Boris Johnson's 32 Year Journey to Prime Minister – TLDR News

Boris Johnson's 32 Year Journey to Prime Minister – TLDR News

so as you probably know a couple of months ago Teresa may step down as Conservative Party leader this kicked off a leadership race where ten candidates competed to become her successor the final stage left conservative members with two options Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson Johnson as expected won the vote which means that Boris Johnson is set to be the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom we've already put a video out about Johnson winning the role and there's a link to that down below so today we're a dive deeper into Johnson's past and about the 32 year road that's led to him becoming the UK's new prime minister Johnson's career started 32 years ago and way before he even entered into Parliament he originally started work at the Wolverhampton Express and Starr however his tenure at the Starr didn't last long with Johnson fired within months for fabricating quotes Johnson quickly bounced back and used his contacts to get a job at the Daily Telegraph reporting from Brussels as you might expect by this point a lot of his columns were highly Euroskeptic and while he was far from the first to lead the Euroskeptic charge he definitely contributed to the movement however a lot of people took issue with the quality of the articles that Johnson was producing with one former chair of the Conservative Party Chris Patten commenting that Johnson was one of the greatest exponents a fake journalism that's because Johnson was famous for many of the sensationalist stories you might hear about EU regulations things like the infamous and quite often untrue a you bananas story in fact Johnson even brought back this style of EU criticism on the campaign trail complaining about EU regulation on kippers highlighting the plight of fishermen from the Isle of Man forgetting their the isle of man isn't actually part of the UK or the EU for that matter which means they're completely unaffected by any such regulations anyway after his time in Brussels Johnson continued his work in journalism back in London before eventually turning his attention to politics he attempted to run for MP in Hoban and st. Pancras but wasn't selected as a Conservative candidate for that constituency instead he was selected as the part candidate for Cluett south in the 1997 election he lost that seat to labour only picking up 23% of the vote though to be fair it was a fairly safe labour seat Johnson's political career really began in 2001 when he ran for MP in the safe conservative seat of Henle replacing Tory heavyweight Michael Heseltine even his candidacy in Henley was slightly controversial with the book just Boris commenting that some conservatives thought he was amusing and charming but others took issue with his attitude and lack of local knowledge despite this he was nominated as the Conservative candidate in Henley and won the election with an 8,500 vote majority in 2008 he set his eyes in a higher office running to become the mayor of London Johnson ended up winning the race despite one being against the incumbent Mayor Ken Livingstone – running as a conservative in a time when the party hadn't been in government for nearly 10 years and 3 running as a conservative in a more liberal City during the race for prime minister Johnson actually spent a lot of time highlighting his achievements during his time as mayor many took issue with his list of achievements as mayor either say was a distraction from his poor performance in cabinet or just completely refuting his list of claims Johnson throughout the campaign made four broad claims surrounding his time as mayor on inner city crime he said we cut the murder rate by 50 percent on poverty and deprivation when I became mayor 11 years ago we had four of the six poorest bars in the UK when I left after two terms we had none of the bottom 20 on housing we out built labour with more than a hundred thousand affordable homes and on transportation we cut road traffic fatalities by 50 percent each of these claims is not without dispute but we don't have enough time to run through all four so let's discuss his primary claim around crime rates while in office Johnson oversaw a fallen murder rate from 22 per million people to 12 per million people a fall of about 46% rather than the 50% he claimed but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt when it surrounding however how this fool is achieved is yet another matter of contention because it comes from the increased usage of police stop and search powers in the first year of operation alone the increased use of stop and search permitted by Johnson results in a sharp increase in searches from just shy of 35,000 a year to an excess of one hundred and twenty three thousand a year the increased use of stop and search powers is in itself a contentious matter not least when the home office study concluded that the increase in searches had no discernable crime reducing effects more than that day it's pretty hard to attribute all of that forty six percent drop in murder rate to Johnson during the same period rates across the country fell by roughly similar amounts overall crime rates actually fell faster in the rest of the UK by twenty six percent compared to London's twenty percent it does certainly seem that despite the best efforts of Johnson's team in London a lot of the decrease was the result of a larger trend across the UK Johnson completed two terms as mayor of London choosing not to run again when the elections came back round in 2016 instead he opted to return to Parliament this time as the mayor of another safe conservative seat Oxbridge and South Ross slip upon returning to Parliament Johnson very quickly got onto Breck set making it one of the cornerstones of his political agenda Johnson was very famously a key figurehead of vote leave the official leave campaign automatically making Johnson a very controversial figure however this was a calculated decision if he chosen support Prime Minister David Cameron in the remain camp then he wouldn't have got the exposure he desired if remain won then Cameron would have continued his Premiership victorious if they