California K9 Team Wins with 5 SECONDS to Spare | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

California K9 Team Wins with 5 SECONDS to Spare | America’s Top Dog (Season 1) | A&E

CURT MENEFEE: The oldest dog
and the longest partnership tonight here on “Top Dog.” It’s Team Rico. I’m Officer Tim Bradley
from the Woodland Park Police Department in Colorado. This is my partner Rico. He’s a 9-year-old Belgian
Malinois-German Shepherd mix. I got him at eight weeks old. So he’s been with
me his entire life. He loves the applause. If there is a crowd involved,
he’s going to showboat. So Rico and I may be the most
veteran team here tonight. But we’re here to show those
young pups how to do it. OK. [BEEPING] [BUZZER]
Heel. CURT MENEFEE: And here they go. Almost a decade of
partnership has led to this. Push. Good. CURT MENEFEE: That 135-pound
door gets knocked down. And here we go. They’re off and running. NICK WHITE: The
nine-year-old dog has no problem through the window. And now they are going
through our Spiderweb. This simulates a chase
through brush and undergrowth. That’s so common in the field. CURT MENEFEE: There’s
1,100 feet of bungee there and two 2-foot walls
that they have to crawl over. Officer Bradley’s losing
a little time here. But hey, you try doing
this when you’re 57. Good. NICK WHITE: Rico
waiting for him– great teamwork and training. CURT MENEFEE: And they keep
sticking together on Low Crawl. And you can tell that this
team has worked for a long time as a single unit. Now, the Boxes Up. 42 boxes to climb. NICK WHITE: Yeah, it seems like
they’re having a little bit of a trouble there. CURT MENEFEE: You would
think working in Colorado, they’d be used to
climbing mountains. They left a little time
on the course there. But they’re up top in
just over a minute. NICK WHITE: They have no
issues going through there. Now we’re heading
to our Door Breach. CURT MENEFEE: Amazing. Rico didn’t go for the ball. He just went right for the knob. Heel it. CURT MENEFEE: Now he’s
got to get the second one. NICK WHITE: Wow. I think this dog might
be able to pick the lock. CURT MENEFEE: They made
up time through there. So right at a minute and a half. The key is to bite and
subdue the suspect, then release on command
and cross the finish line. Stand down! Heel it! CURT MENEFEE: And he’s having
a little trouble releasing. Now he lets it go. And there he is. The clock stops
under two minutes. A good first run here to set
the table in the doghouse. NICK WHITE: Yeah,
really great run. That’s going to
be a really tough time for Officer Van Hemert and
Django to beat here tonight. CURT MENEFEE: This
new partnership started off rocky, but blossomed
into a deep relationship. From California’s Santa
Paula Police Department, it’s Team Django. HEATHER VAN HEMERT: My
name is Heather Van Hemert. I’m a K9 officer with the
Santa Paula Police Department. This is my K9 partner, Django. We’ve been together
for almost two years. With a female and
a male, there’s going to be the bickering that
you have in a relationship. But in the long run, there’s
true affection for each other. I wear the pants in the
relationship, though. When we’re together and
we click, it’s incredible. When you click
together, you win. CURT MENEFEE: This will
determine tonight’s “Top Dog.” On the starting
line is Team Django. They’ve dominated all night
long, winning round one, winning round two. Can they make it
three for three? NICK WHITE: I think
they can, Curt. They’ve had amazing
times, amazing runs. But we’ve seen strong teams
taken out by the dog house before. CURT MENEFEE: All right,
they swept the board so far. Let’s see if they can
clean up and take $10,000 and the title of “Top Dog.” [BEEPING] [BUZZER] This is it. Can youth triumph
over experience? [DOG WHINES] NICK WHITE: Oh, no. Two strikes on the door. CURT MENEFEE: Third
time’s a charm, but it’s also a time waster. NICK WHITE: Seems like
they’re off to a little bit slower start than Team Rico. CURT MENEFEE: Through the
Window and in the Spiderweb. This is their chance
to make up some time. Remember, 1 minute 48
seconds is the time to beat. NICK WHITE: They’re also getting
hung up in the Spiderweb. So they’re not
making up time here. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Go. NICK WHITE: But Officer
Van Hemert comes in with the assist for Django. Great teamwork. CURT MENEFEE: And
remember, Officer Van Hemert’s very athletic,
putting that to use right here on Low Crawl. And on to Boxes Up. NICK WHITE: This is where
Team Rico lost some time. Wow. Django sprints up the
boxes, just like one of their training sessions. CURT MENEFEE: They
made up time there. Into Ductwork at the 1 minute
mark, just ahead of Team Rico. Good boy. NICK WHITE: They’ve got about
40 seconds to finish the course. Oh, yeah. Get it. CURT MENEFEE: Opens
the first door but doesn’t want to let go. Clock’s ticking. NICK WHITE: Slower than
Rico through the doors. We’re down to about 30
seconds left, almost dead even with Team Rico. CURT MENEFEE: So now
the challenge is on. Can they get the
apprehension, release, and get back to the start/finish
line in less than 20 seconds. NICK WHITE: There’s the bite. Django! CURT MENEFEE: About
10 seconds left. Django! CURT MENEFEE: And now
they have to release. He gets back, and he does it! NICK WHITE: Amazing job for
Officer Van Hemert and Django! CURT MENEFEE: Django
is tonight’s “Top Dog.” Domination from start to finish. I’m so proud of him right now. Congratulations, Heather. Thank you so much.

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  2. That's awesome. I love dog's, my friend till t'end " takes 2,3 yrs 2 grieve b4 another tribesmen matriarch, but the animal mastery is, as all thing's equal completely, one could argue, whose senses are keenest? The dog, Wolf has allowed mankind to exist by it's symbiotic assimilation.
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