Caller: Thom You are a Marxist!

Caller: Thom You are a Marxist!

Marvin watching free speech TV in
Cookeville Tennessee hey Marvin what’s on your mind a Tom a yeah I you call the other guy from
montana would you call them and get the evidence
to bed and stuff yes I think it’s the first time in probably eight years I’ve
actually called somebody a name well I mean I just put it like this i’ve
listened to your show in in in what not over the years and I’m I think you have
a lot more in common with Marx and Engels than you do with the
founding fathers I mean it’s a it’s quite apparent that you’re
doing example give you went when have I Marx and
Engels suggested that all the means a production and supply in a
country should be national I should be on by the government can you tell me
when I called for that right crew US about workers right can you tell
me when I called for the nationalization communism has very little to do with
workers rights as do the nationalization a product but production crew and came
up with workers rights workers yes nor the organizers other workers
workers is like it with guys like Williams that would
foster it was guys like eugene workers a ride Marvin quite it be just a great
little we’ve all my Marvin what about what about workers
having the right to organize the workplace do you oppose but also kinda like this it’s not it’s
Mike Mike you know know what are you up close why do you
oppose workers having the right to organize themselves and negotiate the terms of their
employment in the workplace why do you look why are you opposed to that in less you
are paid to be opposed to that bite by a sigh I corporations in america to it I’m just sayin why are you opposed
to a Marvin think we need it I mean you may not need it I’m assuming
you’re speaking for yourself but if if the other guys who are working for
it for eight bucks an hour macdonell’s they certainly are the
opinion but they needed and who the hell do you think you are to tell them that
they don’t have their right what kinda anti-american nonsense is
this Marvin if they’re working three dollars an hour
at McDonalds save you know if that’s going to be their
career National League didn’t look forward to they have a bigger problem than eight
dollars an hour mcdonnell margo Marvel what do you hate about workers
and about this country that causes you to take positions like that what we’re what is the source of your
visceral hatred of America back in May read the origins I love be unions in this country when they were
formed with cut by communist so you are familiar with the lot are you your your OKC from over the history of
labor you won’t tell me what the Ludlow massacre Marvin why you mean out in was like Colorado yeah tell me what happened well the
workers wanted more money NVR I guess what the National Guard was
called in and I believe that was it was not the National Guard it was a
private it was a private militia that was brought in and the workers weren’t
striking for more money they were striking to get paid okay whatever you can always point and they and they came in with a Gatling
guns and killed their wives and children and you’re telling me that worker should
not have the right to organize to go back to what nineteen was at 19:15 1980
okay people people work in a fast food restaurants
in getting burned with hot grease is standing on their feet for hours and
hours and and the average age is not sixteen
is 28 and fast food industry the US is your same they should not have the right to
organize in the workplace that just I you know marvin that is fundamentally on American early I got on the radar screen
0 for but its right-wing group

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  1. Thom keep up good work buddy, even if you are really Marxist so be it you are for us working men and women, of course workers rights what I suppose to support fucking walton brothers rights fuck them fuck coch brothers too, universal health care for all now.

  2. No.

    He is a white american male asshole.

    He has nothing but contempt for other people because he desperately needs to feel superior.

  3. communism has everything to do with workers rights!!!!! mr hartmann was talking nonsense there it is not simply nationalization that was just one of the measures recommended for the realization of a world where there is little or no exploitation of working people

  4. It was a Leninist form of Marxism, aiming for communism (a stateless classless moneyless economy) through state socialism led by a vanguard party. (The USSR never achieved communism. George Orwell noted the regime wasn't even socialist.)

    There's also libertarian (non-statist) Marxism. Richard Wolff, a self-described-Marxist professor whom Thom occasionally invites to his show, seems to represent this position.

  5. 0:53

    Communism technically refers to a state-less order of self-managing workers, and there are different proposed ways to achieve that other than the nationalization of production through a state apparatus. Even anarchism has strong communist tendencies. The first person to call himself a "libertarian" was anarcho-communist (Joseph Dejacque).

  6. yeh, what about the rights of the employer? Unions get nothing done.. Just look at the teachers union.. a fucking disgrace..

