Caller: Elizabeth Warren Handling Bernie Smear TERRIBLY

Caller: Elizabeth Warren Handling Bernie Smear TERRIBLY

Let’s go next to our caller from the three,
four, seven area code. Who’s calling today from three, four seven. Hi, David. This is Katie from calling from
Florida as well. Hey, how are you? Can you hear me? Yes, I can. I do. I, uh,
I had a question. I guess there’s not really a question today. I just want, want to conduct,
give my opinion. Also, I do applaud guys with witness bringing this up again because you
had a discussion with this one. Uh, just on the previous caller. I mean with the police,
previous caller about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, this current tobacco that they’re
involved in. So in my opinion, I feel like, uh, Warren, uh, if you’re an honest and decent
human being, I think you should just come out and just, you know, put it on and just
tell the, you know, uh, the people, Hey listen, he said this, he said this in, in this particular
context and the fact that the warrant, uh, the fact that Warren isn’t doing this is kind
of disappointing to me. And I know I was a big Warren supporter as well. You know, boonies
obviously is my number one choice. I, you know, I’m very progressive but you know, Warren
is probably number two. I would still vote for her, but I, I feel that it’s, it’s really
disappointing that she’s not really coming out. Uh, and really just, um, clarifying the
contents of what Bernie said. Yeah. Because here’s the, here’s the thing,
you’re doing it. There has to be more context. Like we, we, you know, Elizabeth Warren is
a, is a 70 year old woman who’s speaking style and thinking style. We are familiar with Bernie
Sanders is a S I think he’s 77 or 78 he’s a 77 78 year old intelligent man with decades
of public speaking and thinking extemporaneously on the record. The idea that he would cryptically
say, I don’t believe a woman can win and there’s no other context and there’s no understanding
of what he’s really saying by that is is laughable. There’s just no way that the conversation
is that simple. And that’s where I get to Elizabeth Warren when she has confirmed that
he said it, she has notably said nothing else and it would be eras. It is irresponsible
not to say Bernie said, I don’t think a woman can win. And what I understood that to mean
was he doesn’t think women can be president. Right. If that’s because that’s what’s being
implied. But there’s no way in hell that that’s what Bernie said and therefore it should be
clarified. Bernie said, I think given the political environment and Trump being president
and sexism, that a woman wouldn’t win in 2020 I’m not saying he said that, but the point
is there. There is obviously some additional context that would immediately dissolve this
controversy, which Elizabeth Warren has not put forward. And I believe that she should. Yeah, it is. It’s this appointed anal idea.
Other things that, you know, they’re both progressors I get it. They’re both running
for the same democratic nomination. Uh, but you know, the ultimate goal is there. They’re
actually good friends and they share a lot of common policies and, you know, she just
should, she’ll come down and support, I mean, not support him, but just, uh, you know, uh,
clear to record and, uh, it’s just one that she’s not doing it. Yeah. And here’s the thing, here’s the additional
thing. If, let me just say one more thing. If she truly believes that what Bernie said
was just a sexist attack on the idea of women presidents, she should say that the fact that
she hasn’t and is allowing it to be implied inferred by some people is, is a very wrong
way to go. Yes, absolutely. Uh, I completely agree. I,
well, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’m speaking too soon. Maybe she will up with the statement,
but as of right now it is a little bit disappointing to me because I was a huge one fan. I like
to prove his quality that I would still vote for her, but it is a uh, you know, disappointed.
[inaudible] my call. I am a big hand to show thank you and keep it local work. All right.
Thanks so much. Great to hear from you. That does it for calls today. I apologize, I was not able
to get to everyone. I never end, but I do the best I can. We will take calls again and
I look forward to hearing from many more of you next time.

100 thoughts on “Caller: Elizabeth Warren Handling Bernie Smear TERRIBLY

  1. She’s trying to get more female voters by pulling the sexism card and it backfired. No one likes sexism but no one likes a wolf who cries sheep either. Warren is the wolf who is crying about a sheep, Bernie, who is an advocate for equality and against sexism. She can’t handle that a man is more progressive on equality than the woman and it makes women not like her, especially because she’s playing the gender card to get elected.

  2. David you look like you are tired of taking callers and listening to them. Your replies are very short and dry as well. Just something to consider..

  3. I would've been in favor of Elizabeth Warren running a few years ago, but I've lost that confidence in her during the election cycle.

  4. Bernie probably said something like
    “I recognize the Unique challenges and Unique attacks that you as a woman will face that I as a man will not, Women do have to fight harder in this Political Climate than men.”
    And she could have interpreted that as him saying it will be harder for her to become President because she is a woman which could be exaggerated to Bernie thinking she couldn’t become President because she’s a woman. That is not exactly what was said but most likely it was something that Elizabeth could have interpreted (in good faith) differently than how he meant it.
    I still think it is a smear on her part.

