Boris derangement syndrome, Ilhan Omar been caught out, and MSM bias against their own people.

Boris derangement syndrome, Ilhan Omar been caught out, and MSM bias against their own people.

hi there how's it going today is the 26th of July there's a a380 just flying off me and it's a beautiful day here in Canterbury yeah just just nice for a t-shirt and walk in the pack anyway yeah one two things I want to talk about and they're the best thing best news is that Boris Johnson is the new prime minister of the UK and Theresa May has gone I thank God for that reason may the most appalling Prime Minister the UK has ever had but you know Boris Johnson although it's an improvement on Theresa May and and he is a conservative baller he does try to keep everybody happy and I don't think that's a good trait in any leader of any nation and yeah trying to keep everybody happy it's not good you don't want to please everybody and that's it but I'm I think most people in the UK is happy Boris Johnson is the PM but look of a media reaction in the UK the BBC Sky News Channel four nearly all the tabloids and pile into Boris Johnson and they've got what is it Boris Boris derangement syndrome just like the Trump derangement syndrome in the US and you know the same he's a fool he's a buffoon and all that there's some respects he probably is well there's no doubt he's a very very intelligent man and he just plays to the gallery now and again but well yeah he's definitely gonna be an improvement but I hope I really hope he gets Britain out of Europe by the 31st of October because that's the aim because if he doesn't I think yeah he's finished but I think the Conservative Party will be finished if he doesn't go as out of operative and that could leave the door open to a Labour government which is a communist government in the UK which is Jeremy Corbyn which will be an absolute disaster or the best alternative for me would be the brexit party and Nigel Farage becoming the prime minister of the UK goes less faci nigel farage ok-hee i don't agree with everything he says but i think he's definitely an improvement on Boris Johnson and he is the original brexit man not Boris Johnson it was nice offer as I started all this and he should be the the Prime Minister and again he's got he's got a fantastic relationship with Donald Trump and he's got charisma and he well he says it as is mostly but there's only one topic he doesn't cover and we all know what is but I'm not gonna mention it yeah but I am who knows who knows what you'll do have you ever got power and Alam Omar as well in the united united states she's the Somali refugee who seems it seems has been found out and yes she had two husbands she married her first husband which was a faith wedding her muslim wedding so wasn't really recognised on the US law and then she a few years later she married another man while still married apartment so where but the other man it's is suspected it's alleged so that should I say the second man is a Ron brother and she married him both both of Muslim apparently but they got married in the Christian Church which made it legitimate and brought him to the United States and yeah so so this is fraud and there's loads of tax issues as well and the three of them lived in the same house together so that was their first husband whose name was armored and I was a faith husband and the second husband which was legitimate but that was a brother now you won't see meant much of this in the news mainstream media anyway because they well because she's loved because she's from the Islamic faith she's a Muslim and therefore she is protected and anybody who questions this is a is a far-right white supremacist and and his llama fault so yes so the mainstream media is quite covering this but the but it's all over social media and Fox News and you know and it's out there we just got to do a little bit research ill and oh man it's it's it's hilarious but you know we got to see what's what's gonna come of this and she's in Congress and she's one of the squad the squad of four people including a or C Alexander Acacio Cortes he was an absolute space cadet and yeah and she that they're just two of the four I forget names the other two but they're the ones are always attacking Trump as a as a fascist and racist and Hayes Lima for Obama and the SEC system and they call them everything and Nazi am Oliver yeah and these people just attack Trump and they're even attacking them Democrats for not being far left enough now these people are communists absolutely calm and Islamists as well you know two of them Muslims and they they want to they want to take the United States down the road of socialism Marxism communism as and Islamism and it's an absolute disaster but yet but yet they've got traction because they're because they're minorities and when they're minorities they have that much more power because it's just a fact of life nowadays and if you're a minority your voice is much bigger and especially if you're if you're a woman from minority background if you're brown you're black you're you're a Muslim and you've got that much more weight and no one will criticize you especially if you're a Muslim message is the fat of life and anybody denies this is just a liar or naive but yeah him it's gonna be hilarious but like on our lost TV and said just the other night and then just named Oh Simon something have fingers now or TVNZ and and this came off when Donald Trump gave an interview to the press pack outside the White House and Mastan asked him about ill and Homer and he says all I've heard about I've heard about her having and you know two husbands and blah blah blah and he said but I don't know about it he said there but we're gonna get to the bottom of this and I think his name was Simon off TV and said 6 o'clock news and he said well the this bitch is not true he said he says yeah well he made this our allegation but this is not true now how'd they know it's just goes to show the bias off news even mainstream media to say straight away this is not true how on earth do you know it's not true you say it's not true what why because because she's a Muslim is that why you're saying it's not true just like that no investigation he just came out and said this is not true how do you know but this is this is New Zealand and you know Muslims now I've got a special place in New Zealand if you criticize Islam now in New Zealand the state will come down on you they're just in this and in thought place the S is now I will call in on people's homes now for criticizing Islam I'm still waiting for my third knock on the door and he doesn't come yet but it's gonna come but you know I'm exercising my freedom of speech I'm not inciting hatred