  7. thom, i love you but you've made a common but critical error in your understanding of Marxism, granted the nationalization of the means of production is to take place during Socialism, but you left out the 1st step: before nationalization the workers must gain & retain control of the nation else you have the corporatism we have now or the degenerate bureaucratic ruling class that characterized Stalinism.

  8. Caller: If you go back to the founding of the labor movement in the U.S., you'll realize that unions were founded by communists.

    Thom: Remember that massacre?

    Caller: You need to go all the way back to the start of the labor movement in the U.S. to come up with an example?

    (I wouldn't just jump up on his couch and grind my feet in there. Yeah I remember jumping on his couch. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.)

  9. What do you mean by "they"? Among the victims of the genocide by Stalinists were many Marxists & non-Marxist communists.

  10. Yeah. I'm actually more of a council communist than a Marxist-Leninist tho; I was just stating the more or less Orthodox Position. A few things happened which destroyed the Russian Revolution of 1917: a Civil War involving 14 imperialist nations and the Tsarist Whites against the Reds, the absolute economic destitution of Russia from the World War and winter famine, the subtle machinations of the Bolshevik Party, and Stalin's eventual takeover and complete counter-revolution.

  11. The factory councils and soviets didn't really have proper worker's management once the Bolshies took power. Some of the first moves Lenin made, unfortunately, were to subordinate S+FC economic decisions to review and approval by higher bodies (being the trade unions, which were actually somewhat elitist culture despite having mass numbers). It got slowly worse from there.

    Then Stalin just reversed EVERYTHING and instituted one of the most hideous dictatorships the world has ever seen.

  12. Original intent of the Commerce Clause was to stop States within the Union to levy tariffs on trade between the States. In other words, to create a free trade zone, withing the United States. Only 8% of all workers are minimu wage, so nealry all workers are over minimum. Not because Govt made them, but because market forces made them. Unions may get wages over market, but then the supply of them declines, as capital flees.

  13. "Only 8% of all workers are minimu wage, so nealry all workers are over minimum." That is true, but the min. wage jobs barely make enough to survive. You can still not live of making $10 USD an hour even if your single. "Not because Govt made them, but because market forces made them." agreed like the farm workers who make less then federal minimum wage.

  14. "Unions may get wages over market, but then the supply of them declines, as capital flees" That is false as the USA had about 1/3 of it workers in the 1950s to 1970s until Nixon & Reagan changed the trade policy to flee to cheap labour in "communist" China to exploit.

  15. Prices have NOTHING to do at all, with whether a business can survive or not on them. If GM loses money selling cars at prices Toyota can make money at, they go out of business. Wages are prices, and a "guarantee" of a nice life for a low skill worker is impossible. It isnt McDonalds fault, he has no skills of value. People choose lower prices. Lower costs, make lower prices. Alllowing people liberty, to choose, is why imports happen. US imports just 18% of GDP, Germany imports 45%. Its small.

  16. "It isnt McDonalds fault, he has no skills of value." I agree but they do not have to pay them low wages. "Lower costs, make lower prices." That is not true always. "Allowing people liberty, to choose, is why imports happen. " this called double speak as this only for the employers as that is what conservative are here for to protect the status quo.

  17. "US imports just 18% of GDP, Germany imports 45%. Its small."
    Yet the German unions with low skills get paid livable wage unlike the US counterparts (Pre-Reagan as we both agree conservative is terrible idea & Reagan was 2nd worst president in US History), so would you agree that "luvcheney1" is lying sack of shit when he/she said "low skill worker is impossible" & a typical conservative defend only "Allowing people liberty" for those who have bling.

  18. Germany is both a fiscally Conservative ( balanced budgets) and monetarily Conservative ( strong currency) nation. Look at history of DM. They are the rock of the Euro. Dollar is crap, relative, long term. Merkel refused to listen, to Obama`s socialist nonsense about "stimulus", and refused to obey his stupid advice. We all are mixed economies, with capitalist, and socialist policies. But Germany has some essential, conservative views, in regards to solvency. Reagan, a great President.