lost Johnson would be on the sinking ship too however if he supported leave he could be a leader a rebel in the fight if they lost that he would still be seen as a leader and a rebel if they won he'd be setting himself up perfectly to take over the party exactly the reality we're discussing now either way he works out that he was better off in the leave camp however the brexit campaign wasn't a perfectly calculators attack with some major gaffes damaging his reputation for many this included accusing president obama of opposing brexit because of his ancestral dislike of britain thanks to his Kenyan heritage this is far from the first time Johnson has made controversial remarks like this with comments going from saying that women with burkas look like letter boxes or bank robbers to referring to the continent of Africa as that country or referring to gay people as bum boys or even the time he simply stated F business too many this is part of his charm there's an increasing appetite for politicians who say it like it is and don't worry about being politically correct this certainly might not be to everyone's tastes but there's a segment of the electorate who like Johnson for his gaffes to them this makes him more human more relatable and more honest but it certainly doesn't work for everyone regardless he's certainly a very popular politician with a certain subset of the electorate and he made a major impact on the brexit campaign actually an impact bigger enough to be objectively measured a study conducted by YouGov shows a serious change in the electorate's voting intention dependent on which side johnson landed on as part of the leave campaign johnson found himself implicated with many of the scandals that associated the campaign johnson could be found regularly claiming that the UK will be able to save 350 million pounds a week after brexit money which could be sent to the NHS instead this popular claim has been widely debunked and even the chair of the UK statistics authority described it as a clear misuse of official statistics with Johnson as the unofficial leader of the lead campaign they had a major player on their side and it proved very beneficial on results day after the referendum Johnson tried to take the reigns as prime minister after David Cameron resigned however after political ally Michael Gove betrayed him he found his campaign floundering and never actually made it the final rounds of selection Johnson did make it into new prime minister Theresa Mays cabinet though gaining the title of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs before we discuss his tenure in May's cabinet it's worth noting quite how little government variants Johnson as she has when you compare the amount of time that he spent me there a government or Shadow Cabinet roll to the other candidates it's certainly clear that he's lacking experience with the least amount of time spent in a government role when compared to all of the other candidates sorry to keep going on about Johnson's controversies but his time in Secretary of State was absolutely littered with them Jones were made a rather tense trip to Turkey months after writing an offensive poem about their prime minister he refused to block UK arm sales to Saudi Arabia also accusing Saudi Arabia of playing proxy wars directly in contrast to the UK's view on the state something that may later had to clarify he allegedly told Iranian officials that a UK citizen arrested in their country had simply been teaching their people journalism this was used against her and resulted in a sentence being doubled he also discussed alcohol during a speech at a Sikh temple and he recited a Rudyard Kipling poem on a visit to Myanmar a former British colony something the Ambassador described as not appropriate maybe it's not surprising then they only actually lasted two years in this role possibly more surprising is the fact that he left to his own volition departing in reaction to May's brexit plan commenting during his resignation speech The ministers were saying one thing for you about what we're doing and pretending another to the electorate Johnson then returned to the back benches working to use his influence to shape brexit rather than using any direct powers that was until mayor resigned and Johnson mounted his campaign to run for the top job in fact Johnson announced his intention to run before May it even announced her resignation but none of this was a surprise to anyone considering that many believe he had his eyes on the role for years Johnson's campaign to cede may wasn't without its controversy either for him taking the reins seemed almost inevitable from the beginning with polling putting him as far far more likely to win than his main competitor from the very beginning Johnson was a clear front-runner and it looked like no one else ever even really stood a chance Johnson's history meant that he was able to talk about his successes as mayor and in the leave campaign but ultimately it was his breaks to tear credentials which likely swung the vote the decision to go against Cameron during the brexit referendum and risk supporting the leave campaign seems to have paid off now the question is whether he can make a success of brexit and how long he can actually stay in number 10 for if you want to know more about the campaign and about Johnson taking over as Prime Minister we have a whole video about that there's a link to it in the description we'll be sure to keep you updated on johnson's Premiership and his first few days to make sure you don't miss any of that subscribe to this channel and if you want to be notified every time we release a video then click the bell icon you can also find us across other social channels simply by searching for TLDR news also if you want your name to appear at the end of the video like these people then you can sign up to become a patreon there's a link to that in the description below 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46 thoughts on “Boris Johnson's 32 Year Journey to Prime Minister – TLDR News

  1. So question… Can only a Conservative party member become Prime minister when there's a Conservative majority? Could a Labour party or Democrat party member have become prime minister?

