British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

An amazing new video is gone viral on social
media posted by the Twitter account politics, Joe underscore U K and in this video, Britains
were asked how much they think American citizens pay for certain kinds of healthcare. You know,
certain services at the hospital or at the doctor or certain medications. And all of
them were shocked at how badly American citizens are getting screwed with our healthcare system.
Here’s a brief sniff a snippet from this video. Take a look. So two EpiPens. How much do you reckon they
are? $80. $600. $40? I’m afraid not. More? More. A hundred dollars? $150? More. $250
More. Shut the fridge. 300 pounds. $600? What? Why? That’s a very good question. $600 yeah. For me it’s more like just hives and shortness
of breath. So it wouldn’t be like an immediate death situation. But like, so I’ve been fortunate
about how to use it, but it’s something like, keep on me. Like I have my backpack right
now. I have it on me. Cost of childbirth. She’s um, 50 grand, something ridiculous.
Now I’ve blown it. I’ve blown the figures up in your head. And I have an odd cause they’re
large. It’s the highest generally speaking. About 30 grand. Okay. Okay. Reasonable, reasonable.
It’s so, it’s just like now I’m like a what? A benchmark. A hundred $200. Yeah. Uh, the average is about
10 grand. It can go up to 30,000. 10 Grand for a baby? An inhaler. $100. Yeah, you’re
pretty close. It’s a bit more $120? $250 – $350? For an inhaler. Yes. So if you’re poor, you’re
dead. I believe the young woman said it best when
she said, so if you’re poor, your dead, which is pretty much how the United States system
of healthcare operates today. If you’re poor, you’re dead. Her little soundbite, right?
There needs to be a campaign video, but only for the politicians who are actually pushing
universal healthcare. Medicare for all single payer plans. Not for your Medicare, for all
who wanted people, but for your Bernie Sanders types. If you’re poor, you’re dead. And that’s
not an overstatement. That’s not hyperbole. That’s what’s happening in the United States
today. People are having to ration their medicine. They’re having to hop the border both North
and South to go to be able to afford medications to stockpile it so that they can actually
afford it. And again, this is a uniquely American occurrence. Other countries do not pay the
markups that we pay here in the United States. Their governments negotiate drug prices. We
don’t because we’ve made it to where we can’t. We have promised drug companies that we’re
not going to do that because those drug companies are the ones who fund most of our politicians.
The healthcare industry funds them to the insurance industry funds them to the hospital
corporation. Every part of the healthcare system has their dirty little fingers on at
least one politician making these rules, allowing these companies to continue to gouge us at
the point of service. This has to stop and the only way to stop it is Medicare for all.
Not all who want it? Medicare for all period. End of policy. That’s the only way. And you
can’t phase it in either. I’m sorry you can’t. I do like Elizabeth Warren, but her, let’s
take our time. Put her feet up, just gradually get to Medicare for all. Nope, that’s not
good. That’s not good enough. People will still die. So let’s Institute a plan that,
yeah, guess what folks? It’s going to be a little painful at first. It’s gonna be a little
hard to figure out in the first couple of weeks and after that, everything should be
okay. Change is hard sometimes, but not as hard as losing a loved one because they couldn’t
afford their insulin. Which would you rather have a couple of weeks of confusion about
healthcare or sticking someone you love in the ground because of the price gouging from
big pharma.

100 thoughts on “British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

  1. For those of you who don't know, the republicans want to engineer our society to such an extent that "If you're not working, you'll die from lack of healthcare." They don't want medicare, medicaid, the ACA, social security, or unemployment insurance; no, they want to have us by the balls so that non-conformity to their ideal means starvation, disease, and death. I got that from a Newt Gingrich slip of the tongue.

  2. Exactly, why capitalism should never have been part of healthcare. Exactly the reason I sit here under employed and in poverty, because I cannot afford the 20k for a surgery I need for a hernia, and the state refuses to help until it's life threatening. Sickening

  3. Thank god for our Medicare system in Australia. We also pay nothing for basic and essential healthcare. Also we have whats called a PBS, pharmaceutical benefit scheme, where most drugs and medication is subsidised by the govt very heavily so our prices on meds are very low.

  4. I remember 10 years ago my wife's insurance made an error on her fast acting insulin. I was going to buy her a vial to get her through the month. They wanted $300 plus for one vial.