  19. "Germany is both a fiscally Conservative ( balanced budgets) and monetarily Conservative ( strong currency) nation."
    1) Wrong as Germany is a fiscal liberalism as they have strong safety net.
    2) They do not have their own currency as they part of the Euro.
    "Merkel refused to listen, to Obama`s socialist nonsense about "stimulus"" Merkel passed stimulus package as bloomberg(dot)com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=an0ME5IcV5bY as their conservative is pretty much the Dems as the US is to right wing

  20. Sorry, your URL doesnt work. Try naming the article, date, etc. If you follow the DM from 1970, until the Euro, and beyond, you find a long term decline of dollar, against the DM before Euro, as well as after its introduction. Merkel has stood opposing the views of Obama, Hollande. Its austerity, not printing presses. Her preference. She isnt an idiot.

  21. "Merkel has stood opposing the views of Obama, Hollande. Its austerity, not printing presses. Her preference."
    bloomberg(dot)com/apps/news?pi­d=newsarchive&sid=an0ME5IcV5bY as type it on Google and replace (dot) with an actual dot.
    Your statement is only true for she wanted austerity (conservative ideas again failing) for the rest of Europe as the German banks wanted their money back.

  22. I like how people do not want others to organize and have professionals negotiate for them, but I guess its all right for business and corporations have a slew of lawyers negotiate for them. I bet asshats like oreilly and beck have agents and lawyers get them those million dollar contracts, hypocrisy.

  23. OK, I got it. Merkels stimulus, $110 bill, Obama`s $830. Obama= 7.9 times bigger. US economy is only 4.9 times bigger than Germany, making Obama`s original stimulus 54% larger, than Merkel`s, proportionally. However, he was pressing her to do more later. No reason on Earth, for Germany to bail out the more socialist nations. Fuck them.

  24. "No reason on Earth, for Germany to bail out the more socialist nations. Fuck them." If have actually to listen to Richard Wolff, that statement is false as Germany is more socialist to the rest of Southern Europe. 2nd, you right-winger practicing social Darwinism. Austerity/fiscal conservatism does not work, as it has been a absolute fact.

  25. Bulshit. Depression of 1921, stopped dead, by cutting govt psending by 50%, and taxes too. Great Depression, lasted forever, because of Leftie BS stimulus and spending. The economy leaped forward at Wars end. Why? Govt FINALLY< stopped spending.

  26. There was a severe Depression, in 1921. Govt cut spending, and taxes, and the economy recovered. Later in the decade, Federal Reserve incresing credit, fueling Dow stock Bubble. Perhaps you have heard of "margin credit", where stocks are purchased, with borrowed money? This was classic credit bubble. Of course, the housing bubble was the exact same thing. These events are monetary based crisis. Not fiscal. For some reason, media, politicians, schools, colleges dont much discuss monetary policies

  27. "Later in the decade, Federal Reserve increasing credit, fueling Dow stock Bubble." they did not as the USA still had a idiotic gold standard as it was private banks who overproduced housing which collapsed just like modern capitalist great recession.

  28. A gold standard requires convertibility, of currency into gold. If currency is printed, eventually convertibility at same price, becomes impossible, as currency amount exceeds amount of gold. So, gold is a restraint, on printing of currency, prohibiting a credit bubble. This proved by FDR 1) calling in all citizens gold 2) devaluing gold 1933 from $20.66 to $35. This action gave him MORE gold, at higher price. Enabled printing to continue, and international convertibillty, until 1971. .

  29. The US Government also had a massive tax cut resembling the Reagan tax cuts. The top marginal tax rate in 1919 was 73%. Then, Harding and Coolidge dropped top bracket down to 25% from 73%.

  30. "This proved by FDR 1) calling in all citizens gold 2) devaluing gold 1933 from $20.66 to $35." This proves that gold is not currency & 2nd that shows that even gold is valued in fiat currency. Gold is a commodity & gold as fiat is only value due to you gave it value. In other parts of Earth like the Aztecs use chocolate as money. Gold's value is only valuable as if need metal that does not have current.