  5. Or could it be that she just lied and maybe we should stop trying to defend her. Lied about her father, lied about her native american heritage, and lied about how she got fired.

  6. We need to stop talking about this; Pocohantas is JUST trying to make herself relevant. BIG FAIL. I liked her ….. until now;

  7. I could see Bernie saying something like this
    "We can't just run on the objective of defeating Trump, that would be a losing strategy. We have to campaign on the issues that affect the everyday lives of Americans. We can't win based on identity politics alone. A women can't win the presidency in 2020 by simply being a woman, she has to have policies and a message that resonates with people."
    Warren disagrees because she only heard the part in bold.

  8. She is desperate, i am disappointed also. This shows what kind of person she is. In moments of pressure the true character flaws were made evident.

  9. And I'm sickened that Joy Reid of AM Joy whom has always been my favorite on MSNBC brought 4 women on her show this Sat. smearing Bernie further- one saying "Bernies body posture was showing he is the liar" all this BS!! I've kind of lost respect for Joy Reid over this.. 🙁

  10. If she doesn't lose support from this, then i've lost faith in the cognitive ability and critical thought processes of a considerable amount of progressives

  11. She held this anger against her friend for over a year. She is a terrible friend because she knows 100% Bernie does not believe that a woman can’t win.

  12. Yeah Warren really fucked up there. I found it deplorable and while still miked. Did she realize she was miked? If so, sounds like a purposefully plan to take down Bernie. (Playing politics) She's lost my respect.

  13. By Warren attacking her own party when she should be attacking the Republicans and Donald Trump, makes her unreliable in mature and not who I want for the next president! She has shown her true colors! Bernie Sanders does not have time for these ridiculous accusations and shouldn't even bother anymore with it! Ridiculous! Elizabeth Warren you're attacking the wrong people would you do that if you were in office? Bernie Sanders all the way no comparison!

  14. Elizabeth Warren if you have time for such a ridiculous time-consuming accusation try putting it towards of children in the cages that need your help! Join your party don't fight against them!

  15. She his not telling the context because it never happened. Now if she decide to say the context how can you believe her because it should have been said from the beginning and now it would be like she made the context up.

  16. Since Warren did not clarify we need Bernie to clarify. He needs to clear his name and now is the time to do it. He is still trying to be her friend but she is not being his. Just like most she will do anything to become president. Trying to rig it in her own way. If it turns out to be true I'll be shocked.

  17. It was recently said that Elizabeth Warren was spending a lot of time with HRC and the DNC members, what does that mean? As you look to what you could expect from a Warren President it is not very progressive because she will cave into the demands of the DNC and many caucuses; which will mean her progressive policies go out of the window in a matter of days. Bernard Sanders is not just the best progressive, he is the only candidate running in 2020 who is for the people and that is all of the people.

  18. Elizabeth Warren just showed us a master-class in self-destruction.
    No sympathies and we should all learn from this act of treachery.

  19. America has to have Warren's brain to fight corruption. Yes. She's an egg head. No. Not the life of the party. Harvard professor. 💝 Warren. Abrahams. 💝 now there's a ticket 😁

  20. Elisabeth Warren doesn't pass the litmus test to qualify as a progressive, she's established that on a whole plethora of occasions.

    Let's stop with the shenanigans that contort us into weird positions by obliging her in this, and drop all pretences of even calling her that.

    It's exhausting, even she agreed by dropping her mask by viciously stabbing Bernie in the back publicly.

  21. She never ever said anything, she talked and laughed and shook hands with Bernie… and one night all of a sudden she remembered how much a bastard Bernie is :)) That night Warren & CNN tried to politically assassinate Bernie and they failed miserably.

  22. Even if he did say it (which he didn't, but just pretend), women voters for Bernie are made of sterner stuff than to let one tiny comment derail them from supporting the most progressive candidate in history. Women deal with gender inequality all the time. Now, that is wrong, but it's also true. One tiny comment taken out of context isn't going to derail them. I should know; I have been married to a strong woman for 26 years.

  23. I think Warren's campaign was going to release this attack even if she didn't slide in the polls.
    This was their ace in the hole so to speak
    She planned to stab Bernie in the back the whole time

  24. i have worked with, for and employed people like warren, not wishing to malign any of them, i shan't name names, she is untrustworthy

  25. Bernie: You might not win, but you should run for president, Liz.
    Liz: So, you think women cant win!
    Bernie: I didn't say that
    Liz: now you call me a liar!

