Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry.

Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry.

Can you see what’s
wrong with this scene? The trick is called
forced perspective. It was used to shrink the Hobbits
in The Lord of the Rings. Deceptive framing has also created
false assumptions about the EU. Some very dark,
and some comical. This is the story of how a mythical
EU dragon was conjured up, and the striking
truth behind it all. Headlines like these
have been a reliable way for British newspapers
to win attention. In 2015, the UN Human Rights
chief urged the UK to tackle tabloid hate speech after
migrants were called cockroaches. The article in the Sun began:
“Show me pictures of coffins, “show me bodies floating in water,
play violins and show me “skinny people looking sad.
I still don’t care.” You referred to a plague
of feral humans. I mean, are
they all feral? Is it actually
a plague? It’s because you look at them
and think you are nothing like me. You don’t understand
how our culture works. In these individuals, from
some of these cultures they come from,
are feral humans. The UN described a
nasty underbelly of racism and noted that Nazi media also
referred to people as cockroaches, rats. Brexiteers sailed in on
fears built up over decades. This campaign poster
captures the deception. The migrants aren’t heading to
Britain and have no way to reach it. The lone white face has been
covered by the campaign slogan. When challenged Nigel Farage
felt no pressure to apologise. Your poster has been taken by
many people as deeply offensive, upsetting, racist,
anti-Muslim. Would you like to
apologise to them tonight? Well you know, I issued a very
similar poster to that two months before, with very little debate. The problem
with the poster wasn’t the image. After all it appeared on all
of our front page newspapers. A leaflet played on the same
fears, with more subtle deception. It claims these countries
are set to join the EU. In reality they
have applied, but Turkey applied
over 30 years ago, and couldn’t be
further from joining. Syria and Iraq
have not applied. They are shown
for the fear factor. A second leaflet
is less subtle. Turkey and Iraq are
almost the same colour. The arrow, part of the
visual language of invasion, includes all the
colours of the region. Let’s move the camera
for a clearer view. This is what the NHS
spends by age group. Add education and pensions and we
have half of all government spending. These are the demographics
of immigrants. They are exactly what Britain needs
to support its aging population. There is overwhelming
consensus among economists that immigration is
good for Britain’s economy. Studies show they
boost public finances because they pay
more in indirect taxes and make much less use of
benefits and public services. What do they know? What do they know
about the impact of immigration on school places,
on hospital waiting lists? In fact, immigrants pay for
more places than they use. European migrants made a
positive net contribution of £20 billion to UK public finances
between 2000 and 2011. That’s enough to pay for an extra
80 million GP visits per year. Immigrants also
reduce waiting lists by easing the
NHS’s recruitment crisis. This year the NHS has
3,000 fewer EEA nurses and 4,000 doctors are
considering leaving the UK. Here’s the
second graph. It shows that most Leave voters
live in areas with very few immigrants. 9 of the 10 districts with the highest
Leave vote had low immigration. Lambeth in London, which recorded
the highest Remain vote of 78%, saw a net annual influx
of 4,598 immigrants, while Castle Point in Essex
saw only 81 new immigrants. But 72% of people
there, voted Leave. At first this might
seem surprising, but it’s a well-established trend
that when we meet immigrants, we lose our
fear of them. The illusion
is broken. The UK media is the least trusted
in Europe by some margin. Perhaps even more
readers need to recognise the deception before
things improve. The leave campaign also drove
fear of losing democratic control. We cannot hope to govern
an independent nation. We cannot hope to have an
independent democracy in this country, as long as we are
members of the EU. Since 1999 the UK has voted
in favour of EU laws 95% of the time, and against,
only 2%. In search of an example
of losing control to the EU, Boris suggested that the EU
banned odd shaped bananas, a myth debunked
over 20 years ago. You cannot sell bananas with
abnormal curvature of the fingers. Other comical myths
hardly need debunking. In his resignation letter, Boris