  2. 7:14 "There's an increasing appetite for politicians who say it like it is"

    You gave examples of being insulting and that isn't saying it like it is, that's saying what he really thinks.

  3. I don’t understand your point at 6:30 … you’re saying that Johnson decided to support Leave because of game theory, but earlier in the video you said he had a long history of Euro-scepticism with his articles. So which is it? I don’t think you explained this thoroughly enough for me to believe your game theory theory.

  4. I first heard of Johnson about 3 years ago. I was not impressed with him. My opinion has not changed. I was so unimpressed with Theresa May, I found it inexplicable that she could become PM. But I'm a Yank, what do I know? I'm not impressed with Trump or most of the people running for President in 2020, either. No wonder the world is going to Hell. We have too many idiots in charge.

  5. Mussolini started out as a journalist too. I'm not comparing Johnson to Mussolini, but just think about it. . .

  6. By calling that nonsense 'saying it like it is' you're buying in to the right wingers narrative framing. This is NOT how it is, and people who say it are peddling nonsense.

  7. Please use a consistent measure. In one place you use 23% (quite clear) in another it is 'won by 8000' mmm of 1m it is insignificant, of 30000 it is impressive.

  8. I'm sorry, but if stop and search cut knife crime in half, then it's well worth fucking doing then isn't it xD

  9. We CAN vote for the president of the USA . I've voted for the president every four years since John Carey ran for president

  10. to me it just sounds like… he's quiet awful at what he's doing?
    I generally don't like having a single person in charge…. love actual direct democracy.
    beeing able to change your head of state in a democracy without having a generell election does not feel demcratic at all to me.

  11. Although Boris is a controversial person, I felt this video was very biased, and not as neutral as TLDR used to be.

  12. Am I correct in saying that this proven liar, buffoon, self publicist, privately educated member of the upper echelon of society was put in a position to determine the fate of 66 million people by around 0.15% of the population. A 0.15% whose average age is over 70 years and not representative of the general population? Sorry I am confused I thought I lived in a democracy. Or perhaps that's how it always works – just in this case it's marginally less opaque (or is that grimy). I wonder who he models himself on; Churchill, Thatcher or perhaps (having listened to his Golden Age bul…t) it's the second coming. Perhaps the Green Goblin flies over but BoJo walks upon the water of The Channel to give those Jonny Foreigners a jolly good thrashing.
    Oh well we are British, tug the forelock and stiff upper ..

  13. The hipocracy of Boris is unbelievable its present throughout his whole career but none more so than now when he states he will not hold an early general election despite him publicly lambasting Gordon Brown for not doing so following his becoming PM without a general election claiming that it defied the democratic will of the British people. He is the epitome of a self serving politician

  14. Bit confused here. I know Johnson did work experience whilst a trainee at the Express & Star. But I have always read that he fabricated the quote in an article for The Times.. Any clarification here?

  15. Congratulations Prime Minister and what an absolutely thunderous first 24 hours!!! If you take the UK out of the European Union per democratic mandate and get a few of your other policies underway for good measure by October 31st 2019 then you have saved the Conservative Party and won back my vote.

  16. You claim to be unbiased, yet this video is a complete assassination of him. I saw very few positive points. What a shame.

  17. This is close to the perfect villain story. He is the single largest contributor to BS stories, about the EU, ever "validated" by being published in a newspaper. He is: Mr. Fake News!

  18. If TLDR is against Johnson, there must me a lot going for him. Johnson is obviously sloppy on detail but he has a grasp on the overall picture. He has made a good start by getting rid of useless ministers like Hammond, Grayling and Javid.

  19. I don’t know how you can’t give him your respect. I’m a Centre-Left Liberal, and I’m not ashamed to admit that Boris has my respect. I mean he’s been setting this up for so long and he achieved it, he changed his entire persona, divided a nation and tore down a Government all to get to number 10. Can’t condone how he did it but you really have to respect how he got there.

  20. In a democracy enthusiasm is no substitute for a popular mandate. In both the 2017 general and 2019 European elections over 50% of the votes went to parties advocating either remain or a'Norway'style brexit.
    Those advocating either a hard or no deal brexit did not get a popular mandate.

  21. I don't understand why you're saying that the decision to support the leave campaign was "calculated", when he's been Eurosceptic for years. Someone going for something that they believe in instead of against it isn't a tactical move. Unless there's something to suggest that it was that I don't know about?

  22. To be fair murder rates were reduced a lot when he was major and increased again under his successor, so he must have done something right.

  23. Wait, so in the UK parties can run people in any constituency they feel like? Is that right? If so, what's the point of having constituencies?

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