  26. Let me get this straight:
    People have been complaining about sexism in politics. Now there’s a candidate who allegedly points out exactly that, and in a way that even his accusers phrase as an IS assessment very much rather than a SHOULD statement (while he in fact is known to have been at the front line to remedy that for decades) – and they accuse him of being sexist for it (while a woman saying the exact same thing would arguably be considered a women‘s rights fighter).

    There are multiple aspects to this, and every single one of them is either so obviously absurd or so hilariously ironic yet brazenly devious that I‘d be most irritated if anyone who is not either a complete and utter numbnut or deliberately and disgustingly dishonest could buy into it for more than a few seconds.

  27. She backstabbed Bernie together with CNN, it was planned and it is obvious. She is fake I don't believe for a second that she will work for any of the progressive policies she claims to have in common with Bernie.

  28. Warren listened to her advisors who had connections to CNN and it backfired. There is nothing she can say to correct the situation without ratting on her advisors and CNN.

    She now just says „no comment“ after it all backfired on her.

    The problem is not merely the lie or misunderstood stood statement.

    It is the fact that she pulled a stunt that is equivalent to libel and slander rather than meeting with him.

    She is 70 years old and is pulling a stunt of an immature person.

  29. I just don't understand who she expected to win over with these identity politics smears.
    The ultra woke Hillary camp was already by her side and the Bernie crowd sees right through this nonsense. Maybe she gained some Klobuchar supporters. lmao

  30. The impeachment trial starts tomorrow. Talk about that. This is MLK day. Not that many of you care. Show some evidence that you care about his death or his work for humanity. John Lewis is going to die from cancer. You don't give one single shit about him either. But, go ahead, keep talking and writing comments about two old white people running POTUS.

  31. she wants to be the first female US president so badly, that she doesn't give a f. just like hillary. and look where this got us. really disappointing.

  32. Oh for God ‘s sake did it ever occur to anyone that they both were set up? That maybe someone used a vague conversation they had years ago to divide them. Maybe the media? Maybe some one in their camps?

  33. I believe Bernie! His campaign is the MOST exciting election in my 60 years of living!! I'm freaking thrilled to vote for this hero! Drop Out Lying Liz, shame on you! Her accusation is disgusting and very low! Go Bernie, we love ya!!

  34. elizabeth warren has plans bernie sanders is a socialist that promises everything free which will never pass a cult figure like trump one i can not vote for

  35. Warren is an opportunist and totally unscrupulous. She was willing to throw Bernie under the bus to get what she wanted i.e. to further her political career.

  36. A once respectable woman attempting to use metoo's growing culture of dogmatic groupthink as a weapon to take down an opponent who's ideas and quality outshine her own… At this point, I'd sooner vote for a sentient cheeto than Warren.

  37. This was a big mistake for her. She handled this badly. Bernie is the original. In reality, sexism is a real factor in this country. It was especially bad that she did it in that venue.

  38. What was she thinking?? So not what she normally does.. did someone talk her into this stupid stunt?? Even if he said it it was just an opinion no a slight…. democrats destroying democrats … stupid

  39. Warren was my #2 behind Bernie up until this. Now I'm just supporting Bernie all that much more.
    When it comes to stances, according to a "whom do you agree with" website about the Democratic candidates, Steyer is next highest on the list surprisingly. When I took that questionnaire like 2 weeks ago, I had no idea who he was.
    Bernie all the way though. I voted for him in the 2016 primaries, and I'd still love to see him as our president.

  40. I’m conservative and hate Bernie’s policies, but this was a total smear by Warren, there’s no possible way that Bernie would’ve said that women can’t be president

  41. the USA left is kind of dumb, they sent Hillary last time ( an already hated person) against Trump, I dont belive he could have "won" against someone who wasn't disliked…now after a few years in power, I dunno.
    But literally, they keep shooting against their best chance ( Bernie) , risking another 4 years of the Donald…
    This is the epidemic of stupidity

  42. SO THESE GUYS ARE THE ONES TRYING TO ´´FREE PEOPLE FROM A HORRIBLE SOCIOPATH´´??? TRUMP IS REELECTED ALREADY, and he is laughing these poor pariahs , it is simply pathetic they view being the ´´great candidate, even if he /she LOSE´´ AS THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING, being enthroned as ´´the last resort for democracy´´ steping on anybody who is on their way , THAT IS DISGUSTING ¿WHAT MAKES THEM BETTER THAN TRUMP??? THEY DO THE SAME THING TRUMP DID….

  43. Warren NOR Bernie have talked about the conversation in detail, they both just let CNN frame it. They both fucked up cause the real move was when asked during the debates, they go 'wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!' and kick CNN's mods right in the nuts by telling them where they can stick their stupid framing.

