Can American leadership help the Cuban people? | IN 60 SECONDS

Can American leadership help the Cuban people? | IN 60 SECONDS

I don’t know if this is our Marco Rubio
moment… Certainly I don't think it's necessary to
question the President's motives. But really I think it's fair to question his
judgment, because he's made the decision that U.S. policy has to change in order for Cuba
to change. The reality is anybody that understands or
really cares much about Cuba recognizes the problem is the regime. The President has scuttled a policy that's
been based on pre-conditions for normal economic and political change. Free labor unions. Some sort of commitment to holding elections. Giving people their basic human rights. Cuba is the only country in the Western hemisphere
that cannot meet any of those conditions. And I think the President must recognize that
the Cuban people, 11 million Cubans, will pay the price if the regime feels that it
can act with impunity. The President can salvage this if he really
insists on fundamental change. Up to now, he has been pouring on concessions
and getting very little in return. That has to change. What do you think about the President’s
trip to Havana? Please offer your comments and give us ideas
about topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

11 thoughts on “Can American leadership help the Cuban people? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. american leadership = dominate the world and exploit peaceful countrys and their ressources for the benefit of the 1% of the US population

  2. The tourism and business going into Cuba will change more sooner than all the government policies. He is doing what Republicans should have had the courage to do decades ago.

  3. I am all for strengthening relations between our nation and the Castro regime, so long as our concessions are predicated on significant changes in their policies, not vice versa.  If he were alive today, Chamberlain could attest to the effectiveness of that attitude.

    Our current foreign strategy is akin to preventing a store robbery by letting the crooks take what they want, so long as they promise to come back later to pay.

  4. "Let Cubans Vote" = "Tear Down This Wall" … Tactics and strategy are the real challenge … Soap and toilet paper its a beginning.

  5. Cuba is an unsavory regime to say the least but 50 years of not talking to them hasn't done anything. FDR went to Yalta when they were killing millions, Nixon went to China while they were killing millions, not to mention the US's strange relationship with Saudi Arabia. There's no sense in not talking to your enemies.

  6. The Magic Negro is doing this for his Leftist nutcase buddies. I wonder if he's going to visit any political prisoners while he's there?

  7. Obama's visit is pointless. Not an accomplishment, unless getting dissidents arrested, beaten and tortured is an accomplishment, then, we'll done.

  8. All I can say is that 60 years of sanctions haven't done a damn thing to change Cuba, maybe it's time for a different approach?

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