: Breitbart Doesn’t Support White Nationalism Because Milo is ‘Incredibly Gay’

: Breitbart Doesn’t Support White Nationalism Because Milo is ‘Incredibly Gay’

with Breitbart Stephen Bannon now in charge Donald Trump's campaign is firmly in the hands of the fringe conservative movement known as the alt right conservative talk radio host Charlie Sykes described the alt right to me this thursday is one more talking but alright we are talking about white nationalism we're talking about anti-semites we are talking about white supremacist we're talking about racists and you and I were talking about this the other day you know this is kind of you know the the dark underbelly of American politics that we have not seen we have not seen you know emboldened in the way and bolded and empower the way that we have this year and bright bart has played a very very significant role alright Kareem Perry and Steve are back with me and I want to start with you on this Steve because you know you're used to be a good guy I mean we've only known each other on television but you seem to be very sincere about wanting to broaden the base of your party of your political party and I take you at your word that your support for Donald Trump is about you know conservative values and views but do you feel comfortable in the same camp as some of these people the Southern Poverty Law Center has described the Trump campaign bringing bright Barts Steven Bannon in as cozying up to the alt right and the explainer that Breitbart themselves put up to explain who they are was written by a guy named me Logan opolis who's known as being really a sort of guru of the all right he's one of the people that hounded on a comedian from saturday night live off the internet with racist invective a quote here there the youthful energy jarring taboo defying rhetoric etc and they see themselves as kind of cutting edge but they are white nationalist does that make you uncomfortable to be in the same camp with them well I would say they're nationalist I don't know that they're white nationals and milo by the way who you cite who is certainly the most known member of the all right he's very provocative he also happens to be incredibly gay and very very public about it luckily be alive you know it doesn't put any gay in a white nap was because you can know but it argues against the idea that it's an inherently sort of racist what Rachel Christian be gay in a race aside it's a retrograde nationalist white Southern Movement I'm just saying I don't even defend the all right now we have to stop at Pitt put it up in there because we need to establish what the alt right is the Southern Poverty Law Center which is the entity that exists to kind of identify you know racist movements as identified them as white nationalists they self-identify as anti non-white immigration vidare com which is one of the early sites of the all right is explicit about not wanting to see non-europeans immigrated to the united states meeting you people like yuri perry and Kareem not coming into the country right Breitbart hair clearly would you hold on Breitbart headlight steve bennett is running the Trump campaign here's a little sampling bill kristol Republicans spoiler renegade you trannies whine about hilarious Bruce Jenner billboard there's no hiring bias against women in tech me just suck in interviews birth control makes women unattractive and crazy even if you set aside the white nationalism which you can't this is who's running the Trump campaign I just want to know if that makes you at all uneasy look are there articles on Bri part of the thousands that have been posted that would make me uneasy absolutely and I think you just mentioned a few of them by the way my guess is they would make Steve benen uneasy yes well Eddie right I know but listen he also here's a morning radio show which I've listened to quite a bit and if you listen his rape he occasionally gets some pretty loony callers in whose spouse racist views and he shuts them down in no uncertain terms what he is more than anything I don't think he's her races he's not a nationalist he's anti-establishment he's not just anti Hillary brief artists as a site and he personally Steve Madden have been in tougher I think on people like Jeb Bush on mainstream establishment Republicans Mitch McConnell than they have been on Hillary so I think he's being at least I'm not going to talk about the site as a whole Steve benen individually is being mischaracterized he took over the campaign by the way at least unofficially a week ago and we've had a magnificent week polls are tightening were leading in the LA Times pull now Trump is staying on message I think he's he's proved himself in the early going to be an incredibly effective manager and messenger okay I will

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  1. how will embattled trump be able to govern with half the nation rightfully constantly beating on him?

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