Building a Better Future for India / Mohan Bhagwat

Building a Better Future for India / Mohan Bhagwat

We have to learn the paradigms, we have to learn the techniques. We have to learn the ways. Our own way was sufficient for our defense. -Right. But we have to learn the ways of the world. So, in that respect you can be a very helpful person for us. We can educate our people. So, I have already invited you to do that. -Yes, yes. I enjoyed it. -Haan, yes. -I thoroughly enjoyed it. -So, we will work together. -Yes, yes. -And pave the way for our society. And, you know, I want to congratulate you for appointments of young people like Mukund Rao. Young fellow young man, very talented, dynamic, good. So, this kind of fresh blood coming, new people from merit based, obviously he is merit based. He is not seniority based, he is merit based, which is a good sign to bring people like that from various place. -You see, in our methodology, next three batches are ready. So, the transformation goes on. Sangh is punya sanatan but nitya nutan. It is an old organization with young people. Always! 70% of our workers are below 40, always. That has been maintained since Dr. Hedgewar. This process is going on. Because all this hard work must be shouldered by the young shoulders. So, that process is there continuous. And as I said, to tread the new paths and face new challenges we have prepared the mental makeup, the physical training is necessary. And we require all the help of experience people like you. So, definitely your experience will help. And whatever you want to do further, we will help in that. -Excellent! -We will give you manpower. -Very good! -You give us training. Very good, perfect. I would love to do this. -Yes. -You know, I have been doing this full time for 25 years. And, you know, I am not going to be around forever. I need to find successors, train them, young people. And I want those to be Bharatiyas and Hindus and people from here, swadeshis. And I am fully, I have nothing else to do. Mereko kuchh aur kaam hi nahin hai. This is all I do. -Haan! So, -Isliye, you increase your interactions with, because you have to work with our people, you have to learn our ways also. -Yes, yes, yes. And then you will teach us the ways of the world. That will go on. -I want to also tell you little bit, I have had Infinity Foundation in USA for 25 years. Now we have created for the last three years Infinity Foundation India. It is proper 80G, 12A, we can get donations, tax deductions. And we want the India foundation to be India self-sufficient. It should not be funded from somewhere. It should be by Indian people. That is how it is self-sustaining, it will last forever. And, you know, we are taking… when we take one issue, we have swadeshi Indology conferences. And young scholars, brilliant with good training, you know, in the traditional methods, we teach them western arguments, how to argue. So, for instance, there is a world Sanskrit conference in the Vancouver and four five of our people are there presenting papers. for the first time arguing, some of them standing up and refuting with confidence. Otherwise the whole study of Sanskrit was controlled from somewhere else. So, now our people are confident and we are going to train lots of them. So, what we are also doing is, for each Western siddhanta, if you call it, western siddhanta, opposing point of view, we do two three conferences and get large number of our people merit based to write papers. We give them stipend, we fund them, some of them we fund for the whole year. And then we produce the right academic books. So, I want to gift you some books. -Oh! Thank you! -Now, this is going to be a series of eight books on only one topic. One school of thought of the west, we are refuting. To that refutation now has eight volumes out of which four have been printed. So, this volume, this volume refutes the western thesis that Sanskrit is dead. And it also refutes the western thesis that Sanskrit influenced the Nazi holocaust. Haan, just because Hitler used the Swastika. It is like our fault that he used Sanskrit ideas and all that. So, this is written by lots of scholars. With that, that’s the goal. That’s the goal. -Western Indology. -This is a volume which criticizes westerners who have done a lot of work on Rasa. Now, we feel very happy ki Rasa is talking like that. While lot of good, accurate translations, but inside there is a different agenda. And so the idea that removing the spirituality and putting it that okay, these were male dominated people, human rights violations against women, against minorities is part of the theatre and Rasa and lifestyle, that has been coming on. So, this is again a group of people who have, our swadeshi people. -Haan! -So, this is, all of them India based. We are training that. Because