Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It in People (Full Album)

Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It in People (Full Album)

32 thoughts on “Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It in People (Full Album)

  1. This album is amazing but I almost can't stand to listen to it anymore. So many people and moments all lost with nothing but a handful of albums to remind me of it all.
    This album specifically reminds me of cigarettes late at night, somber conversations, and a miserable relationship. But also the loving brother who bought it for me.

  2. Man I remember this album when it came out. Blew my mind first listen I was like "this is something I've never really heard before" and its true. Phenomenal record. One of a kind. God bless

  3. So Pitter Patter Goes My Heart is really just a reprisal of the instrumental from Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl. Interesting.

  4. This is one of those towering indie classics from the early 2000s, which, along with The Wrens' Meadowlands, Interpol's Turn On the Bright Lights, or Spoon's Kill the Moonlight just sound huge and gorgeous and masterful.

  5. It's really cool to read all the other comments about how much this record means to people. It takes me back to a time of driving around in the summertime smoking joints without a care in the world.

  6. This album has an outsized importance in my life. I remember first hearing Looks Just Like the Sun on some long forgotten "internet radio" station. I try to eschew nostalgia, but this album for me is like Joshua Tree was for the previous generation.

  7. I was 3 years old and i stumbled into my brother's room while he was in a smoke sesh and this was playing, i was Monkey High so i love this album

  8. Such a truly monumental record. Has everything I love about music packed into 13 tracks. BSS manage to prove here that disparate elements and a lot of cooks in the kitchen can actually be an advantage. Here it seems, they were taking every idea and giving it a chance to bloom with a reckless, inspired abandon– the point is, there's a vision that coalesces as this album unfolds and with this many major personalities in the studio, that's feat in and of itself. That the songs are thrilling, vibrant, emotional, catchy, breezy, and intelligent as well — that's the indelible icing on the cake. You Forgot It In People will always be close to my heart.

  9. Voted No.1
    The must have album by College Radio Broadcasting across the free World and the next ~

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