Brazil’s Political Crisis – The Crossroads Brazil Pt. 2

Brazil’s Political Crisis – The Crossroads Brazil Pt. 2

Brazil needs political leadership now more than ever but a series of corruption scandals have brought the system to a gridlock at the heart of the issue is the country's weak political system Brazilians often vote for people and not party platforms the lack of party allegiance makes it really tough to hold a political coalition together senators jump from one party to the other so the surest way to get their vote is still a suitcase full of cash pork and barrel projects 3-2 votes in Congress for positions in the state of parados this has been throughout history something frequent in Brazil multi-party system that is dysfunctional some of the parties are programmatic and they've they're all riddled with corruption too many years at the public trough and they don't know how to back off the schemes are simple enough president Lula had a very successful presidency later it came to light that his coalition was held together by monthly bribes they called that scandal Mensa loud where does that money come from kickbacks on government contracts funnel through Petrobras the state oil company they call that one Petro lab the only way to get things done this is by doing that with this bribery of public officials everybody corruption here in Brazil is something it's in the structure it's always been like this and I don't know what's gonna change but certainly not with what we have today you know in both sides teaching all right so let's just take a little time out to talk about JT Neo Brussels Nadeau here in Brazil that's a word for sort of a little way of getting things done the idea is that with thick legal codes and political fragmentation it's very difficult to do anything by the book so people find j chinos or little ways around the rules now the problem is those JT Neos are not always legal Brazilians are just about fed up with this and I think people are asking themselves and rightfully so my memory presented is actually representing me or are they just sort of using my vote as a way of gaining enough power to then represent someone else either Jakob occupies ercoupe so so now it's one thing for richer whiter Brazilians to protest a left-leaning government but you know the situation has changed when even Brazilians who benefited from PT governance demand change I visited bhaiya in the northeast of poor state with deep African roots that voted 60% for Dilma in the 2014 election well better than they buy yeah that's an F ok president repeat Oh pity value muchas preguntas no.20 cannot the monogamous along petal exquisitely is derived from this agreement of what was sold to the population and what was in fact being delivered the frustration stems from a feeling that this is politics as usual but this may be finally changing and they're sending people to jail the old concept of impunity which was so strong among the elite and the powerful in Brazil has now been challenged and people I would never have thought would go to jail are sitting in jail in Brazil I was with musician and community leader ed who growl when news broke that Marcelo ooh the retched a Titan of Brazilian business was sentenced to 19 years for corrupt practice close already actually own eyes are not easier well ago Malaga in a holiday might have seen shouldn't watch celebrities on Geneva pursue Sakura in Cherokee it is not a replication Aviano so no caffeine games Hellmich the collodion blood Africa please so I gotta go pick up this is it if you can please a favela we're not in Kansas anymore the country has already changed and not only at the federal level this is filtering down to two to the preventional level and to enter the local to the local level increased scrutiny on corruption may be a good thing but the path ahead is treacherous President Dilma Rousseff stands accused of fudging fiscal numbers and the opposition seeks her impeachment constitutionally existing way to deal with problems but while financial markets love the idea of impeachment some question what impeaching a pro-poor president would mean for Brazilian democracy my new moment in Gulu Liliana política sabe very dogma formerly Fortaleza camara popular as favelas pedophilia is a classic school either they are to look up with the Kara political Miller and Sabbath Lewis do Chi is a founding member of the PT and he served as minister in Lula's government she knows courses around a necessity for each gospel because this place specifically but I think they don't struggle Edoras young fathers knew back to the police would take over no brasil di infancy up really dodgy james if brazilian peaches President Dilma and throws ex-president Lula in jail it risks alienating the poor people that the PT brought into the political system you actually see it when talk about an h-bridge mr. Newman okay but I think that's eulogy Beach mother visited you in the meantime Brazil remains in gridlock and like Rio traffic it could be stuck for a while

14 thoughts on “Brazil’s Political Crisis – The Crossroads Brazil Pt. 2

  1. vcs gringo nojent cuide do pais devoces as inpreza que robarao o dinheiro sao vcs mesmo cuando varios pais estavao jerando desenprego o brasil dava enprego para varius gringo agora vcs fas piada quero ver cuando chegar aves de vcs bando de judas escariote. cemvergoiha

  2. vcs gringo nojent cuide do pais devoces as inpreza que robarao o dinheiro sao vcs mesmo cuando varios pais estavao jerando desenprego o brasil dava enprego para varius gringo agora vcs fas piada quero ver cuando chegar aves de vcs bando de judas escariote. cemvergoiha

  3. Brazilian media type : Globo, Band , SBT , ESP , etc. , do not do stories like that … they are partial , always against PT.

  4. I'm glad they're not blaming the US for their fucked systems …..they created these problems by them so, they gotta solve by themselves without any outside influence……any way, I'm a fan of Brazil soccer style so, I wish them the best.

  5. Hi, just to improve your translation in the 5:15 when the guy says in portuguese "colarinho-branco", he did not mean a white person. It means white-collar crime and refers to financially motivated nonviolent crime committed by business and government professionals.

  6. Que cara burro – 03:12 – ENDÊMICO é algo nativo do lugar, único da localidade. Ele se confundiu com Epidêmico ou Mestastático.

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