pointed to a more serious example. He said, “If a country cannot pass a
law to save the lives of female cyclists “when that proposal is supported
at every level of UK government, “then I don’t see how that country
can truly be called independent.” The laws he refers to were in fact
put forward by the EU and passed, despite some resistance
among the UK government. Other EU achievements include taking
sewage off bathing beaches, cheaper phone calls, fighting tax
evasion by global companies, banning spam emails and
major breakthroughs in science and medicine
through collaborative projects. But for Boris, the EU was like
an alien force taking over Britain. Let’s fight against the great complacent,
mutinous armies of the establishment. We can win. We can
win on June 23rd. Campaign between
now and June 23rd. Take back control
of our country. Vote Leave and let’s make sure
that June 24th is independence day. The framing of Boris and
his colleague, Jacob Rees-Mogg, as fighting the establishment,
was also very forced. Jacob’s father was
the editor of The Times. In his own words he was effectively
born into the establishment. He is for foxhunting, against abortion
under any circumstances, and personally delivered a Daily Express
petition against foreign aid. But the message resonated
with people who had suffered years of income stagnation
while the rich had grown richer. The leave campaign
blamed this on immigration, but studies show immigration
does not deflate wages, and the real causes
are well established. The 2008 financial crisis
and government policies criticised by the UN as failing
to promote social mobility. People without degrees,
perhaps feeling trapped at the wrong end
of income inequality, were far more likely
to vote Leave. Central London is
the EU’s richest region and yet 30 percent of UK
children live in poverty. A hundred thousand more have fallen
below the poverty line in 12 months. Boris and Co seem unlikely
candidates to deviate from this path. Projecting a fight against
the establishment allowed the Leave campaign
to brush research data and expert advice
under the carpet. What economics body is
there that they should believe? All the ones, all the ones that are part of
the sort of institutional infrastructure of big government,
be suspicious of. I think the people in this country
have had enough of experts with organisations from
acronyms saying… People of this country
have had enough of experts? What do you
mean by that? In a poll of top
economists 80% agreed that people in the UK would be
poorer as a result of Brexit. Only 2% disagreed. Here’s why there’s
such a consensus. Putting up trade barriers
is bad for your economy. The withdrawal from the EU is a
form of putting up trade barriers. Full stop. You are ruining
your competitiveness specifically with your
largest trading partner. It is a fact of life. It’s one of
the few things in economics we can talk about as a fact
of life. The gravity applies. The UK trades more with
Ireland than with China. Yet Jacob Rees-Mogg
says a No Deal Brexit would boost the
economy by £1.1 trillion. Trump has of course
employed a similar trick branding the whole
mainstream media as fake and projecting his
own alternative facts. Perhaps the Leave
campaign’s greatest trick, after dishonestly sowing and stoking
so much groundless fear themselves, was to steal from that
cheap Trump playbook and accuse Remainers of
being guilty of their crimes. Just as Trump, the master creator
of false facts, shouts fake news and whatever goes against
his agenda, so the Brexiteers, the arch instigators of
electoral fear themselves, routinely labelled all the warnings
from experts: “Project Fear”. Expert warnings which
have come starkly true throughout this shambles
of a negotiation period. Project fear. The truth is beginning to outshine
the mythical dragon of the EU. Polls show that most people
would now rather remain in Europe, and there is increasing support
for a vote on the final deal. Something Jacob Rees-Mogg
once supported. And you could have two
referendums and as it happens, it may be more sense to have
the second referendum after the renegotiation
is completed. Should the will of the people
change when they have clearly put the
deal before them, would he respect
that will of the people? If in 30 years time the
UK wants to rejoin that would be a matter
for the electorate then, but this result must be respected
and it must be implemented. Perhaps in a final vote, facts
would start to overcome fears. Wouldn’t that be a win
for informed democracy?