next generation has to be here. This is criticizing the distortions about Ramayana that westerners have done. Lot of criticism about Ramayana and Sita and Ram doing this that, what not all kind of stuff. This is a monograph responding to that. Again, a young woman, you know, -Haan. -In India. -Manjushree Hegde. She has written this. This is, the west has done a lot of criticism about Shastra. That Shastra contains problems according to them. According to us it is the biggest asset, but according to them what you have to do is, study the Shastra to look for, you know, from a Marxist angle. What is the, what these guys were doing, why they were doing this, trying to debunk our traditions from the Shastras. So, this is a response to that again by a large group of our swadeshi Indologists. So, this is what I would like to present you. -Oh! Thank you very much. -Now, like this we have done another series of conferences on the Aryan Dravidian divide we are debunking and we are producing books on that. And now we are going to do another series of conferences on the Sarasvati River bringing in the best scholars from everywhere in all the different disciplines and producing academic grade books. Now these books are going to go, they are going to influence NCERT, trickle down. -Yes. We want these books to influence the exams for these UPSC exams. And these books we want to have available in the international discourse about our tradition. So, anyone doing serious research, whether he is a journalist or whether he is a PhD scholar, if he is touching on a topic about us, he has to read our point of view. Because this is written at a very high standard. The standard is so high there is no, the English is perfect, the references, the way the, the whole book is of a world class academic standard. So, this is what we are doing. So, the other people merely winning for our absence by our absence, -Yes. -That will not be now. -Now. And sometimes they have actually appropriated and co-opted our people, bought them off. I call them Sepoys. They are the modern Sepoys. -Yes. -Pahle Sepoys the… with carrying guns. Now, these Sepoys are like a lot of Marxist and all that. -Intellectual sepoys. -Intellectual Sepoys. So, we are considering those also as part of the problem we have to refute. -yes. -So, you will be happy to know that in last week Conference in Vancouver on Sanskrit, people from all kind of people, places were selected to come. So, there were some of our intellectual Sepoys there also. Our team took them on. Took them on and I was very happy. Young people took on the intellectual Sepoys and gave them good response from our point of view. We want to encourage that. -Yes. So, we will work together for this. Definitely! -So, what I would like is we would like to, when the eight volumes are done, we want to send you a large collection of these eight volumes as a gift that who you think should be having them in the Sangh parivar. -Yes. -Which are the institutions, which are the leaders, which are the libraries where these things should be part of the thought process. And we would also like to encourage our young people by giving them a tour. We will take our swadeshi scholars, who have written this. -Yes. They will also feel proud. -Yes. -They will feel that, you know, our people are respecting us. -Rating us. -Haan. It is not only some videshi guy coming and getting all the recognition. We are also important. And so, we will go to as many places you will feel we should go, take that group and tour. And video tape it and give them good promotion that, you know, you guys have done a good job. -Our people working in the field of historical research. -Yes. They will be very happy to cooperate with you -Yes. -in this respect. -Yes. -And we will go to many universities and many learned people, -Yes. -And you can present these. -yes. eight volumes together. -Yes, yes. So, the other four volumes I think, by the end of this year we should have another two or three of them. By early next year, we will have all eight. -Yes. Then we will arrange the tour. -Yes. My next book is called the Indian Grand Narrative. The Mahakahani of India. It’s not only history, but also values, lifestyle, struggles. Videshi Indology to be countered by swadeshi Indology. Swadeshi Muslims we have to bring in. That is part of the discourse. So, I am doing this book. -Good. -And when it’s ready I would love to discuss with you and have you release it also. We will have a function somewhere in RSS. -I will like that. -Haan? It will be good. -Oh, yes. -Because, you know, this is my whole life and I want to meet as many likeminded people of any kind, -Yes. -and work together. -Yes. Yes, yes, we will. Definitely! And it will help everything. Thank you! -Thank you very much. It’s been a pleasure. Haan! Thank you.

