Caller: We Are Moving Toward a Fascist State…

Caller: We Are Moving Toward a Fascist State…

John in Minneapolis a John yeah I just
wanted to say I don’t think it would be any exaggeration to say there were moving in a in a very fascist the direction this is exactly the kind
of thing that happens in fashion States and where the enemy and you know I think the corporate power that runs this
country I think they’re very afraid of us
because we’re in a charity and they’re in the minority and so whatever opportunity and 9/11 was
a great opportunity for them to do that and my examples would be you know how the are treated people but
the press and even prominent people like in the I’ll keep a new york they threw a retired con a retired state Supreme Court justice
down on the ground they did the same to City Council I
think he was the president he’s from I believe
it was Queens I am so you know and and by the way we should
be just as horrified when an average citizen gets this treatment as wanna be at yeah
absolutely but you know that’s the whole point is that it’s and I mean there’s a warrant aimed at us i
mean they’re their actually giving arms to the police to protect you know the interest other
few I at the expensive all Occupy New York
why South really fast after i’d i think is Jamie diamond and what’s his bank JP Morgan Chase I could
be wrong one other big banks made of $4.5 million
dollar donation to the Police Benevolent Fund and all the sudden the cops were all
over the Occupy protesters ride and I i just wanted to make one
more point when that when they had the republican convention in Saint Paul here and many have their minneapolis-saint
Paul in Saint Paul a you know the a were really a very nasty to the press and any
Goodman you know was injured but there were
other people and I i actually had the you know II after myself because she
came here and gave a talk and she said that you know the other corporate press
didn’t want to really push the issue but she won a big settlement against Saint Paul Police Department but you
know thats a big problem in a in a free society if
the press can’t cover what is going on and in service in lz0 was chased out trying to cover summit
the demonstrations that they had at night I
think it was last night so you know it will this is is a serious
problem I’m glad that you’re talking about it absolutely you know we need to really sit on this
and really you know be cognisant because you know
ultimately it really involved everyone because
ultimately we can be I that you could be next Sat now is
gunned down get you could be next this this this is the this is the crushing a dissent in
america John thank you very much and and and the crushing have any
attempt to hold the power structure accountable

6 thoughts on “Caller: We Are Moving Toward a Fascist State…

  1. Or the police state going on right now in Ferguson MO. (Maybe that's what Thom was talking about prior to this clip.)

  2. And people want to know why there is a strong Libertarian Movement fight now?
    This is why… This has been going on for sometime, the people are fed up. They are fed up seeing their tax dollars being spent in ways that limit them. Limit their spending power, limit their health insurance powers, limiting their freedom and liberty. Seeing their elected officials wasting their time, wasting the tax payers money. Seeing their representative extorted by campaign contributions that levy policy, subsidy, endowments, and future political appointments, which continue the cycle of violation to accountable representation. Both sides of the aisle does this habitually, continually, without resistance and basically given impunity. This is why there is a strong Libertarian Movement,

  3. I say we're already are living in a Nationalist Fascist State look at the so-called Republican controlled states are doing, essentially getting rid of elections,Mayors, unions,etc..  &  going into extremist fundamentalist Christian doctrine.

  4.                                                       V for vendetta

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