Broken Society | Powerful Motivational Video

Broken Society | Powerful Motivational Video

I believe that the way we define success is fundamentally broken in human society we are spending way too much money way too much time on putting money on a pedestal and way little amount of time and energy into putting happiness on a pedestal generations gave up their spark in exchange for richness I did all the things right you tell me what success looks like and I'll do it you tell me it's a good school and I'll go there you tell me it's a good job and I'll do that you tell me it's leadership and management and trainings and certifications you tell me it's leverage and scale and impact and changing the world and I'll do all of that you tell me it's saving for retirement and drinking filtered water and eating kale it's being healthy enough and active enough and spiritual enough and conscious enough and compassionate and humble enough I will do whatever it takes to feel like enough there's nothing wrong with any of those things in and of themselves but in my case they gave me a validation that I depended on I needed it from the first time I got that first a and the teacher said good job I was hooked I understood the game and I was going to win the problem was the more approval I got the more I needed I used to be a guy who would always chase the next thing the next thing the next thing and then the next thing because there's always the next thing right and there was always about who is ahead of me we are all now affected by the last 10 to 15 years of entrepreneurship and when we look at stories like Facebook or WeChat or uber away bow we see these extreme monstrous successes and they cloud the fact that for the 15 companies that actually got to billions in revenue and actually run actual businesses not predicated on venture capital there's 80 trillion businesses didn't and we spend all our times fascinated on these enormous victories without spending our time on practicality do adults have peer pressure Oh baby oh baby yeah see what you're wearing I gotta wear it I see the fashion you got I better get it you got a cool car I need a cool car the amount of millionaires people that make millions ten millions hundreds of millions of dollars a year that I know that are disproportionately unhappy is staggering and I really really really am passionate about getting a conversation into the ecosystem of like what are you at like why are you here like why are you actually here today what are you trying to accomplish and and do you have enough self awareness and understanding about yourself to know what you're trying to achieve because I promise you over this last decade interacting with people at scale publicly and privately what's very obvious to me is that an enormous amount of people are trying to get success to put makeup around their actual insecurities and they're spending all their time trying to make money to hide what's actually happening they're trying to prove something to somebody else not to themselves and no level of you finding a path to making money is going to solve that issue everybody's biggest beautiful secret right this second is the jail of their happiness a hundred percent you know but a lot of people don't even realize that's happening they think that's protecting them and so this becomes a monster game of judgment it all led to one big game of insecurity the reason a lot of people here don't post every single day is because they're worried about the judgment in the comments section of what they post the one quality about the great ones entrepreneurs they are so shameless they don't care about what you think they're not concerned about the opinion of others they're not concerned about whether you think they're doing the right thing or not they don't sit there dwelling on your thoughts they don't they sit there dwelling on their vision their crusade the bigger picture of what they want to do now why would another people – well it's not fair failure because if no one sees it so no one would know you failed because no one thought it's not like you're everyone's waiting for you to have this giant pratfall it's the fear of fear of failure what we are afraid of is having to admit to ourselves that we did something that didn't work that we think that that is when the universe will call us out is the fraud that we know we are the quality I want to talk to you about is very simple you see the great ones embrace this but there's a reason why most have a very hard time with this most people are very very concerned about being embarrassed being humiliated failing other people saying you were a failure you couldn't do it I told you so they struggle with those things that is tough with them so because of that they play life very very like I don't care what you want you can have anything you want I don't want to be the entrepreneurs entrepreneur hustle is the only way I'm not looking to impose my lifestyle on anybody it's just important for people to understand that complaining has no value and if you complain about not having enough money work more if you complain about not having work-life balance spend more time on vacationing and your family it's super simple let your actions dictate instead of sitting there and feeling like you're not in control it's about who complaints yeah you can have anything not everybody's meant to make a million dollars not everybody should want that five friends that make tens of millions of dollars because I come from Silicon Valley culture who complain about not spending time with their kids and I yell at them in the reverse way and say you're full of crap of unlimited resources don't cry to me you're trying to pander and position yourself as a good guy go spend time with a kid and so you know to me I think it's amazing to take the whole month of August off in Europe I think that's amazing work-life balance and for many people that's the right advice if you're content and you make fifty five thousand euros a year and you have all of August off and you're part of the dart team and you spend tons of time with your kids and your content and you do not complain well then you're a hero to me the only reason you should be at this conference at all is for you to find a path to being content and happy not to make an arbitrary amount of money the reverse gap is basically most of the people think about how there is a future and that's where we always try to go but as a kid we are taught that you will never reach the horizon because horizon is just a mental construct is actually not the truth there is nothing like horizon right there is no end to the world because a circle right so there's no horizon that you reach but it's a mental construct that same with goals goals are constructs of our mind and actually not true you can move it closer for whatever you want because it's just a mental construct it's not not the truth it's actually not there right but when you compare yourself to the goal you always feel that you're behind but if you can if you if you see yourself from where you were versus where you are you're always in a state of gratefulness right wherever you were three months ago or three years ago two months ago two years ago whatever you want to compare yourself to your always forward but if you always compare yourself to where you want to go you are always behind and you're always demotivated where else if you compare yourself to where you were you're always motivated and you're always empowered that let's not there is a goal yes it's not that I don't have a goal but at the same point of time I am not so tied to it that it be motivates me what makes me excited is where I have come how far I have what I have achieved but what also changed after that is I realized that if I don't care about my goal if I actually forget about my goal I actually get my goals faster you sit in this room and you have time you have time if you're 70 80 90 of time if you're 15 you have time but to sit and list all the reasons you can't it's just here's how I look at it if anybody that looks like you has ever done it then you can to find what you're looking for I've been giving a lot of thought to kind of just watching what I'm seeing out there in the social digital ecosystem and very honestly just real life and I'm watching so many people over the last two to three years look for negativity look for something that's wrong find where people disagree with them fight look for what was me downside to half glass empty and and then I go to a Twitter search or look around the world and I find ridiculously beautiful things every day every day thousands of kind acts randomly by people all people that I have conversations with who see the opportunities whether it's in business like voice and AR or crypto or whatever it may be just this amazingly interesting thing that I feel the majority of you are looking for the wrong while there's a plenty of wrong and plenty of right in the world it comes down to one very simple thing what are you choosing to look for because I promise you if you right now and I'm making this video for one reason 24 hours of trying to find the good somebody saves a kid somebody opens the door somebody does a nice thing for you bit somebody says thank you 24 hours of looking for positivity could change your life honestly making this for one person what one person watches this video chooses to do 24 hours of looking for good instead of looking for bad and their game changes d-roc heard somebody at a convenience store saying mom you're always so negative you're always so negative I am blown away by the fact that life gets real simple if you break down into this are you looking for the negative this sucks this government sucks this person sucks this is are you looking for the positive she's nice that's remarkable I've got this opportunity you choose what you're looking for because what you look for you find that's how life works you

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  1. "Entrepreneurship is on a pedestal; everyone wants to be one. Here's the truth, it sucks. Entrepreneurship is hard and almost everyone loses. " Gary Vaynerchuck

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