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  1. This is complete propaganda shit I'm sorry. Steven Fry should be ashamed of himself giving his name (and oh don't we know it) to this.

  2. The media played the people and itself by becoming untrustworthy enough, to let other untrustworthy forces compete for dominance.
    Who would overwatch the media when it's doing stupid shit?

  3. what makes me laugh is that we gain from outside workers,when none uk nationals have a baby in the UK that costs the UK 50k per child+not including education child benefits and infrastructure.I would love too see the coverage of the real costs not Stephen frys criminal ass telling us the truth.I have never broken the law,so why would i trust a criminal because he speaks like a twat,I rest my case.PS he lives in america.

  4. Now now ,let's be fair , it wasn't just racists who voted to leave the EU .. cunts did as well *Stewart Lee

  5. The real threat is sad loser remainer puppets like Stephen Fry trying their hardest to do slick videos like this one to overturn a democratic vote. Ha Ha the F in Ha Ha Ha sad loser Fry!

  6. I wished we remained. But this video is propaganda. The EU IS not benin, the very distrust of media and EU comes from lies and lack of competence on issues like the EU MEPs and the reality of global money and "great" Britain's place within global networks.

  7. Nice to see you have a reliable source of information, not, the LSE weren't they the geezers that flogged dodgy phds to Gaddaffi's son?

  8. What about when the media called white males pale and stale. That's fair game. But calling immigrants cockroaches is racism.

  9. lol if the UK leave the EU and came back the next day they still be losing out their special founder member privilege despite they join in late

  10. Oh Stephen… .. leave the politics alone.. very persuasive voice, very balanced voice and a wonderful conversational implicature but its still propaganda and a lot of facts in context but it's still a massive overall bias. .. The EU voted 95% in favour of our will… That's good is it Stephen we need to be thankful of that……. You are assuming the reason most people voted for Brexit was all the reasons you are outlining … and if they had their chance again and your facts they would vote differently. I do not know anyone who voted for Brexit with these reasons!!

    Its what the media say people voted for Brexit for….. I see no positives for free trade .. and what the hell has Trump got to do with Boris Stephen? Constantly repeating Boris after Trump is divisive rhetoric and you know it. Also Jacob has his own opinions more based on a religious outlook and history and economics.. He knows his Hayek… . Maybe you ought to read. " the Constitution of Liberty " by Hayek Stephen. It is the book Margaret Thatcher slammed down at a cabinet meeting with. " a now read this ". Western Germany was an economic miracle on less money after WW2 than us and we were a mess by 1979!! That odious woman as you called saved a nation… she knew .. and major sold-out Maastricht etc and Blair tried to be at the centre of Europe and look what they continue to do.. UK is a special case with a Commonwealth and a water border. and they make directives things can only go by road meaning channel tunnel etc etc they DO NOT LISTEN… because the commissioners who make the decisions not elected are vested interest lobbies by federalist concerns… UK is not federalist the bank of England is independent… most of Europe is federalist banks like the USA.. UK is like India and Canada… it's at every level….. bashing us.. .. I guess we have just have to live with such economic insecurity as Norway another non-EU member!!

    Surprised at your sheep and sheep's clothing outlook, Stephen.and not seeing the EU and a problem future trade block in itself…… which is not a good long term policy in a developing world.. hence Jacob's point of 1.1 Trillion advantage in the UK in 15 years….. !!! You seem to suggest he has some vested elitist Tory old guard view and self-interest in remain. This is not the case at all is it.. Someone people just want greater opportunity freedom and more opportunity for all in the future ….

    Actually quite shocked at the bias from a webpage trying to act as non-biased…. I would not put my name to such a thing. You betray too much about your views.. We could have stayed… but they would not give us the special status we needed….. you cannot talk to them they have no idea in Brussells .. they are that out of it…. and the damage they cause…. big control freak one plan fits all economic nonsense… and holding us back…… left right and centre…… Jacob is right… and he would know he runs his own rade firm. I know I spoke to lovely people in his office…..

    Utterly amazed how this is meant to show how people think they have been deluded by the media to vote for something deemed obviously bad and the two evil villains running the show are evil .. . All a bit much to stomach really as too simplistic a view of the general public. I have to agree on complacency on part of the remain campaign ( a stupid ide anyway… who wants to vote for things to remain the same in politics ! )… Far more passion on the leave campaign for many of the right reasons.. and best common sense British attitudes not the racism espoused and assumed even here..Many good things with the EU but they will not play fair!! And I quite think they deserve the shock they are not that great as they think they are but chaining nations in bit by bit with they think no chance of leaving.. well they assumed wrong didn't they…………..