  31. Because the Fed reserve had printed so much money during the 1920`s, FDR knew with the deflation, govt couldnt maintain convertibility. So, he forced free people to turn in their gold, paying $20.66 an ounce for it, then immediately lifting it`s price, to $35. So, during the crash, collapse of economy, Gold soared in price. The dollar is the loser here, not Gold. Today, $1372

  32. "So, during the crash, collapse of economy, Gold soared in price. The dollar is the loser here, not Gold. Today, $1372"
    Even with that still does not matter as gold prices have fallen as it was a bubble. gold's value like, conservative ideology is based on fear as both idiotic stuff go in value when people are in fear as it gives people comfort. Even than pre-FED, banking crises was about 15 years until FDR Admin regulated the banking system like fuck & made banking safe till Reagan Admin.

  33. "Because the Fed reserve had printed so much money during the 1920`s" this complete garbage as the USA still had gold standard & reason for mass deflation which made thing worse for the Great Depression. The USA needs a 2nd FDR to end conservative/ Reagan era but this time for good. FDR saved capitalism, so you right-winger should love him.

  34. Gold was $300 in 2000, $1370 now. Dow was about 11,000 in 2000, 15,000 now. that`s 36% higher for the Dow, and 4.5 TIMES higher, for gold. Which pre Fed banking crisis lastedn 15 years? Long Depression? Average rate of growth was 5% a year. not a Depression! Just falling prices! Depression is negative growth rate, not prices getting cheaper. Money supply from 1921-1928 increased 61%. This is why DOW bubble created, and burst, as housing bubble, created and burst.

  35. Of course, it worked just great in China, North Vietnam, and all the Marxist African nations that starve, and Cuba. Just needs a couple tweaks.

  36. China was Maoist. Maoism was not about workers becoming class conscious and taking power and initiating a worldwide revolution; it flipped Marx on his head and asserted the need for a tiny minority of peasants to use guerrilla tactics to beat back the army and stage a coup, then rule over the population in the name of third world nationalism. North Vietnam and Cuba are also examples of what Maoist ideology leads to. It's an ideology to justify the rule of a co-ordinator class.

  37. I could play the same, petty game, and say, and actually believe in my heart, the US is not capitalist. Having a central bank, fiat currency, social security surely precludes the claim of capitalism. But, in the world, the US is an example of a nation closer TO Capitalism, than most. Your reply is simply ducking reality, by saying communist nations were somehow not ideologically pure. Maybe you are right. But, central govt control fails, next to people`s control, with markets.

  38. It has nothing to do with purity; I am speaking about the evolution of ideas. Marxism in the traditional sense has always been the analysis of history from the standpoint of the working class, with a focus on how material conditions lead to the formation of ideas and not the other way around. These two elements are the absolute core of Marx's thought, not peripheral points. Mao radically departed from this by switching back to an "ideas determine history" model.

  39. ….and promulgating the idea that to achieve "socialism," one had to form a band of hardened guerillas and overcome the state that way.

    If you know Marx, you know that the slogan most people remember him by is "Workers of the World…UNITE!!!" Mao's slogan might as well have been "Peasants of This Country Alone….UNITE!!! And Let This Small Rag-Tag Team of Specialists Do the Work for You."

  40. Notice my comments didn't explicitly say that Maoism was wrong (although I do reject it personally); I was merely advancing the case for Mao's thought being too radical a departure from Marx's work to be considered Marxist.

    Personally I can't fucking stand using labels like "Marxist" and "Maoist." There is one thing the libertarian socialists have right: their streams of thought are named after organizational principles and strategies, not people. It's a guard against deification.

  41. You are masturbating, refusing to align yourself with nations closest to your fantasy. As long as you have ideologial issues, with any nation existing, you avoid taking responsibity. Loser.

  42. I would be shame to have said this comment of "Lies. The US became the biggest industrial power on Earth, with Federal Govt spending just 3% of GDP by 1910, and spending is now 22%." as
    the USA was never a powerhouse until FDR & the end of WW2, which have rise to the 1st time a middle class.
    "You can also review Federal tax revenues, in Reagan years, with the 1950`s for example," I would have been a shame to type this as that lasted until his economic policy set a recession of the early 1990s.

