Buttigieg: This Is The Stuff Of Tin Pot Dictatorships, Not The Presidency | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Buttigieg: This Is The Stuff Of Tin Pot Dictatorships, Not The Presidency | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Buttigieg: This Is The Stuff Of Tin Pot Dictatorships, Not The Presidency | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Mayor Pete for Prez! America needs YOUNGER people and different and NEW perspectives. Sorry Biden, sorry Sanders, but you're old and old school – even for democrats

  2. Obviously, Donald can't read. If he could, he would have read the definition of "treason" and understand that he's throwing that word around incorrectly.

  3. Hope you pull through bernie , best wishes and a speedy recovery ! My apologys to all the children of the 🌎 world but it is true of trump !

  4. People like Pete Buttigieg are the future. He is articulate, bright, well educated, can relate to ordinary people and can speak intelligently to ordinary people.

  5. A Warren/Buttigieg presidency would be a leadership that would be dedicated to improving the lives of everyday Americans and not selling off America in pay for play within every federal governing department.

  6. Hey saint Buttygieg, you are the biggest moron to ever run for president. Quit waisting tax paying dollars and work on S.Bend the town you are paid to look after.

  7. Mayor Pete may not win the 2020 nomination, but he should be one day. Please have him give the key note speech at the convention. He will impress Americans.

  8. Yea, CNN and MSNBC (Maddow) all pushed comments like that for over 2 years during the Russia Collusion investigation and you all saw what kind of a long lying hoax that
    turned out to be. Rachael is probably still trying to dig away all the egg on her face ! Not to mention 2 years of lying, twisting and spinning stories to their viewers took their
    network viewer ratings right down to the bottom of them all – yep literally ON THE BOTTOM of the list and still are there !!! Guess they haven't learned from that yet and are
    still pushing lies and spun stories constantly with no factual proof of their allegations. Key words there are FACTUAL PROOF.

  9. Attn: MSNBC…you tube Andrew Yang…get educated…this man needs to be our leader…I’m a hesitant trump voter who hates Snowflakes…I’m in on Yang in general election

  10. MSNBC needs to put politics aside and give Yang some air time…Attn: Pete THANK YOU! For your service you are inspirational…but Andrew has revolutionary ideas that can save America from the threats of tomorrow

  11. On behalf of the more benign variety of truly tinpot dictator, I feel the need to lodge a formal protest. Many of them lack any discernible fraction of Dotard's Mariana Trench-filling supply of whackjobs and fruit loops who will pick up a machete in their name.

  12. Your name from now on is Pete Buttguy.

    Childish enough for ya, you corporatist, establishment, neoliberal, unprogressive disingenuous hack?

  13. I'd like to say that America's turned into a Banana Republic but that would be an insult to all the legitimate Banana Republic's around the world..

  14. The Russians (and by extension Trump) are winning the disinformation war as well as the placement of useful idiots to do his bidding… all with the help of Trump, the Republican Senate, a dazed and confused electorate, and a base of rabid supporters that repeat the lies and disinformation… it's a Public Relations war and Russia, Trump, and the Republican Senate are winning it. Good governance has become totally displaced by dirty laundry reporting as instigated by the Russians – first in Ukraine, and then in 2016, and now again in 2020.

  15. Everytime I see this guy I think of the British comedy show Mr. Bean. Funny. Actually government officials have no real say I running the country. What did you say was on your shoulder?

  16. So nice to hear an intelligent, thoughtful person express themselves. Wow, it's like a breath of fresh air.

  17. Every news outlet needs to stop repeating intentionally distracting conspiracy stories and replacing that wasted airtime by putting mayor pete on instead. Just listening to the rationale cuts through the bs, identifies the key issues and puts recent events into perspective. Kudos to mayor pete for retaining his ability to remain centered and to share this with the viewing audience.

  18. Buttigieg, who supports abortion up until the moment of birth, said “killing somebody who is defenseless” cannot be justified.
    So Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all serial killers et al would be safe from execution if they were behind bars, or handcuffed.

  19. The more I see and hear this young man talk, the more I think he is fit to be a good president.
    He is so polite, calm and trustworthy even when upset and talking about serious topics.

    As a president you're a team leader and not a drill sergeant.
    If you can pick the right staff and know when to ask for help, 10000 employees, way better in various topics, are ready to help you,

    A person like Buttigieg, I bet could do a 10000 times better job than a person who claims "nobody in the world/US/history has ever…", and never listens to even his own advisors….but just fire those who are not praising him or agreeing whit everything he says.

    So even if Trump is an expert on something…in my example there are still 9999 opportunities he'd run into a brick wall. And so far Mr Trump seems to aim for the brick wall a bit too often, to make America great again. He rather creates a lot of headache.

  20. When a criminal pulls a gun out on you (I pray that never happens) I hope you remember this face and what people like him did to you . Don't be so naive Trump is strong and a winner , who da fak is Pete budacic ?