    I think they can out it in their pipe and smoke it and we get on with future prospeoirty like we always have done… which will happen anyway. .

  11. Yawn. Bad people voted Brexit good people voted remain. That's the basic idea I'm getting from this trash video. People voted Brexit because we fear what the EU has planned. Do a little research and stop listening to people who voted remain. This opinion is slanted because they need to push the idea of how dependent the UK is on the EU. What is it that people seem to not be unable to understand, the EU has future plans that include a single (that's single) foreign policy that THEY control, a closer central banking system where taxes are decided by them with very little input, they have given themselves the right to remove peoples right to vote, they want a single EU army, that even Germany has said NO to and who will have the say over this army? Well it won't be any country but the EU! They want to be in control.

    I'm not saying the some BS was thrown about on BOTH SIDES. BOTH SIDES. Let's not forget BOTH SIDES used BS including project fear done by the Tories with the "recession as soon as we vote out". Let's remember that.

  12. Now in Hungary if you have four kids you never have to pay a cent in income tax ever again in Italy the more kids you have you get free land. And they don’t practice birth citizenship. In Australia immigrants can’t use welfare and certain social programs for four years.

  13. the outbreak of the mad cows disease in Britain seems to have some delayed severe effects on the mental capacities.
    good thing we closed our borders to British beef in time before the epidemic could spread on the mainland.
    luckily the same is not likely to happen in future as imports form GB will probably plummet.

  14. Here we go again. Let's all polarise and ignore the fact that we actually had a referendum which remain lost.
    How about respecting democracy Stephen, cuz if it isn't then we might as well kiss it goodbye.

  15. It’s like an op to twist the Brits against the world and the world against them..feel bad for the uk don’t worry lads ireland will still be next door sure come over for a drink like

  16. Stephen this is beneath you sir! Norway spends its entire oilfund surplus on migrant welfare shoppers.. you cant say they dont take wellfare services.

  17. Utter drivel… migrants can't reach Britain??? Calais!!! Funny how these intellectual public school socialists want to belittle working class voters decision. Steven Fry using smoke and mirror figures which he is accusing Brexiteers of.

  18. BUT THE POINT IS BEING MISSED SIR FRH YOU ARE MISSING. The experts may say that immigrants add to our economy. They really do. They’ve helped fix my health. I owe them my life. But the ignorant people don’t see economy when immigrants are mentioned or shown. They see an already bulgingly full country with full roads and full services and no housing. It’s the easiest tactic the Right Wing scum use.

  19. And the Media are just as Guilty as those Boris and Moggs and IDSs of this nation. They have promoted this evil. It is evil. Tonight Boris gives his opening speech as PM. The Sun has called it “Night of the Blonde Knives”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After Nazi Germany’s headline from the 1930’s. It’s evil.

  20. I'm in awe when it comes to this country I live in, and not in a good way. What the actual fuck is happening!? Why are our so called leaders LIEING to us, I'm so angry. If we leave and me and my family are worse off even tho we voted remain I will have to write a sturn letter to Bojo the Clown

  21. Love these videos, subscribed and may join on patreon soon. Can we see more sources relating to the studies mentioned from the video in the vid description though please? This would help in our own research or on sharing information

  22. Lybia and Irak can't join the EU because they are not European, period. Thinking they can is retarded. Turkey does have a common history with us, but culturally are far too different to do so, and most of their people live in Asia, which disqualifies them. Hell Albania and Bosnia, who are fully in Europe will possibly never be eligible in this lifetime.

  23. So why is there so much inequality? Why are three of my friends that emigrated to New Zealand (non-eu) earning better, buying a home? achieving things they could never achieve in the UK. Because the EU is shit.

  24. Why does castle point not having loads of immigrants have to do with them voting leave? Can they not vote leave for other reasons?

  25. that final line, "an informed democracy" if you think we live in a democracy you are an idiot… we still pay taxes to royalty, and most politicians are from rich private schools.

