Boris Johnson meets parties seeking new Northern Ireland power-sharing deal | FT

Boris Johnson meets parties seeking new Northern Ireland power-sharing deal | FT

Good morning, Boris. Good morning. How are you doing? How are you? Nice to see you. Good morning. It’s great to be here
in Northern Ireland. And clearly, the people
in Northern Ireland have been without a
government, without Stormont, for two years and six months. So my prime focus
this morning is to do everything I can
to help that get up and running again, because
I think that’s profoundly in the interest of people
here, all the citizens here in Northern Ireland. And I’ll be helping the
parties in any way I can to get that going and over the line. I expect Brexit may
come up a little bit. I don’t rule that out. And I think the
crucial thing to stress is that I, obviously, attach
huge importance to the letter, the spirit of the Belfast
Good Friday Agreement and will be insisting on that. Other than that, it’s
just fantastic to be here. Thank you very much. How impartial can you be, prime
minister, given that you’ve already downgraded the UK? It’s all there in the
Good Friday Agreement. We believe in
complete impartiality, and that’s what we’re
going to observe. But the crucial thing is to
get this Stormont government up and running again. Thank you.

35 thoughts on “Boris Johnson meets parties seeking new Northern Ireland power-sharing deal | FT

  1. At least he shows interest in getting some deals set up ahead of time. He already Talked to Trump day 2 of office. Hopefully they can work out something nice that benefits everyone. Hes not going into Oct. 31st blindly. He will have some effort to show for it.

  2. See this wouldn't have happened if you sent the army into every Ireland town and kept killing people until they turned over the ira members and then shoot those ira people voila Irish situation would have been sorted.

  3. The U.S and U.K should do a wife-swap but instead of wives it's our leaders. We'll take Boris for a few weeks and you can try out Trump, then when they each go home, we can all laugh at the fun we had.

  4. It’s good to see england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and America both hiring people with special needs

  5. Hey Boris! The only power sharing deal with the Irish should be about how many coal fired power stations are going to be built .
    The U.K needs thick black Smog to give it back the character it use to have .
    Britain needs coal mining to restart , coz those useless wind farms are so hazardous to birds and people .
    Bring back the massive coal chimney’s that gave Britain its character.

  6. The bull of the NI parliament shutdown should have been taken by the horns long ago – at least Boris is having a go….

  7. Stick by your guns BORIS we are now fighting for our country's Democracy, which is the very foundation of which our society is built on without Democracy you get a dictatorship , BREXIT MEANS BREXIT INDEPENDENCE DEMOCRACY 🇬🇧

  8. donald trump was the best one to be prime minster because he listens and hes honest plus caring ware i find boris johnson acts

    like he thinks hes the king of the world

  9. My president of the United States Kingdom! Congratz to Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. You have a humble Brit running your country and he will save you from getting removed from the eu. Love from USA!!

  10. So, johnson has a 'magic money tree' [ 'trade mark Theresa May' ] for the police and the nhs and the schools and mental health provision blah blah blah. I thought there was no 'magic money tree' & it didn't exist? However, he also wants to use it to prop up that really fine idea of brexit if/when it all goes wrong. What a strategy!
    Just wait – Soon he'll start quoting Latin – nil desperandum, quo vardis, delenda sumus – you can look them up, all you non elite leaver types who didn't do latin verbs like what I did.
    An analogy for johnson, leavers and brexit? A pissed clown running in front of bleating sheep across a minefield. For an extra couple of quid we could've got a real person. btw – how did Brecon and Radnor work out for y'all? Here's an idea – Stop Brexit – it's rubbish.

  11. Boris Johnson: the man with no-plan. In this clip, Boris is the one with the red nose.

  12. The Norther Ireland MPs are going to hold Johnson's feet to the fire, to keep him honest on Brexit, otherwise they will pull the rug out from under him to force and early election for Farage to take the helm of the relm.

  13. Ah yes, the traditional Brit psycho thug molesting Ireland yet again. Christianity has "Satan". The Irish have the fkin' Brits, probably the most evil people on the planet.

  14. Boris is a Roman Catholic. But then so was Theresa May. Think about it, David Cameron had a Jesuit advisor from Stoneyhurst College, wait then we had Tony Blair a Catholic. So we send in a Roman Catholic to sort out the peace agreement bearing in mind the I.R.A are still involved in criminal activities. They are used by Rome to silence the Protestants sending them to barzakh.

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