26 thoughts on “Brian Wong | Populist Leaders Debate | Opposition (4/6)

  1. after watching him and the other Chinese girl speak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2lAsuvKNFU&t=490s on this platform, I don't think i would like to be Asian anymore.

  2. I like Brian, but this speech is way, way too much at once.

    It's like an enormous data dump of musings on populism and flights of fancy – some of which connect, but a lot of which fly by you as you struggle to confusedly work out which ones are aimed at which targets (previous speakers? Vox Populi misconceptions?), which ones are just off the cuff, and what the take-away points are.

    If he slowed down, structured his points in a more digestible fashion, and used the old "tell-them-what-you're-going-to-tell-them / tell-them / tell-them-what you told them, it would have the Brighton rock effect of hammering the points home.
    As it is, it comes over like a Spike Milligan sketch – a blizzard of blinding brilliance but ultimately lacking gravitas.

    That said, he has potential to be not just sharp and brilliant, but also a profound and mesmerizing speaker.

  3. I can't stand him. The style with speaking is too annoying. His arguments don't work in practice. Glad to know he's so unappealing that he'll never get high elected office.

  4. Hes Chinese Heritage, Australian accent going to Oxford. What an incredible Human Being! great speaker too

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