Boris Johnson approved £1.2bn arms sales to Saudi as Foreign Sec

Boris Johnson approved £1.2bn arms sales to Saudi as Foreign Sec

andrew smith from the campaign against arms trade also told me this isn't an issue about Boris Johnson the Tory party or any particular government unfortunately I think it I of Boris Johnson's colleagues I think it is fair to say that almost any of whom would have done the exact same thing but this isn't an issue about Boris Johnson is not an issue about even vest Tory party of this particular government this is an institutional issue because successive UK governments whether labour or conservative or coalition have all followed much the same policy when it comes to support for the Saudi regime which is to maximize arms sales and to turn the other way in to control it in village when regime carries a abuses against iris fighting people are people in Yemen well the Court of Appeal has found that these arms sales to Saudi Arabia have been granted unlawfully the government is having to review that has having to apply the correct process to review the existing licensees and of course it has appealed and the Supreme Court will be looking at this and the monks ahead we don't want to second-guess what they're going to say but we're very confident in the case that we presented to the Court of Appeal we're very confident in the strength of that case and we believe that the Supreme Court will agree with us that these arms sales are illegal

24 thoughts on “Boris Johnson approved £1.2bn arms sales to Saudi as Foreign Sec

  1. …Am…39,hätte es nur 20 Min gedauert UK
    wäre das 3 Atlantis geworden. 1916 haben wir UK vorgeschlagen den Krieg zubeenden,Lebensmittel nur noch für 14Tage. Militärisch wart ihr am Ende.Die
    Russen haben ihre Waffen niedergelegt,
    die Franzosen waren kurz davor. Keine Sieger keine Verlierer.
    Nun dafür wollten die
    Zionisten (Khasare aus Asien) einen jüdischen Staat🤣🐶🐺🐱🐎😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Perfectly fine, Lets hope the Islamic people buying the weapons use them responsibly.
    If you think differently we should shut all food shops, as these retailers are causing obesity. (yeah thats the same argument)

  3. the anglo saxons left germania, because they were different, they are a imperialistic, egoistic, warmongering kind of people.
    i mean, part of those people sailed to america and formed the biggest terrorist organisation of the world: the usa
    today, both are wicked bullies, the evil of our world.
    and to all misfortune, they sell their weapons to all those mad folks.
    only to start a war against iran, maybe china and russia in that situation too.
    hurray ww3!🥺
    why do you have no soul?
    please calm down, let us talk and bring back peace to all of our hearts.

  4. Saudi Arabia is the British, throat slaughtering, blood- thirsty baby. And mommy loves it’s baby , the monsters child. 👻

  5. So we sell weapons to the Saudi in turn they use them on Yemen
    With the profit we make it is then sent to Yemen to rebuild the country, and aid

  6. Really 1.2 billion is pittance. What are they complaining about. We sell f all compared to the rest of the world. And people don't realise if we sell the weapons. We can counter them if they are turned on us.

  7. Understand this doesn't matter if its USA or UK, doesn't matter who you vote for, its the same (DEEP STATE GOVERNMENT) with a bent agenda funding terrorism in order to facilitate regime change in the pursuit of Gold, Oil and Drugs.

  8. And responsible for killing families in Iraq and Syria by the british government airstrikes, foreign policy is to blame from 2015 to 2018.

  9. He's probably having to make money to start rebuilding Britain considering remainer may has done nothing

  10. When you have any domestic cover up Mr. Boris Johnson, you can call for White helmets to stage another "Scripal case" or wash up of children around the corner in Syria NATO and allies bombed last time…
    In Europe more and more people are tired of the spoiled brat across the Channel and are looking ahead when you will be roaming the world in search of riches beyond Europe…go in peace, and remember, we do not want you to come back, can one imagine to marry again spouse one divorced under her whims for who knows what reasons…
    And the play with tankers, we remember last time Brussels, when we have been dragged by naive politicians in sanctions "war against Russia", EU trashed more than 240 billion, lost eastern markets not to be recovered ever, the recipient of or resolution developed export business of agriculture produce beyond any expectations, today we ask, what was the reason for sanction, and please do not throw any stupid answers on me…over 20 naive MP that allowed to expel Russian diplomat ower Mrs. Theresa May palabra wish that these stupid "moves" are eradicated from dung yard annals of modern day history…

  11. The British government says its illegal to fund or buy anything from a terrorist organisation. Does that mean we don't have to pay tax considering they are terrorists and their funding terrorism?

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