  43. "Money supply from 1921-1928 increased 61%. This is why DOW bubble created, and burst, as housing bubble, created and burst."
    That is complete lie as 1st of all the USA was still under gold standard until the 1970s. "Gold was $300 in 2000, $1370 now."
    Gold prices only goes up just as conservative views when there is fear. "Depression is negative growth rate, not prices getting cheaper." It was mass deflationary that made it into a Great Depression as FED did not do much.

  44. Recessions, expansions are normal. "At the turn of the century, the strength of a nation's industrial capacity was measured by the number of tons of steel it produced. In the 1880s Andrew Carnegie had constructed the world's largest steel mill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and by 1900, the United States was the largest steel producer in the world, turning out 10,000,000 tons a year""In this period of booming growth, The 1896 campaign" BOOMING GROWTH, worlds largest industrial producer. 3% govt!

  45. This was called the gilded age & of course you would support this as corporations did as they wished. There was mass poverty & no middle class whatsoever. That did no way benefit the USA & average worker made about 10,400 USD per year (making 5 USD if they 40 hour work week which did not as it could be less as they worked more hours for less). The only time the USA had most influence & best economy was with FDR until Reagan Admin.

  46. What a crock of shit. Notice how you didn't respond to a frickin word of my comment, but just elected to insult me instead. It's clear you know next to nothing about what we are discussing. Go harass the trolls on 4chan.

  47. Your comment is nonsense. Just leftist rhetoric, with you refusing to show a great example of Marxism. Surely, there must be a nation fairly close to it, at least relative to the US.

  48. Gilded Age was from about 1870 to around 1900. Nobody earned $5 an hour, in the 1800`s. "between 1865 and 1898, the output of wheat increased by 256%, corn by 222%, coal by 800% and miles of railway track by 567%". By the turn of the Century, the US was the greatest industrial power on Earth. Now, even idiots like you, must know, that until underutilized labor supplies are dried up, by putting them to work, wages will be low. All that growth, and added employment eventually lifts wages higher

  49. Various parts of Spain in 1936 had some very promising elements of a future socialist society. The Paris Commune also did, before it got violently smashed by the state. In both of these situations, the workers took power into their own hands and started to revolutionize society in favour of the common person. Russia from 1917 to 1918 was also not too bad, but much more of a mixed bag in my view.

  50. You say, "workers took power into their own hands and started to revolutionize society in favour of the common person". In English what this means is taking over the capital investments of others. Gee, if I took over WalMart, I would be rich.

  51. "Now, even idiots like you, must know, that until underutilized labor supplies are dried up, by putting them to work, wages will be low. All that growth, and added employment eventually lifts wages higher" Idiots like you would support gilded age & even with coal at 800%, the people never benefited. It was not until FDR Admin. did fruit of labor finally paid of. There is reason why Gilded Age was called a Robber-Baron Era as it did not benefit the middle class.

  52. "By the turn of the Century, the US was the greatest industrial power on Earth." The USA was no industrial power until after the end of the 2nd world war. The only the thing that Gilded Age was overproduce & lie aka Panic of 1983. The Gilded Age is only consider good for right-wingers as it wealthy to rule like monarchs as nothing more than industrial feudalism aka Italian fascism.

  53. By 1880, US Industrial Production was higher than the UK, which had been #1. We have been #1, ever since. All of the panic, and crashes paled in comparison to the Great Depression. It was called "Great" as it was the biggest ever, so far. It was after Progressivism came to US, inome taxes on productive activities, and Federal Reserve money creation.

  54. The reason Thom has to use the early 1900s for examples is that those problems have been solved but they are slowly creeping back.

  55. The caller thinks that businesses are doing people a favor by hiring them. It's fair compensation for work done. Labor Unions assure fair compensation for work done.
    Anti- Labor Union is Anti-American.

  56. Is there is a restriction in the constitution on the right to organize?
    If not, then the workers should organize and bargain for their needs.