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  2. the so called cooperation happening so late…like the best military person only given highest honor in his death bed..and after 10 years BJP will cooperate explicitly…problem with hindus…

  3. Swatika was sign on christians till 3rd century. I was reading a book yesterday critical to Christians/Bible and found it no where else. Purity of Christianity = SWastika.

  4. @10:05 This "Swadeshi Muslim" thing is Total waste of Time, Energy & Money. there is no concept of Nationalism in Islam..The Bitter truth is , If a person is a practicing Muslim, he will value Allah, Islam, Mohammad & Saudi Arabia more than his own mother (forget about country) this is a fact. .. PLEASE UNDERSTAND WHEN MUSLIM SAYS HE/SHE LOVES BHARAT, IT DOESN'T MEAN HE/SHE REALLY LOVES IT. THEY ARE JUST DOING AL-TAQYA..Show me 1 Muslim majority place in India where Hindus practice their religion freely (Non of these Muslim majority area Muslims are "swadeshi")..they only do this swadeshi drama when they are in minority.

  5. Practice of dharma by RSS is well known. SATYA being the other side of the coin follows. Hinduism initially and all religions emanated are based on SATYA which is the Thatwam…Brahmam, paramatma or God depending on different approaches. Thinking or meditating on that starts the Spirituality to which religion should grow. This may be practised and propagated as values are lost for want of spirituality in daily life of most of our population.

  6. See How Rajiv Ji reaching out (even at this old age, I'd say he is still a youth 🙂 ) every one across India. Thanks and Big Pranams ..

  7. We need multiple ancient Nalanda type universities in India, who are rooted in our ancient much needed Vedic studies. Radical leftist education system has destroyed our India.

  8. Simply brilliant discourse-USP of Infinity Foundation. Like the term 'Intellectual Sepoys' of colonized-leftist Indians on the pay role of foreign funds to produce atrocity literature against their own country. Most of them have already been exposed like Rajiv Sardesai, his wife Sagarika Ghosh, INC luminaries led by Chidambaram, Shashi Tharoor, Barkha Dutt, NDTV per se, Ravish Kumar, some faculty members from JNU, DU, award winning writers, social activists like Kavita in limelight and so on. Infinity may please provide link to the conference on Sanskrit at Vancouver where our desi sepoys demolished the 'Intellectual Sepoys'

  9. Dear Rajiv ji, one humble request, please understand RSS from inside. I wish you attend some shiksha varga as a guest via Sangh Parichaya. I just have a feeling that you are underestimating the depth of RSS thought process and systems. Your body of work is enormous and sometimes it is therefore a bottleneck while estimating the importance of others. Especially RSS structure is like none in the world. Its almost impossible to appreciate it without involving at least a bit. Let your ego not come in between great possibilities. I truly respect and appreciate your efforts. I do whatever best I can, to contribute. Please consider it as a healthy feedback.

  10. The children of Abraham are stubborn. They believe their Qu’ran and Gospels are divine like the Vedas. How can they be countered and bring about the Saffron Revolution and purify India and terror Bharat?? The West (which includes Islam IMO) is a deadly foe, a formidable enemy. Why not ally with China instead? Indian and Han Chinese civilization has never come into conflict, China has never colonized India like the Christian British or invaded like the Muslim Mughals.

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  12. A very good initiative. We need to free ourselves from intellectual imperialism and take back the control of our narrative. This is the Dharma for every Arjun of 21st century.

  13. The collaboration of Infinity Foundation and RSS would definitely bring a drastic change by adding new values in the education system of India. The tireless work Shri.Rajiv ji has undertaken for many years has finally reached to the right people. RSS would take forward the work with Rajiv ji's guidance to new heights. Shri Rajiv ji can always feel satisfied that he has inculcated a better thinking process to many intellectual youngsters over these years

  14. Sir u have said bout our indologist confronting intellectual sepoys ….i really want to see the video …
    And also i would like to read those books … Namaskaram

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  16. Through such posts, now most Hindus across the Globe will find out the facts about RSS as an organization. Till now leftists politicians and sold-out media have always shown n projected RSS as the most conservative, biased and racist. Thanks a lot for sharing this talk.