  44. Those far left people (Sam Seeder, Michael&Co) seem not understand that Bernie would not be a dictator if elected, either! What you people need is a president that can deliver at least some progress. Warren could do that. If Bernie would be elected, in four years nothing´s gonna happen. GOP would easily block Bernie´s each and every effort, and they could use Bernie´s inability to accomplish anything as a tool in the 2024 election. Btw, your (USA) political system is so outdated. What you need is a true multi party system, so that after elections different parties could build alliances and that way create needed majority to get things done. You should also reduce president´s power, thus update your constitution (not gonna happen in two party system). I think that in near future AOC&Co should distance themselves from Dems and build a much needed party of their own (social democratic party). ; )

  45. It's quite obvious she doesn't want to come out and give context. This guy sounds naive. She's obviously a snake who doesn't deserve the nomination.

  46. Politics is a dirty business in a mean cold world , a cuthroat world filled with unscrupulous people, people who lie to your face and stab you in the back and try to destroy you if you stand in their way and then there is a negative side.

  47. Bernie and Warren should have agreed upon the statement that there's a bias against women, and that doesn't mean Bernie is against women. (its a logical fallacy to draw that conclusion)

  48. Hello internet people. Is it YouTube or just me? I don’t get notified for David’s show anymore, and several other progressive programs. Also news content they suggest is over a year old. I have to search to find new news, and then it’s sparse.

  49. why does this caller still think that warren is a progressive when in fact she is far away from that! she is a weak centrist in disguise. nothing else.

  50. It's disturbing how much negativity there is against Warren in this channel. Even the picture used this video shows Warren in an unflattering pose. Bottom line is: If she doesn't want to get involved in stupid gossip, she doesn't have to. I don't think Sander's needs Warren to "defend" him. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  51. Warren is probably my favorite candidates. But I think she has some degree of aspergers or something. She is kinda rigid and really bad at social fingertip stuff. I personally am okay with that (like Nat said in Age of Ultron ”He’s also a huge dork – it’s okay, chicks dig that”. Well, Warren is a huge dork and I dig it.) But I do think that her inability to handle heckling is going to be a liability if she goes up against Trump. You remember how badly she played that native american thing?

  52. They're both handling it badly. If Bernie had said, "I don't remember saying that, but if I did, I'm sorry, because it does not reflect my true beliefs." The issue could have been closed with no rancor. Instead both candidates now have to deal with the aftershocks of having called each other liars on national TV. Not good for either candidate and not good for the Democratic Party.

  53. It's basically her word against his and you all believe the man. Sure, progressives. That's why I don't want any of these old men as candidates.

  54. I'm a female and she will NOT get my vote now. She acted toooooo much like the many females I saw in grade school, high school and college. They start rumors to hurt innocent people for their own agenda. If she defaulted to this action to get voters away from Bernie, I don't want her running the country I live in.

  55. I like both canidates but do agree she handled this accusation badly. It seemed bad form to accuse him basically on stage without any previous mention, especially to him.

  56. He never said that hes a high minded type of person negativity, is not a part of him, shes out of the running, was a big mistake, on her part.
    She was had.

  57. this caller is so right! esilabeth warren is a horrible disappointment. she follows the poisoned strategy of some centrist
    democratic spindoctors who qualified by ruining the chances of hilary clinton and continue now to ruin the chances of elizabeth warren. but finally she ruins her chances herself by her dishonesty towards bernie sanders.

  58. This is exactly why Trump will win re-election. A divided house can not stand. The Dems will lose if this type of behavior continue. First Kamal Harris and now Elizabeth Warren

  59. You are totally off about how Warrren is handling the situation. First and foremost if she called him to the carpet it would damage him amongst female voters. This is an election where it's imperative that those who oppose #IMPOTUS vote unilaterally for the nominee out of the Demo race. With that said, something else to ponder is if she forged a wedge of such damning magnitude it would preclude a prospective pairing as POTUS and VP. The stakes are too high to splinter a potential alliance conceivably accommodating amongst a significant strata of the voting pool! Take a moment to excogitate on the consequence of her doing right, vs., being right.🤔

  60. I agree with both of you 100%. And on a peripherally relevant note, I find it ironic that Warren tries to assert that she as a woman is fit for getting elected President while acting out the worst of female stereotypes – being an underhanded, duplicitous snake, who is playing the victim card while stabbing a „friend“ in the back! Gurl, that‘s not how you gain the support of male voters! „Woke“ men dislike petty [email protected] the same way they dislike troglodyte machos. EPIC FAIL! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  61. In my opinion, I think the context of their conversation was that Warren was trying to say voters would be excited by a woman candidate and Bernie probably corrected her by saying being a woman isn't enough and used Hillary as an example.

  62. Sanders just can't stop lying. Paul Krugman: Sanders Campaign Flat-Out Lied.

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