  5. How can America claim to be anything other than Third world Country when the phrase if you're poor you're dead is so apt??

  6. I’m a black Brit lady that had no family and born with sickle cell anaemia. I am a toxicologist and I nursed for 18 years to give back to the NHS that saves my life every day. I watched David Packman explain that he had appendicitis and it cost over 27,000 dollars. I burst into tears. I’m under 7 consultants. Even my toothpaste is prescribed. The care I receive is beyond amazing that’s why I have been able to live and not just exist. I’m going through intensive medical and surgical treatments right now but because my abilities physically have changed therefore I can’t nurse again and SCA being an autoimmune disorder I can’t work in a toxicology lab ever again, l start teacher training next year. So even if I can’t weight bare I can still go to work on crutches. The police would bring the homeless in or they would walk into A+E ( the emergency room ) and we wouldn’t blink twice about treating them. I’ve even gone the extra mile and bought nighties and pyjamas for patients. I say all this because I’m so proud of the NHS and quite astonished the in this matter the USA is more backward than quotiently poorer countries. How these people can make Godlike decisions without Godlike powers are beyond me. You will never be able to overhaul a huge system even if you devote your whole life to doing that and you live till your 1,000 years old. I say this because to me Americans systematically dislike each other. I’ve never seen anything like. The attitude of if you don’t agree with me then you hate me and vice versa. It’s therefore inherently obvious that nothing will change because the beliefs, the attitudes, the empathy haven’t been addressed as a nation. Anything done with the best intentions in the world will will only be putting a temporary plaster on a wound that needs to opened up more, debrided, cleaned out sutured and then dressed.

  7. My example of dental work in US and Czech: Rentgen and cleaning. 500 USD versus 0 CZK. Dental bridge 10 000 USD versus 50 CZK – my doctor did not find any reason to make such a diagnoses. So my pay was 0 CZK. US system is screwed and doctors are not to help but to make money.

  8. NO! The ONLY way to stop this SHIT, is to completely rebuild from the ground up our campaign finance laws. Blow them all up and start over.

  9. Americans love the fact that those they can deem their lesser suffer. That's why they love Jesus and Jerry Springer.

  10. It is literally cheaper to die and have your family pay for your funeral than it is for an American who takes chronic medications to live in a matter of years
    *I'm an American on medications

  11. if your still doubting your healthcare is terrible, your country (referring to Americans) ranks above only a hand full of countries a few in Africa that can't really afford it despite they are trying and North Korea only because we know nothing about it but I bet it's far worse. everywhere else in the world (including China, Iran, and Russia) Universal Healthcare (or some form of it) is a basic human right not a privilege. I may pay more in taxes but I don't have to sport a medical bill almost that of a new car. If the Government of Canada wishes to continue to receive those funds it's better to keep the population alive than suddenly stop receiving because they died. America your Government needs to engage it's brain (tall order for trump but I'm not holding my breath) and get out of the stone age.

  12. This is unbelievable! All about money. I remember when I had no money being treated like a shit in hospitals and by doctors.
    Now I’m well respected, cause I allow medical people reap me off, take lot of my money.

  13. This should be viral but sadly here in the UK it is still being slept on. I've tried to share it as much as possible but so many people are blinkered

  14. Who is making a profit from the healthcare system in America? pharmaceutical or the government????? If America is a poor nation would be understandable but America is not. Americans need to get rip from the present government now and re-elect new government for the people and by the people which does not dictate by the rich and powerful people.

  15. Yep it seems that to be poor in the good old USA is not great especially if you get sick. If you are poor then best not get sick because its better off to be dead. So sad America, who on earth would want to go and live there?

  16. Way back when I decided to emigrate, the US was never on my radar. Because I grew up in a system where if you paid taxes your health care came with no fee. I did emigrate to a country with the same system, yes there are waits but, it doesn’t bankrupt me. Also, the paranoid mind set that sees people gunned up simply doesn’t exit in my adopted country and, in fact not even where I came from. US, your not that great really..

  17. What?!?! That's insane. All my prescriptions are free but even if you pay for press they're only £8.50 or something like that. I love our NHS.

  18. I always wandering what is the fuss is all about with US medical issues. Now I know. 30k US dollar for a baby? Is this real? Thats crazyyyyyy… thank god I live where I live now.