  57. The National Labor Relations Act gives you the right to organize a union in your workplace. Those brainwashed anti union suckers of the rich always show up here to push their anti worker garbage. Scroll down to see their anti American comments using terms like communist ,Marxist,Socialist,and all the other typical RW lies to keep workers from having any rights in the work place.The caller is a typical sucker for the rich that vote against their economic interests every election hurting fellow Americans in the workplace . The top 1% and greedy CEO`s have pushed the lie that workers pay is too high in America. REALLY???? If you buy that bs you are one of the SUCKERS !!! FUCK YOU !!!

  58. My dear little Marvin, come to uncle Thomas and just listen, ok. Just go back a few years in the history of your country and you'll see lots of unions in almost all the companies in the US. That makes your parents and your grandparents MARXISTS too … scary hmh?

  59. I've never understood the reasoning of people who seem to be of the opinion that jobs like fast food restaurants don't need to pay a living wage because they ought to be a stepping stone to a better form of employment! for some people its as good as its gonna get! either they are satisfied to flip burgers or they don't have the qualifications to move on! either way they should not be paid starvation wages.

  60. Funny the period that caused the Great depression was when President's Harding, Coolidge and Hoover cut taxes, mostly for the wealthy plus mass de-regulation which initially caused a boom which was really a bubble and then led to the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression which these Conservatives could not rectify and then America elected the most left wing President ever Franklin D Roosevelt who gave America the New Deal and invested in American workers and getting them back to work with large government paid infrastructure jobs (Highways, Hoover Dam, Bridges etc) which ended up not only paying for themselves but returned a profit and it not only ended the Great Depression but was the cause of America's middle classes exploding in number and being financially sound. Truman kept this rolling and did more Socialism like the GI Bill which not only paid for itself but is estimated to have given 7 fold return on investment. Republican Eisenhower who boasted about continuing the New Deal in his re-election bid boasted about increasing union membership and expanding Roosevelt's Social Security which is clearly a Socialist Program. Kennedy continued the New Deal as did Lyndon B Johnson who added the Great Society, Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights and his war on poverty which halved poverty in the US til Reagan came along and exploded wealth inequality and Social Mobility and took it in a wrong and immoral direction. In those years America boomed and its middle classes were many in number with safe jobs which were well paid then with Reagan this began to end, he hid this by borrowing and tripling the national debt. Reagan took the US from being the world's largest creditor nation to being the biggest debtor nation in the world. He added more debt in his presidency than all 39 before him combined and they had world wars and a civil war to pay for. Inequality boomed and has continued ever since, the rich got very rich and everyone else got poorer. Before 1980 and Reagan America was one of the most equal countries in the world but now over 40 years its become one of the most unequal and is now more an oligarchy.

  61. The uneducated truly amaze. A person that supports Fascism saying , "Calling Thom You are a Marxist! " . The low IQ Consrvative Brain just loves Fox News Propaganda. The right wing talk radio and corporate news media had created a country where half the people support low wages for the 99 percent and low taxes on the wealthy.

  62. Your a Marxist. McCarthyism  from idiots who watch the Movie Trumbo with zero clue who the  bad guys are. We don't need fair pay and rights , we need an authoritarian pig government and to lay down and not be a commie and enjoy our 3 an hour

  63. Americans don't know the first thing about socialism. There's an idiot I know here in Cincinnati who talks about liberals, socialism blah blah and he's on disability! Oh, but he earned it…

  64. This may sound odd but this may be the most well informed right wing nut job I’ve ever heard on here. Though he misconstrued and misunderstood a lot of info, I was just shocked he’d even new of it in the first place!

  65. Hi, I'm a caller, I have a cognitive bias and I can't back up my prejudice with an example. But none the less, YOU ARE A MARXIST!!! (What a knuckle-dragging, cretinous tool)

  66. Marx and Engels were better people with better ideas than most founding fathers except possibly Thomas Paine.

  67. As a Marxist-DeLeonist for more than the past thirty years, and as someone who watches the Thom Hartmann Show on a regular basis, I can assure the readership that Thom Hartmann is not a Marxist. In fact, to refer to him in such a way is not only horribly inaccurate, it is also both laughable and insulting to we Marxists.

  68. You gotta admire this guy. Even tiday, I think that a lot of right-wingers would be reluctant to admit they oppose workets rights.

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