  26. Here's a fact. Current birth rates in the UK means that by 2050 Muslims will have the majority vote. People of British ancestry will very soon be a minority. This dictates the course of the law. Why is it being declared racist to want to maintain British identity? The EU is a bumbling bureaucratic behemoth and mass immigration from diametrically opposed cultures is only going to tear society apart, the accompanying terrorist attacks are an inevitable consequence.

  27. "We can win" says Boris. By "we", I fear he means the privileged elite, who by removing EU legal protections for the less fortunate working classes, he and his mates can exploit the fuck out of them even more.

    The really sad thing is that many of them are just too stupid to realize it. But of course, Boris is depending on that stupidity in order to retain their support.

  28. If only voters knew all this before they got the chance to vote. I admit I voted to leave as I believed all of the news reports about being independent and having the extra money to spend on the NHS. I wish I could vote again.

  29. I'm a Maltese guy and this Brexit is really frustrating. I was looking for a job in the UK and I've got ask but after Brexit is done, you'd be out right? I started laughing as clearly they don't know the facts. Apart from being within the Eu, the Maltese are the only country that can join the UK army without having lived in the UK. Why does it need to go back to the imperial mentality. We are all different, and it hurts seeing so many fat right movements. I wonder where we will end up?

  30. Used to like Fry but now see him as a sleazy elitist creep with his teenage boy
    lover who is not just renting himself out to the old man for the fame and money he
    really loves this old man with the giant head

  31. Used to like Fry but now see him as a sleazy elitist creep with his teenage boy
    lover who is not just renting himself out to the old man for the fame and money he
    really loves this old man with the giant head

  32. This vid is total Bull Shit total. It forgets Cameron went to the EU because we have a  problem with immigration, it has been running at unsustainable levels for a decade . The EU as unbending , as usual  said no change in fact the Eu is destroying it's own member states with it's free movement policies, it will wreck the EU . No mention of this. Based or what and here he is the great FRY  slagging off the media .   Hocrisy of the highest calibre

  33. Well we've been in the. Eu for over. 40 years all the issues you pointed out. Haven't been resolved so it's time for a change no one's got a crystal ball he who dares

  34. You must have private Heath cover and private schools don't live in a working class community this so out of touch with people's reality

  35. Britain shouldn't be stealing doctors and nurses from other countries. You should be training your own people, and taking people from other countries, training them, and letting them go back to make those countries better. You keep enriching your wealthy by skimping on your own education system and exploiting other countries, then wonder why people want to leave those countries and go to Britain, and why the British people can be so easily tricked into fearing them.

  36. This video is wasted on the Morons who voted for Brexit… They cant understand after the first 10secs. They are Morons. Now there is a Turk called Boris .. Now thats funny. A Muslim who eats bacon…LOL

  37. I think this video would have more credibility if it wasn’t so one sided. Even the caricatures of Boris et al are rude and patronizing. Fact vs Fear? The title is very misleading also. The problem all along is seeing the truth through all of the mudslinging. And this video is simply nothing more than mudslinging. I dont think it helps to give anyone better clarity into the best way forward.