all I'm telling is the truth the truth as I see it and what you know this is this is New Zealand and New Zealand is just going down exactly the same road as Britain and their friends in Germany and Belgium and Sweden and Canada because you because they're globalists these people are globalist they want to destroy their own nations on behalf of United Nations and globalists Phil and their own Nations with mass migration from mostly Islamic countries and that's the quickest way to destroy a nation and that's what I do but uh you know and the media is just so pious absolutely so bias anybody who criticizes the other Global Compact the United Nations Global Compact on migration is a far-right white supremacist we've got this journalist in New Zealand I've mentioned many times before and Patrick gawe who's an absolute left-wing twerp easy a fool he's a buffoon and an absolute he's a dropkick he is but I'm he's he's so far left and you know he recently done a big investigation into white supremacy in New Zealand and the only people the only man he ever showed was in Phillips the man who shared the shared the video offer offer more shooting and and he said honey you know they're trying to say this is the media not just Patrick albor the mainstream media in New Zealand and the government are trying to push the narrative that New Zealand has got a father and a far-right problem it has not got a father problem this this money went is for Moscow Brenton Tarrant he came from Australia he came to Australia and acquire this in Australia the guns he was Australian citizen and he came from Dunedin and he did the job in Christchurch did what he did and that musket which was a terrible thing and you know what his government to take him taking guns off legitimate gun owners this buyback scheme this salmon that this salmon the Nuland the New Zealand public and they're disarming good people but not the salmon gangs no not interested in gangs good it's out to pain you no-good taxpaying people I like that just use they're gonna want it this is Bob yeah and then Patrick gawe an absolute clown just take a look at his video of his interview with their stefan molyneux and Lauren Sullivan it's mostly smoke embarrassing Barris means be you've ever seen talk about a man a journalist a prayer one of New Zealand's best June best non-jewish or so we didn't do is a due diligence before we interviewed this paper and they just running around and they were just just two club before and yeah I mean I mean I remember he went on the project later and on the project they were they were calling their stefan molyneux and Lawrence or than I think I called him losers it was pathetic honestly pathetic and they were trying to say it was some kind of win for a rare Patrick gala just take a look of it just take a look at the interview Patrick our and stefan molyneux Loren sudden interview well yeah but you know most terrorism or terrorist acts in the world are committed by Muslims against other Muslims and Christians and anybody else who is not Muslim but you never see this in news it seems like the myth the news and politicians bent on hiding the truth they're bent on hiding the truth and you know on this thing and that's what I'm they're driving this narrative of is a white supremacist movement some white supremacists it terrorists and Allah said they're just a bloody they're just a bloody group of people in Christchurch but probably I don't know maybe twenty twenty strong and I think that's about it on the way in back a girl or wherever I don't even know whether yeah I don't know I don't really care but I know they're not a massive movement I know they're not terrorists they're just they just I don't know I mean they don't people I mix with you know but then but even I just don't understand why I do understand I do understand it because this is one day and it's not there is it conspiracy and of course it's conspiracy but it's a conspiracy against good people I'm not saying my supremacists good people but now Patrick our and the mainstream media are trying to lump people like me what I'm saying on him now and people on social media especially on Facebook and messenger and these groups up and down New Zealand and in the UK in Canada and the United States in Europe as well but they're trying to lump them in as far-right white supremacists and they're trying to make them out to be some kind of terrorist open that organization I mean I Winston Peters only one for three months ago said that he's at the death threats and Winston Peters for anybody outside New Zealand is the Deputy Prime Minister alfafa New Zealand who done a 180 degree turn now he's Pro mass migration when you know when for the last 3040 years he's been against a mass migration but now he seems now he's in government he's all for it and he signed the United Nations Global Compact on migration so anyway but he said that he's a death threats from far-right groups and and these far-right groups are connected to what's-his-name and all the far-right groups in Austria which is a lie an absolute blatant lie and Patrick Gower ran with this you know how people believe it because people want it it just makes you wonder people how can people believe this garbage but that's why that's what they want to do that this that they tell lies they'd lie and they lying they lie and I'm sick of these politicians are sick to death I mean we got we got and Simon Bridges he's there like the opposition leader in New Zealand FISA and the National Party no doubt he's got good intentions but you know I I don't think he's got it to be honest I maybe it's just his voice the way he carries himself and they just ridiculing in Parliament and Winston Peters ridicules him the old ridiculing he's just not strong he's he's just not got a strong personality that can stand up to these people and I don't know who is stronger for I like absurd in previous videos we need a real and center two steps the right party and I'm going to say it we need a populist party in New Zealand I've said it on previous videos you know the right in New Zealand I'm not saying this is not fair right like the media would like to say I'm on about right ie real conservatives and you know populist maybe I should change the worthy a populist a real populist party to challenge both parties labour who are Marxist now and and and national who are labour light yeah it's got to change it's got it's changing around the world it is it's a massive there's a massive movement on the right you know I take a look at Hungary and Italy Austria and Poland the United States with Donald Trump you know there's a massive swing to the right and Donald Trump Gabe was a massive boost and it's a good thing we could because all