Campus Debate – Foreign Policy challenges before India (JNU, New Delhi)

Campus Debate – Foreign Policy challenges before India (JNU, New Delhi)

9 thoughts on “Campus Debate – Foreign Policy challenges before India (JNU, New Delhi)

  1. JNU campus & so called the cream of student intellect is hijacked by Ambedkarites & Kashmiris probably.. ..These JNU students can only parrot stuff from textbooks of international foreign affairs ,political science…haha…they can barely speak good english…India did not take a SATAND… (stand)

  2. A student claim that Ambedkar is the best for diplomacy ha ha ha..fools dont say Tamil fishermans say Indian fishermans.

  3. They repeating wt they mug up from MA political science book day before this student say Indian dont need weapons only food lolz HA HA HA.spineless fools dont talk about Indian soldiers beheaded by porkistanis. may be this didnt find that MA political science book coz it was printed in 1990's.ha ha .lolz

  4. tisa river agreemeent oppoosed by mamata, tamil politicians playing with tamil votecard with srilankan tamil national issue like these are dangerous precedents to our national policcyy

  5. one countrys foreign policy must not be influenced by pretty regional politics it must be holistic ,comprehensive and conssistency.especially our regional political parties should learn not to policise our national interest,security in era where regional playerrs playing key role in these coalitiongoovts

  6. The arguments were encouraged when the students brought in Pakistan or other issues a which are always a concern for Indian foreign policy, whereas when some one speaks about the regional issues say Sri Lankan issues, rather than understanding the issues the anchor tries to move to next story, is this the way to address an issue. If India wants to move ahead it should start scrutiny itself where it lies with its neighbours and we should not only obsess with only Pakistan and China.

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