Building a Nation's Capital: Washington D.C. | The B1M

Building a Nation's Capital: Washington D.C. | The B1M

39 thoughts on “Building a Nation's Capital: Washington D.C. | The B1M

  1. When they said "Mary land" I about lost it with laughter, to all Brits out there it's pronounced: Mare-i-lend.

  2. REALLY!!? No mention of Benjamin Banneker at all during the designing of phase of D.C.? I guess we all know why too. 😔

  3. You forgot to mention the White House was built by slaves who's owner took complete credit and payment for.

  4. Ah, Washington D.C.- it was originally supposed to be exactly one hundred square miles, spanning both sides of the Potomac. Then some racist Virginian land thieves in the 1840s stole 1/3 of the District because they wanted slavery to be there again. Congress should give Arlington and Alexandria back to D.C.

  5. You didnt talk about the Virginian side receiving their land back, the acquisition of Georgetown, the Hotel Cairo and the height and setback laws, nor Rock Creek Park…

  6. 7:53 The National Museum of African American History and Culture is an objectively repulsive eyesore, an offence against the architectural beauty that surrounds it. It should be torn down.

  7. 1:54 No he was not, the layout of Paris wasn’t
    made until the second half of the 19th century by Napoleon III, which was quite a bit after D.C was planned or even established.

  8. An incredible city with an inspiring architecture, definitely worth a visit!
    They have good donuts as well, hot Krispy Kreme is simply delicious!

  9. You completely neglected the Blatant SATANISM which is obvious to ALL but the blind . Start with the pentagram . Next , do your own homework David Yikes !

  10. If Lenfant were to have ate his own dog food I.e. drive in DC with a million illegal immigrant aliens issued driver licenses he would have burned his plans at the stake and walled off the city armed with tanks to keep out the corrupt polichickens.

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