attract investment” In other words, from now on, mining multinationals
have an open door to the country. And… unlike what happened with the Kirchner era, these
foreign companies can do whatever they want with their profits. This is happening because
Macri has removed the anti-repatriation law. If this was not enough, this legislation unifies
mining regulations all across the country. This means the rules are the same no matter
where the lithium bed is. Further, the mining companies will not have to pay any special
mining tax anymore. Industry heavyweights Albemarle Corp., Soc. Quimica
y Minera de Chile SA, Eramet SA and Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co. are among groups looking
at expanding or building new lithium operations in Argentina But hold on a second because things are not
quite as great as they look! Of course, lithium is a great opportunity for Argentina. But,
as you know, having natural resources does not mean your country is necessary wealthy.
Many Argentinians fear what they would called “ a new Potosi (pot-o-see).” This means
they fear that the country would become flooded with foreign companies that take the resources
and leave without bringing any money to Argentina. So the question now becomes… What can Argentina
do to avoid such a catastrophe? tHE REAL CHANCE OF ARGENTINA As we said in a previous video, the real business
of lithium is not lithium itself but the added-value products you can manufacture with it. At the
time when we recorded this video, a metric ton of lithium had a market price of $9000.
Nevertheless, if we take that raw material and turn it into mobile phone batteries, we
could get an income of between $1.5 and $5 million. Of course, this is a very rough estimation,
but it does help us understand something important. But… hold on a moment because this is not
as simple as it looks! Most of the lithium battery factories are
in countries like the US, Germany or, of course, China. These three countries have a world-class
network of small companies that provide things to the big manufacturing plants. We are talking about logistics, semiconductors,
and so on. All of these things make the manufacturing process cheaper and more efficient. But not
only that, this network effect is what attracts the best engineers and skilled professionals
to these countries. This is the essential if you want to create a high tech industry
in a country. I mean, look, good luck trying to convince
a woman who lives in San Francisco and makes a 6 figure salary to move to Rosario, Argentina,
and work in a factory. As you can imagine, it’s pretty much impossible. So now you might be wondering… What can
Macri do to industrialize his country? Well, the first thing we have to keep in mind
is this: Silicon Valley was not created in a day. Nevertheless, Argentina has a great
advantage over California… They can make easy money by selling raw lithium. Of course, this money can be used by the government
to boost their earnings, but it is also a good opportunity to invest in universities
that will train those workers that might can start those small companies you need in order
to get the big factories up and running. Further, the Government can even co-finance
brand new businesses. This is actually the formula that helped Israel become a technologic
capital. And so far, it seems that Macri is committed to working this way.
But… wait a minute because there are some dark clouds on the horizon. All these opportunities
Argentina has will disappear if Macri, or whoever follows him, falls into the temptation
of destroying rule of law, and going back to ultra-nationalism which would scare away
foreigners. And… it seems that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wants to run for office
again… So now it is your turn. Do you think Argentina
could restore the rule of law and become a wealthy country thanks to lithium? Or are
we going to see a new nationalist backlash and a new economic crisis? You can leave your
answer in the comment section below. And, just before we go today, we’ve got
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  2. The only thing neoliberalism brought to our country is poverty and recession. It was during the Perón (a nationalist) administration when Argentina's industry grew the most and the middle class lived better. After many different dictatorships (all backed up by the US and ran by neoliberal economists) that industry was destroyed, the debt was multiplied and the middle class almost disappeared.

  3. How can anyone say that companies would drain the country if they don’t do extra investment in it? Do people forget that those companies are paying taxes? That’s literally why there’s taxes imposed on companies so that they pay their share. What they do with their profits should not be a worry for a country as long as they pay taxes?!

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