  19. Why does the most powerful nation on the planet not have the state-of-the-art universal health care? As a Canadian, I’ve lived all my life baffled by what happens to my US brothers and sisters a few kilometers to the south of us. That said, there’s little doubt, and significant evidence, that the present White House finds Canada’s universal health care repulsive. Isn’t that why the White House goes to extreme measures to misrepresent universal health care as a failure? If things proceed in the direction things are going, the next logical step is to ensure Canada’s universal care will fail? After all, wouldn’t a failed universal health care system a few miles north prove the White House . . . right?

  20. that same "if you''re poor you're dead" philosophy also applies to the us legal system . . . .hence the world's largest gulag of prisoners. the us; home of the rich, who just can;'t resist murdering their way across the globe. . . .hey, if its good for the poor back home, why not apply the same logic to the middle east.

  21. Health care in America is the biggest ripoff on planet earth ,,, it’s either pay or die .
    It’s amazing how poor countries can offer free healthcare while the richest country on earth fucks it’s citizens financially in hospitals

  22. Oh wow! Our medical care in our country is covered by our government and it's free just like the UK. Honestly we look at America as being a fucked up country. Still dealing with issues from hundreds of years ago with a massive problems with gun and drug violence, corrupt law enforcement and ineffective educational system. So much for your constitution rights and fighting for FREEDOM

  23. Yeah no it would take a year to be fully implemented. Making data banks for the government to circulate patient, building government offices, having government systems installed on their network, etc. It would probably take another year for all the legal and other issues come in. This is why I really think the USA doesn't have healthcare. If their is healthcare for all then is abortion under that? We all know what that conversation goes.


  25. Here in Europe, medicine prices are regulated by the government. In the USA, the government is regulated by the drug companies. Medicare for all is good and necessary, but those medicine prices need to drop too, or you would still pay too much.

  26. I was stung by a jellyfish in Mexico and had a nasty allergic reaction.
    My Doctor prescribed medication cost me less than $3.00 USD.

  27. If you're poor, you have absolutely no say in how much they can charge you for any product, medical or otherwise, but especially medical because you can't just lay down and die. My wife once asked me why would anyone support the Democratic Party because they support those who have not been able to accomplish much in their lives. By reason alone, it would seem that people with money would want support the Republican Party. The truth is (in my opinion), the Republicans have for years through a concerted effort that spans the Nation, been able to use their false narrative to trick enough Poor people to support them so they can enrich their big-money political action groups to continue the ruse. They do it by misdirecting the peoples perceptions to "Fear" issues. Race, birth-and gun control, fear of foreigners, the Deep State, etc.

  28. The U.K. is currently experiencing 6hr waits for ambulances and and up to eight months between a cancer diagnosis and an appointment with a specialist. They are trying to get a bill through to give medical professionals 20-50k bonuses to keep them from leaving the country or going private sector due to shortages. Apparently medical professionals are not willing to work long hours for low wages. They are currently paying 45% income tax and 20% consumption tax on goods. This is what a country of 66.4 million people are experiencing from socialised medicine. People are literally dying on waiting list in the United kingdom and even then they can't sue for malpractice. Protest are going on all over the United kingdom and Australia against tax hikes and medical waiting list. I don't know why the American press isn't covering it and it never comes up in a debate. If the U.K. and Australia are experiencing these outrageous wait times and being taxed half their income for these programs then what would a country of 350 million have to pay and what would the waiting list be? The population of the U.K. and Australia combined is less than 90 million. I'm not really prepared to pay 250% income tax and have a three day wait for an ambulance.

  29. "YOU WILL NOT INSULT our god-given greatest stable geniuses-run country.
    If you don't like it here, LEAVE!"

    LOL LOL Americans like that are self-harming retarded idiots who confuse E.U.'s Liberal Democracy with SOCIALISM. While Americans's UBER crony corporate family dynasties of grandiosely dumb-criminal religious frenetic status-racist SUPER-Billionaires run exploitation-fascism on all of them, just to conspire on BS "GIVING BACK" Philanthropic Charity scams to grow even more numbers of slavish ruthlessly greedy Poor and bankrupted American extremists.

    When you are Poor, NON-White male and NON-Christian, you ARE Dead in "god's America"!