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  20. RSS Vidyabharati is a good project by RSS but is not promoted. It doesn't even have a good website to compete against kindergarten, nursery and Montessori.
    When I wanted to put my kid I was searching for the information and I dint get any information on net.
    We need to educate young kids because this the best time to introduce the values to them.

  21. Really happy to see these 2 organizations coming together. Not personally linked with the RSS, but do admire their people.

  22. sir punya sanathan but nithya nuthan a nice concept, but is it true
    1) one example – Andhra Pradesh, RSS and bjp helped a anti india breaking india aliegned forces to come to power
    2) Net result, an economicaly thriving and peaceful state today is a big ? ,
    3) As far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned Rss and bjp are also aligning with anti india forces for their narrow political gain!
    4) let RSS and bjp prove other wise

  23. Rajiv ji, unfortunately this person has only Gandhi to give us, we need only to tolerate this political mafiaso idiot, to fill Gandhi dirt among your better narrative. That is his price, and sole purpose.

  24. I m glad to see RRS & INFINITY working together for the betterment of Sanatan dharm & our Great culture ♥️🙏

  25. Rajiv Ji Please don't Mind . But Please Write Down All The Knowledge You Have. Because You Have Enemies. And The Coming Generation Should Have Everything Available. And can't be manipulated.

  26. Put aside this banter, and focus on the key issue: can islam be neutered if we can have all the supremacist hateful neo-political violence-inciting parts expunged from the koran?

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  28. Dear Rajivji, plz verify the RSS chief doesn't subscribe to the upanishadic Mahavakyas. Tatvamasi may be Atatvamasi for him!

  29. Great going…
    Wonderful meeting of great legends…
    We are really excited to see you both again and again..

  30. RSS is necessary in the face of Islamic Imperialism in the Indian subcontinent: looting, genocide of 80 million, forced conversions, occupying, enslaving, destroying 40,000 temples.

  31. Bhagwat Ji, very articulate, very informative. Inspiring figure.

    #Shastrarth #Hindutva #HHR #gurus #Saffronize #Sanskrit #Kurukshetra #SwadeshiIndology #RSS

  32. Sanskrit should be established as a national lingua franca rather than Hindi. This will cement India like Israel. Hebrew was made national lingua franca, we see the empowerment it induced in people. Sanskrit is as good as Hebrew.

  33. Jai sanatan Dharma Rashtra Bharat 🚩..Jai Aai Bhavani 🚩 🕉.Jai Shivaji Maharaj 🚩
    Save culture and Hindu.
    Culture our bravery,unity and happiness.

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  35. We need more and more numbers of intellectuals to counter liberals and letist,they are doing a great damage and brainwashing on our young generation.They keep comparing RSS with JeM and we are still not doing anything to stop it.

  36. Not every Hindu swamiji is right.. please don't give publicity to people like Nithyananda in turn spoiling your name yourself

  37. There are no retail outlets where Rajivjis books are available and these need to be increased ,in fact I find that misleading books of Devdutt Patnaik are so widely distributed that they are there on all railway,airport and bus stations,not to mention all Crossword branches,something needs to be in this regard

  38. Question us westernized mind, communist, Marxist, etc etc.. We are finally ready with answers.. Thanks to Rajiv sir and Satyarth prakash and other publishers from South India, Maharashtra, assam who made those books available as well as translated them which truly introduced us to our cultural existence..
    From history, to cultural symbolism, from ideologies to concerns..
    We have answers..
    At the same time, we have questions too, if we ask questions, don't get offended by calling us intolerant..
    Jai Hind
    Vande Maratam

  39. But what about leftists strong agenda of portyaing Hinduism as anti poor and only exploiting to those who were poors like shudras? Rajiv ji this is the agenda which needs to be debunked with a perfect answer to it and I believe that it can be done only by you

  40. Bhagwatji is very humble & down to earth . He told one important thing that next 3 generations are ready . People can imagine how far RSS thinks .

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