  21. I believe if Pete Buttigieg were given the chance, he is
    capable of helping America to heal and become better
    than ever. He is young, but mature, brilliant and thoughtful.
    He cares about the issues, and listens to the people.
    He is exactly what we need to get back on track and
    make America respected once again.

  22. From day 1 it was clear that this ghastly man has cluster B NPD and sociopathy. And he will get worse as he finds himself increasingly in the spotlight of truth .

  23. This guy gets off on the importance of the presidency so hard. Hes deifnately going to do executive over reach. No one except soldiers lives depend on the president.

  24. 200 days and counting ref congressional bill sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk. Moscow Mitch refuses to vote on HR 1 which is to
    Strengthen our voting.

  25. WHEN……. the Orange Paramecium is gone from office..
    This Already Great Republic will awaken from a well deserved sleep/rest and once we all open our eyes " in unison as true ,proud Americans the new door we open together, will free us out of the black and white night terror we currently reside in and we,together will step into true color.. Bright vivid hues of normalcy ,love and empathy for our fellow human beings.( think Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when her house lands after that horrific journey..) But this WILL BE FACT NOT FICTION..

  26. Pete Buttigieg is brilliant and articulate, thoughtful and educated, dedicated and earnest. He will be president, if not in 2020, likely in 2024. Please let me live long enough to see that day.

  27. I like Bernie, he's a great patriot, but at 78 these type of health issues happen. I wish him the best, but retirement ain't a bad thing.

  28. I like Buttigieg. I'm still undecided about who I'm going to vote for in the primary, but I KNOW that I want Buttigieg to have an important roll in the next administration. Clarity, ethics, vision and heart.

  29. Pete Buttigieg is the greatest Politician to run for President in American History. I truly love this man and pray that he becomes the 46th President of the United States.


  31. Pete is right. A moat filled with alligators and snakes is not how we protect America, the greatest and most powerful country on this planet. If Trump wants to use those defense mechanisms, maybe he should be in charge of a castle, not the USA.

  32. Is this hole thing….. trump's baby tantrums (Treason's Acts), sell out Moscow mitch (Treason's Acts) , do nothing pelosi, and others… A Horse and Pony Show ? Just to change or ignore laws to enrich them selves enslave the middle class to poor and how are the World Rich ? putin ? Crown prince ? N R Others helping ? :/

  33. "To call his actions childlike is an insult to children"…Zing! We all know that tRUMPski Von Putin has the mentality of a five-year old…no disrespect to actual five-year old kids who I believe are actually smarter than the Orange Hemorrhoid-in-chief.

  34. Universal background checks , only work if private sales without FFL transfer are banned
    AND all firearms are Titled.
    Even LAW ABIDING Citizens will defy this.

  35. First they come for the gays, then they come for the imigrants, then they come for the democrats… when they cone for you there are no more too protect you…

  36. I sincerely hope Bernie feels well enough to get back on the trail soon. But, once he is, I wonder which country Trump will ask to investigate him. Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren are already in his crosshairs because of their popularity, it seems unlikely that Bernie will escape Trump’s new found crusade against “corruption”.

    To Trump corruption doesn’t mean doing anything dishonest or fraudulent – otherwise he’d spend so much time investigating himself, his family, his entire cabinet and his administration that he wouldn’t have time for golf. No, to Trump corruption is daring to oppose him. Treason is not swearing fealty to him. Treachery is not kowtowing to him.

    When will somebody tell Trump what the presidency means. It doesn’t mean “I can do whatever I want.” It doesn’t mean “I have unlimited power.” It doesn’t mean “I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue” (or for daring to approach our southern border either for that matter). It doesn’t mean that the taxpayer fund his golf trips. It doesn’t mean that the taxpayer fund the lavish lifestyle of his family. It doesn’t mean that “we the people” pick up the tab for his sons to travel the globe drumming up business for the Trump Organization. It doesn’t mean inciting civil war if he doesn’t get his own way. It means that Trump “serves” the people – not the other way round. It means that Trump works in the interests of “we the people” not in the interests of his bank balance.

    So, if Trump really wants to root out corruption all of a sudden there’s plenty he can get his dentures into right here without looking abroad. And there are plenty of corrupt people surrounding him without the need to go after those who just happen to be trouncing him in the polls.

  37. Trump's legacy will be crime and corruption, racism hate and ignorance. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  38. Amen Mayor Pete. “Fitness to serve”…….Trump is on drugs. Dilated pupils you can see in photos, constant sniffing, mood swings…..signs of an active drug habit. He used during Apprentice days according to witnesses. Thinks he is not accountable so why would he stop? Please investigate.

  39. The problem with our Democratic party leadership is that they don't sound like Mayor Pete, because they don't think like him, and they don't have solid values like he does.

  40. "The evangelical brother-in-law of Pete Buttigieg called on him to "repent" for using the Bible to justify late-term abortion and claimed the presidential candidate is "weaponizing" Christian teachings to promote a false religion." https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/a-modern-day-pharisee-buttigiegs-evangelical-brother-in-law-urges-him-to-repent-of-abortion-views

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