    Amusing, partially, self-harming patent idiot-country leads this World right now.
    And I live in it. How ironic is that.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  30. Americans are not paying these rip-off prices for medical care itself: They're paying for greedy insurance companies to administer their policies! A decent taxpayer funded system is long overdue! Private insurance should be an OPTIONAL EXTRA for elective surgeries & holiday insurance, NOT for life-saving drugs & treatment.

  31. I'm an Australian and I'm not saying this to make my fellow American feel bad.. I love you guys. I'm saying it to make a certain obnoxious orange person feel bad, not that he will because he doesn't give a dam about his beautiful people, but when I walk into a hospital in Australia no matter what is wrong with me our dedicated nurses and doctors will fix me and before I leave make sure I have free scripts of whatever I need and backup care. Money never even enters my mind, we have had this system for ever. The only one individual I have hear in you're election campaigns that really cares and loves his people is Bernie and I wish Australia had someone half as good as him, choose wisely this time, their may never be another like him ever ! God Bless America !

  32. I pay tax, my government issues a pharmaceutical tender annually which decides what drugs will be available and their price point for the coming year. I have to wait for knee surgery if I hurt my knee skiing but the upside is if I have cancer I don't have to get a second mortgage, If I have a heart attack I get the same level of emergency care that the Prime Minister would get, If I break my arm my X-rays and ER costs are NIL – not thousands. Is it REALLY so bad to pay tax and have healthcare as a UNIVERSAL RIGHT rather than an employment perk or something only the well off can comfortably deal with? We have private insurance as well for people with Ski injuries but in essence ALL of us pay the tax and levy so NONE of us need have our lives ruined over the cost of seeing a doctor or an unexpected trip to the ER. Australia …. we have our problems but thankfully getting sick isn't one of them.

  33. Love your attitude – but we have to make this work, can't afford the screw ups of applying for Obama care. Trying to turn this boat around in two weeks is questionable. It also assumes that there will be this immediate consensus in the Congress. Roosevelt didn't implement Social Security in two weeks. It will be much easier for the right to sabotage this kind of time line. I like Bernie and will support him if he is the nominee, but some of his supporters seem to treat him like the man on the white horse – or white donkey – who can pass stuff by fiat is he is elected.

  34. Yes, poor people in the Untied States have the choice of indulging in one emergency room trip and losing their house, or just not go to the ER and hope they don't die. I knew a man who, upon discovering that he had terminal cancer, hung himself in his garage so his family would not ultimately lose their house to hospital lawyers. And rich Republican politicians…you know…the best ones money can buy…don't care if Americans die for lack of healthcare because Republicans are the (HAHA) "patriotic, family values" party. Lucky us, huh?

  35. I can't understand how the American people accept this, you have countries that are considered the most undemocratic and most corrupt in the world where you can still show up at a hospital and get treatment for little to nothing at all.and yet the supposed best country in the world can't wrap their head around it

  36. Saline price comparison

    Australia (source: Paramedic in charge of restocking)
    1 box of 12 bags of 1litre saline costs $13AUD ($8.89USD).

    USA (source: NY Times article by Nina Bernstein form 2013)
    $546USD for six liters of saline (although prices varied wildly)

    Saline is salt water

  37. The government does not screw Americans, THEY SCREW themselves… Donald Trump is still arround 40% approval rating and nowhere near being removed by the senate. SO DONT BLAME THE SYSTEM, BLAME YOURSELVES, YOU LOVE YOUR GUNS MORE THAN YOUR CHILDREN. You are no beacon of light since many decades ago, you are just a bunch of entitled masochistic sad lowselfsteem egoistical narcisistic uneducated people. (Its a generalisation I have met, sadly, just a couple amazing human beings there usually recent generations of immigrants)

  38. And I pay $30 for an inhaler in Sweden, if I am under the $140 per year cap on medicine (it's cheaper after that). My asthma would have killed me in the States.

  39. I'm curious to know if these prices are for those without health insurance, or if they're the top-up paid alongside insurance. Is anyone able to tell me?

