Brooklyn's Volunteer Ambulance Service

Brooklyn's Volunteer Ambulance Service

35 thoughts on “Brooklyn's Volunteer Ambulance Service

  1. Shame nyc health department shut down this place, lookin foward to meeting the people who started this program too

  2. Yes much respect. You all are genuine people .This is beyond awesome. .I wanted to tear up..As a former New Yorker .You will never see or find people like you in anyway where I now reside. I would love to meet pops and son and crew and your whole operation. TRUE HEROS.And oh ya GREAT DOCUMENTRY

  3. These people are my new Hero's Antwan is the man he knows his stuff would love to ride along with him any day to any call

  4. The sirens wake me up every night even i live on a street not close to the intersection its so bad even its green the light no cars loud like he is in traffic disgusting

  5. Hehe… "Throw your hand in the air, put the other one in yar underwear, say 'Ooh! I like It'" Original! I didn't see that one coming. 

  6. yeah, I've had cops try to intimidate me by attempting to shoot my dog, I charged the gun, it's just the way I'm wired

  7. the guy @ 8:40 should be a rapper is he isn't already 😀 MC Instructor! But seriously cool thing much respect!

  8. Fuck you America. I don't get it. Most richest and advanced country in the world does shit like that. I'm Lithuanian, you go to E. R it's free you go to see doctor it's free. Wtf is wrong with you USA? putting price on someone's wellbeing. You pay taxes! So expect something back for that

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