41 thoughts on “BRATISLAVA, the Capital of Slovakia: Is It Worth Visiting?

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  2. I always find it amusing when people visit Slovakia (I’m from Slovakia) because I like to see what our country looks like from a tourists perspective

  3. Gab You are real good at finding real Gems surprise to see such a nice city other than regular tourist destination 😀✌️

  4. you wanna have a soviet taste? Come to NY, the Bronx, parts of Brooklyn, or go to Chicago and so many other places..

  5. Did you think about the thieves? Be careful there and the Police does then: Nothing. Me they stole r.a. 25.000 €

  6. As a Slovak I can tell you that Bratislava has nothing in common with the rest of Slovakia, it is the tourist city, clean, modern and expensive. The rest of the country is like "Romanian countryside" gypsies and ugliness all over the place

  7. We took a tour group bus from Vienna to Bratislava . Nothing much to see but the old City . BTW , Slovakian love salty food We went back to Vienna via sailing on the Danube River .

  8. mostly they will kick your skull in bratislava. some kkk roaming around, and will beat and punch you and when you are in the ground, they will kick your skull, ambulance will go there but will wait till you die, police will help you after 4 hours. people are rude and double standard. they dont like tourist in the country.

  9. It's an Adorable litlle city
    Old and new,clean,peaceful,beautiful view of Danube ,The Castle on hill of the shore of Danube is impressive

  10. Hi All , I will have a possible job offer in bratislava and I'm  wondering about the cost of living compared to the middle east ?

  11. Hi Gabriel! I'm Daniela from Slovakia, living in the USA for almost 27 years now. I'm originally from Trnava, which is about 45 mins from Bratislava, by a car. The castle (Bratislavsky hrad) you've visited, is the one, my dad used to serve in as a soldier, during WWII. Those "thingies" that you ate with goulash, are called knedliky, or you can also call them dumplings, which is basically a steamed bread, quite popular in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Next time, if you get back to Slovakia, visit Tatras, (low and high) mountains. They're beautiful! I love your videos. Keep on keeping on a great work, making these awesome videos Gabriel. God bless! 🙂

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