  38. BBC is Fake News along with Sky Itv Channel 4.
    No Single Market in services and therefore people who work a trade have to compete with all other tradespeople in Europe. If you are a Lawyer you only compete with Lawyers in your country. Free market competition for the lower earner and less competition for the higher earner. When the EU is no longer operating in this way you can tout the idea that the EU is shaping policy in the interests of the "EU migrant" and the wider population of the UK. The point about Secrecy jurisdictions is also nonsense because as current members of t we already operate 9/10 off shore Law firms in places like Turks and Caicos and Cayman Islands. This has been happening since the 1960s. There is no need to take us out of the EU in order to launder money or hoover up capital flight. It already happens. If the EU complains about what happens in British Secrecy jurisdictions the UK declares them independent territories. These people are criminals it doesn't matter what laws the EU passes they will just ignore them. The law abiding citizen is the one effected by a change in the law not international corporate mafia. If the EU was concerned about fair play they wouldn't make lower earners compete on a continental scale and then have Brokers, lawyers, loan officers, underwriters all competing on a national scale. A lawyer qualified in France is not able to practice law in the UK but a bricklayer in the UK can face competition from France, Poland Estonia Romania etc all so Stephen Fry can get his new patio layed out for a little cheaper. Yeah Stephen, immigration is good right? Face it the "four freedoms" of the EU the free movement of; goods, services, capital and labour are not "freedoms" they are the fundamental principles of a free market economy – in the EUs case a continental free market economy- but rigged so that the lower earning bricklayer has to compete with all other bricklayers in the EU but the Insurance broker , Lawyer, Surveyor, Architect, has national competition only. I put it to you Stephen Fry ,that this video is nothing but a diatribe against an outright rejection of the free market economy on a continental scale. You lost the referendum. Rich people who do not have to compete in the same way others have to can look forward to a Corbyn government unconstrained by EU competition law which prohibits, among other things; nationalisation and subsidy of industries such as Steel, Energy, and Pharmaceuticals. EU law also requires an independent Central Bank. In other words democratic control over the means of exchange(money) is not allowed as a member state of the EU.We have to accept whatever usury interest rate the Banks and their clients decide to charge in order to spend OUR MONEY. Corbyn will be the first Socialist in power who will not be constrained by EU commercial law and therefore will be able to actually change our way of life so that the "wealthy elite" that Stephen describes will no longer exist, not just be legitimised through obscure regulation and laws, determined by people you have never even heard of let alone spoken to or voted for. Makes you wonder why there is a constant stream of misinformation from broadcasters like the BBC/ Sky/ITV about Corbyn and the idea of leaving the EU (brexit).

  39. From what I understand most migrants picked and chose their destination country according the the amount of benefits they could reap! So the implication is that they would "drain" the social system, not "add" to it! this is a real sign they are "economic migrants", not "refugees". Plus, all the increase in crime in London is a major concern. When does Sadiq Khan's term as Mayor expire? Hope there are enough non Muslims in the greater London area to vote him out as an incompetent mayor, because the Muslim people will support one of their kind before considering the capabilities of the candidate.

  40. Very misleading information lies dam lies and statistics immigration can be great but open your eyes and look where Europe is going and look at what we were told sorry mr Fry I was not born yesterday leave as promised.

  41. Wake up UK, the whole world was wondering what happened to the USA, how could they be so stupid to choose an incompetent Asshole as a president. the whole world is now thinking the same. even though you didn't choose him directly.

  42. Ad ear sir the British people have been left in line instead of keep putting us down go to East Ham go to Bradford Birmingham Luton open your eyes the eu opened he doors to a flood of migrants these has been the last straw now go amend look how our country has now changed we do need a stop of this because our services aren't over welmed but some you say is correct as it was boris and co who high jacket the leave campaign but we do need to leave that is for sure

  43. Bretards all hate Fry because yet again they are faced with facts.
    Greenhorns, they adore Farage and BJ who like Mogg will do very nicely thank you.
    BJ may get a job in Trump's administration when he finishes his short stint in power.

    Send lynch mobs after Bretards. Pity this farce has ruined families and businesses.

  44. Maybe if uncontrolled immigration into Europe was stopped fearmongering would cease? Im sorry but how do you expect a population to react when we are told immigration will have no foreseeable end and that Africa and Europe have a shared destiny? The population voted out, we need a deal for sure but WE ARE LEAVING. Any brexiter who says immigration rates have nothing to do with the issue are bold faced liars, the truth is we can deal with immigration in a reasonable fashion but not uncontrolled. Remainers have good points on the benefits of the EU but will never say how Brexit could open up great opportunity for the UK. Lastly whilst the comparison can be made i think its entirely immature that Stephan compares asylum seekers to the persecuted jews in Nazi Germany, yes bigotry exists but if you actually listen to the points raised and not the buzz words the lame media and newspapers use you can understand the point some of these people make when they disagree with the mass immigration issue.

  45. A clear sign that one is watching a propaganda video is when it starts comparing people with someone they have gotten you to believe is a bad person in one of their previous propaganda videos.