  40. I left the US over 26 years ago. I have free very high-quality healthcare through the Thai Social Security system. I would never move back to the US for a long list of reasons, one of the top ones is, of course, healthcare. Thailand is ranked 6th in the world in quality healthcare… the US is ranked 30th, that is, if you can even afford it. Revealed: Countries With The Best Health Care Systems, 2019 > CEOWORLD magazine

  41. I live in the UK can I only pay £9 for any prescription so if I need a EpiPen £9 if only the inhaler it's £9 each prescription is only £9 what is America doing the pharmacy companies are laughing at every sick person in America

  42. I refuse to pay the 20% my insurance doesn't cover! Then let my lawyers talk for me threatening to sue any doctor who attempts to fire me! And I've made my point and never been fired as a patient yet!

  43. An inhaler in the UK costs £8.50. That's about $11 USD.

    I find $11 to be a ripoff because In Australia inhalers are even cheaper at around $6 USD.

  44. “Land of the free”
    The only thing that’s “free” in America, is to die & if they could find a way of getting anything out of you when your gone, they’ll do it.

  45. Is the American government trying to kill it's people? Seriously, how can any country that, among other things, mistreats it's people in this way consider themselves the "Greatest Country in the World", especially in contrast to other first-world countries? It's completely delusional.

  46. I'm from the UK. The NHS might not be perfect but it does a damn gd job .This is a way of culling .why else do it other than greed?

  47. That's what we've always said in Australia as well. We've always said that if you're poor in America then you die. I cannot believe the price's of medical over there. We have a bulk billing medicare-free or slight payment…the taxes pay the rest. No operations are paid for. No poor people die, as you don't need money to go to the hospital or Medicine? It just doesn't make sense. It's supposed to be the "best country in the world" but you have to pay atronomical amounts of $ for medical care. It blows my mind, I feel sorry for American citizens.

  48. I have posted the actual video on my facebook thread a few days ago. The numbers are beyond shocking! I had heard it was bad, but this completely surpassed all my predictions. I'm Portuguese and even tho my country is in serious debt, every time I get sick my government, to which I pay taxes, has my back, and guess why? Exactly because I already pay taxes!! And that is the humane system to have in place in any so called ''civilised'' country. I don't know how poor Americans have children, do they just get in debt for life to give birth? But then the other real issue is that when you speak to a few in the older generations about how abhorrently wrong and criminal it is to privatize health, a lot of them will say that it's better as it is "because a national health system would not have as much quality _look at the canadian national health system, it's shit, I have Canadian friends [I'm assuming rich ones] who come to the US to enjoy our services, blah blah…. Also us Americans we like to be self reliant, it comes from the 1st settlers, this is who we are, and once we give control of our lives to the government then what's next…. that's socialism, and socialism is evil!" LOL WTF, seriously?! Sure, so hand in control to the corporations instead, and either die in the hospital parking lot or go bankrupt over requiring basic surgery _ 'cause THAT is a much better idea!! 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️.I swear that I have heard all of this from a couple of older Americans that I have met while working abroad. They are brainwashed. So at the end of the day people, no one is going to come into any country to save anyone. The Americans are the ones who need to wake up, unite and do their own saving

  49. I am retired from the military living in Europe and about 5 years ago I needed back surgery. Since I am retired from the military I have Tri-care which pay 75% and I pay 25% of my medical bill. I went on line to see how much it would cost and I was shocked that it would be between $15-25k for the surgery, but this was the cost of how much it would cost in America. Imagine my surprise when I went to the hospital here and they said it would cost 4500 euros which is just over $5k. So no I am not surprise that people from any country with universal healthcare are shocked to find out how much American pay for healthcare.

  50. It’s no wonder why we Brits can’t get epipens in the UK… cos the manufacturer knows they can make more money from an American than a Brit.

  51. Can’t get over how America advertises the idea of freedom at the same time as advocating the right to get shot or suffer from completely preventable disease. Yall full of shit quite frankly.

  52. Between 2014-2016, the amount i pay through my employer’s plan for healthcare for my family have went from around 180 to 550 per month. I went to er in 2018 and had to pay around 400 per visit.

  53. I learned years ago when I visited about medical insurance in the USA. I couldn't believe it! Especially the fact that Americans felt lt it was normal. Free health service in the UK is like oxygen, the concept of charging us for it does not compute.
    USA health service is little more than a culling strategy!

  54. Then you wonder why your birth rate is dropping, your suicide rate is skyrocketing and people no longer want to marry!

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