Britain's Ultra Nationalists | Trailer | Available Now

Britain's Ultra Nationalists | Trailer | Available Now

we hear the native people of Europe to us this religion is new and it's important and it's not us it's not ours I've been spending time with Britain's ultra-nationalists who claim the nation was under threat from Muslims and immigrants this cultural Marxism is anti white hatred which is affecting us is now itself so heavily embedded American brothers the ideology of tommyrot fascism there's not one white movement in the last 40 years his force longer than that since the Second World War you can say since Hitler yes you're British but you know English you're too different we have to bring down the European Union and we will bring it down the necessity for a revolution cannot be understood there are so many ills with British society that simply tweaking bits here and there will not call it can you leave for Nazi salute out the man that killed during cup just ignored and went off on one if you deny people voice they have no other choice but to resort to violence the voice of hatred is is normal what to go there white people because they spoke no no this is hatred think back then either quite a relief was hard when during that mindset you only see your point of view immigration brings in danger disease Trump open the door for all of us really I think it's wonderful as much as we prior to their race it's a sign of dominance preserving the culture is different to preserving the people you told Tommy that it's not the right path to go down do you kind of warned him as well before you left you available now on video on demand

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  1. A candid look at politics on the outer fringes, Britain's Ultra Nationalists is available now:




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  2. Europe to the Europeans. I also sick of Migrants coming to my country, only taking taking taking, not giving ANYTHING in return. And their culture we don't want it, we don't need it, we don't like it. Europe is for christian people.

  3. such a crap – why ther are putting to one basket proud English people with nazi idiots? If you are proud of your own culture this does not make you a facist! I am a Pole living in the UK and I am not trying to impose my own culture, I am living here so I should respect local culture and law, if I am not happy here I should better leave (as I did living Germany 😉

  4. What do you expect when a takeover is in play?
    It's hate you say?….. really?
    So what does kill all infidel and take over the country mean if that's not what it really mean you tosser. You are worried about hurting the feelings of people who feel unwelcome due to their actions. I say take your medicine , grow balls and be man enough to stand by your actions so maybe an outcome can present it self. Lying to yourself your religion your culture your being is never going to end well no matter who you think you are.
    And yes I have unsubscribed.

  5. So people don't want to have their country completely destroyed by mass migration and that's supposed to be a bad thing? Is it also bad when non-Western countries guard their own borders?

  6. Inbred cave dogs mad at the world
    Because they are losing their colonial grip on the world
    Africa is waking up
    China has grown balls
    India is not the silly little puppet any more

  7. This is what happens when the British Education system does not teach about the British colonial past and these people end up thinking they belong to that land and it's theirs to keep.
    What Britain is going through is sort of like colonization of Britain by the immigrants. It's more peaceful though unlike what the British did to their colonies. It was meant to happen as a result of colonization.
    Even the Europeans who brought African slaves to the US never would've thought that one day those slaves will become equal to them.
    One should accept the consequences of their actions.

  8. leftists, SJW’s, minority empowerment groups and their sycophants are largely to blame for the resurgence of this ideology. When you tell people that they don’t matter, their opinions aren’t important, their heritage and contributions to society are irrelevant and most importantly, that the entire white race must bear a collective responsibility for the plight of others then it’s completely understandable why many are fed up and angry

  9. How is Tommy Robinson a fascist? He has majority support from the Jewish, Hindu and Jamaican communities of Leuton lmao

  10. The man running this doco sure loves the sound of his own voice. And his own face. Repeatedly showing it more than the people he interviews.

  11. The statistics say that White Brits are becoming minorities in their own cities and that the proportion of people with Western European ancestry will drop rapidly.
    The cultural studies show that Muslims and other minorities on the whole refuse to integrate and instead create and impose their own communities and values.
    The public debate shows that anyone who tries to push back politically against this is labelled a racist and bound-gagged by the establishment.
    The historical record shows that mass migration and diversity always leads to disastrous racial and religious conflict. Examples: Karachi Pakistan, Yugoslavia, the Mexican-American war, the collapse of the Khitan empire in China, Palestine now mostly Israel.
    Enoch Powell was right. Soon they won't even give us a right to breathe. Stop the destruction and islamisation of the West, stop the Great Replacement.

  12. I'm not British but the UK needs more ultra Nationalists becuase the facts they speak of is correct. The UK is being taken over. P.s Journeyman is ultra left.

  13. In 20 years time France will no longer be French, Germany will no longer be German and England will no longer be English. It's not "Ultra" or "Extreme" to stop this. What is extreme is the DEATH of EUROPE.

  14. Everyone on earth is allowed to want to live around white people except white people. Access to white people is not a human right.

  15. When you push a native peoples & culture to its limits, there will be push-backs. British people deserve and, need the British Isles to be British. They never asked for the World to come to their doorsteps, that was the Marxist Left.

  16. Britain's fake ultra nationalists. Lol. How come ? They are all zionists that promote Israeli popaganda ?

  17. Most of them are zionist morons and support Israel. They don't look like true nationalists, but clowns. Many brownies are allowed to be members of those "nationalist" groups lol.

  18. Wow you know this is shit as soon as they associate TOMMY with fascist! POS idiots ,we don't fall for your SORROS propaganda crap ! The device and conquer part of your tip toe totalitarian ideology will fail or will bring the biggest simultaneous civil war on 3 continent ever seen,which will rival all other civil war . From its ashes we will return to a rational and truthful society , never again we will be dictated by a group of evil controlling the free world with fake news ,reverse racism ,bigotry and lies, the puppet masters head will roll and we will again be free of these tyrant without borders .the 4 th reign of the nazi will not prevail nor will the communist rule our life and enslave us even though some beg for it. This insane world will not be inherited by our next generation .and by ours it mean all races that can live together in peace while proudly recognizing their background without the shame you impose . You underestimate human kind …..that will be your down fall yet again.
    Today people are waking and are looking for a solution, you won't provide it ! They are throwing them self at different banner in search of what can define what their freedom represented best ,some going to the ugliest faction ,not by desire but by lack of definition but soon ,real soon the cacophony will start to sound clearer and clearer ,by the time you hear the sound of a true United chant , it will be too late ,your time will have past, you cannot keep us decided FOR to long , we are uniting people of many race ,gender and creed , but not in the fashion you envisioned , not decided and fearful of each other , but strong yet different . The day is soon coming . When we defeated you in 1945 , we united , then all went home and prosper ,it took you years to sew the seed of division and hatred by migration ,race bating and terrorism . You have used our tolerance to take advantage of our goodness. Used your trust and corrupted our medias ,our appetite to know and respect one another . You are becoming exposed .

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