  46. I don’t have a problem with migrants but when you come here illegally and squat and don’t pay your nhs bill then I have a problem

  47. My friends English girlfriend voted to leave EU because she said the news told us to !! How dumb now she regrets it because her kids will suffer

  48. Fry's melliflluous tones and 'National Treasure'status used,yet again,to push the remoaner agenda.Since Stephen now lives in America (as far as I'm aware)perhaps he'd like to devote his energies to Trump bashing and keep his nose out of the business of a country he has chosen to abandon.

  49. Turkey is now threatening to open its borders to allow influx of immigrants into Europe unless they are allowed to join. Bring it on

  50. Syria and Iraq have NOT applied to join EU because the Zionist/EU attempt at takeover was a failure. The EU has caused muti layer warfare and disharmony throughout the world. Take a look at Ukraine where it sent in fascist protesters to bring down the legitimte government and instal one of their EU puppets, Poroshenko. The EU also caused the horrendous war in the Balkans – it's called divide & rule. The former large state of Yugoslavia was too big to be coerced into the EU, so it had to be broken down into small bits – Balkanisation – so that the resulting 'small bits' Montenegro, Croatia etc. could be forced to join EU. The EU is a veiled Commu/Fascist dictatorship which is ruled by a tiny elite who have elected themselves, are unaccountable, can't be sacked and make all decisions affecting UK behind closed doors. For this priviledge the UK pays this mafia hunreds of billions of pounds! But of course this sort of factual logic won't sink through the thick remainer skull. As the saying goes – you can't fix stupid.

  51. Nothing wrong with immigration per se, but. . . . . . . . . . in the UK we don't have normal immigration, we have engineered immigration! Engineered? Yes, the immigrants are forced (encouraged) to flee to the UK from their home countries which the EU/Zionist mafia puppet Western countries (UK, USA, France and others) have bombed to smithereens. eg. Syria. The conflict in Syria was NOT, repeat NOT acivil war. It was an illegal invasion of terrorist scum who were funded, trained and armed by EU/Zionist countries. Let that sink in for a bit.

  52. Joseph Goebbels lives, apparently. His maxim: Keep repeating the same lies about Jews, gypsies, and other "untermenschen" often enough and people (das Volk) will believe you. We encounter the same sort of rhetoric today in Britain, Trumpland and in other democratic states.

  53. I'm an ex Brit, now an Australian citizen. I'm in touch with eight friends and relatives in the UK. Each of them voted for Brexit for one reason and one reason only – to reduce the flow of Muslims into the country. I wouldn't mind betting that more than half the Brexiteers had a similar motive. And by the way, my friends and relatives are not right wing fascists, they are just ordinary people going about their business in traditional British ways. But they are sick to death of hearing about 'No go zones' and Shariah Law and British schoolgirls being raped and forced into prostitution by Muslim gangs. So it's a bit late, in November 2018, for Stephen Fry to correct their erroneous thinking. Way too late, mate.

  54. this is only half the story, only highlighting the falses and lies on one side. the eu could just give the uk a better deal, but they are terrified that more countries would follow brexit then.. the eu could be a great thing if they where able to focus on being a trade union and not everything else…

  55. We voted to leave. We are currently not a democratic nation. To be a democratic nation we must leave. 40% of labour voters want to leave too. Do you also consider them racist?
    It is ok to be remain in a democratic society. But it is not ok to conspire to threaten the greatest democratic vote in our nation's our history as our political elite has been doing over the 3 years.
    Right or wrong the people of this country voted to leave and remainers should not stand in the way of democracy.
    GET OVER IT Remoaners!

  56. This is all a repeat of what happened in the 1930's that lead to WW2. We've learnt nothing from that catastrophe. The Right, is on the rise again.

  57. Are these 'FACTS' the same as the BBC QI 'Facts' you use in your TV programme most of which turn out to be BULLSHIT…

    Do us a favour Stephen just fuck off………….you were funny 30 years ago…just go away…….

  58. Mmm… Stephen Fry is massively popular in the UK for his wit and eloquence. As though we should automatically agree with his every word, spoken in dulcet tones like his character Jeeves. Despite this, I'd love to hear from an equally learned speaker from the 'Leave' side of the argument. I wonder how well Mr Fry would perform in, say, a live debate with Nigel Farage rather than a monologue specifically written for this Remain Propaganda video.

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