the rest if you're outside of that then you're a globalist and these globalists that they want a one-world government they want borderless world they want mass migration they want the third world to float into the first world passport they want they're insane these people are insane because this is being controlled by the United Nations and globalist entities like George Soros who it could be argued that he's he's paid people off they could be argued now he's paid people off in governments all around the world to promote this mass migration you know and it just makes you wonder why they would destroy their own countries why would they want you know and the indigenous indigenous peoples off of the nations like the UK and France and I mean you know Belgium and Germany you know they've got no say they've got no saying or any of this and you know I and II and these governments they just go ahead they go ahead and floor their own nations with mass migration and they got no mandate from the people at all but the problem is they fund the media they fund the propaganda and the propaganda pumps out these lies about you know we need mass migration because we're getting older generation and you know there's none of people having children but most this migration is coming from the Islamic world and the Islamic world is an alien culture that is not compact it's just a fact of life read the Koran read the hadith it's a fact of life that life they are not compatible with Western democracies democracies and freedom and liberty they are not compatible with you and when they come they will use democracy to destroy democracy this is what they do but our politicians our mainstream media that's how most different their same I just said now is a lie based this then obviously the same I just said now what I just said then is a lie it's fake news and I don't understand the Islam I don't understand Muslims bla bla bla that's what they would say how can they not know if you read the Koran you will understand what it's all about and they're happy yeah in New Zealand we need a populist party and because we've gotta get together people we really have and we've got to we've got to join the rest of Europe Hungary Poland Italy and hopefully now with with Boris Johnson in power Britain and Donald Trump Donald Trump's gonna I think he's gonna walk the next election 2020 in the United States because of these these for these full and women of color as the house will call them and in you know the absolute file left up a Democrat Democratic Party but they've become the face of a Democrat Democratic Party in the US yeah that's a gift it's an absolute gift to Donald Trump because ALC I mean Alexander Acacio Cortez she's just have to watch it have a lot of a few clips of her and this L and Alma absolute fraud stir and she's been caught out I know if she gets away with this she'll only get away with it for one reason and that's because she's a Muslim but that's the way the world is now apparently that becomes watchable no one must have touched them so if they commit crimes of this sort nobody wants to touch them and just look at like him TVNZ the other night straight away oh no that's not true she's innocent straight away I mean I mean there's no investigation or nothing but straight away she was she's not true it's not true that's what they said on TBN said the other night how can they know that how can they know but I saw bias that's the biased media and I'm sure if it was a conservative Republican in the same boat they the TPN said and all the other media around the world they'll be jumping on him they want them they want them sad they want them ruined but because she's from the Islamic faith she's in safe and she's protected but she's protected by a Quisling and a Quisling class in you know in the established mainstream media and this is where we are people and you've got your suffering go get yourself informed you've got you look at the alternative made it for the BBC CNN MSNBC and all the other mainstream media outlets that are publicly and government-funded the line their line underline on behalf of the United Nations and that's their job is to lie to the public and to spin to spin a mass migration is a good thing so the the destruction of your core your country your society your children's future your grandchildren's grandchildren's future is is at risk because of what the mainstream media and these Quisling lying traitors of Paula sessions are doing but anyway and I think I've said enough but I'm just wrote a quote down here that I like if a Liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell anyone what they don't want to hear and that's Liberty but now they're even trying to take that away from us so offending people now just offending people is going to be a crime it's okay if you offend conservatives that's okay oh yeah anybody invite you anybody on the rice you can offend all day long but then you know there will be no charges but anybody on the right who offends a lefty or an auntie feh or M or ethnic minority or who's who's gay lesbian LGBT whatever you know yeah the police will come knocking because this is only going to be a one-way conservatives are going to be easy pickings this it's gonna be any book anyone right-of-center they're the ones that are gonna lose their voice these laws are against them and they're gonna be you know like a mean in New Zealand they're introducing these laws onami New Zealand or right across the Western world because they're taking away people's right to offend basically right to freedom of speech because the Islamic community demand it because they will not be criticized and this is what they're doing and the government's are bending over backwards to appease the Islamic community so basically what they introducing by taking away your freedom of speech is introducing blasphemy laws that's what they're doing so you will not be able to criticize Islam and they're gonna call it hate they're using this word hate hate speech so you will not be able to criticize Islam and you will not be able to criticize mass migration from a third world which is gone to be in the vast majority vast vast vast majority Islam comments your nations and this is what this disgusting government and governments all around the world this is what they are doing this is what they're doing to their own nations the spanner in the works Donald Trump hopefully Boris Johnson is gonna be a spanner in the works but now he's Prime Minister he may change he might he might do a Winston Peters on you on the United Kingdom and understand were they were an about-turn and if he does then he's finished he's get these he will destroy the the Conservative Party and hopefully bring brexit the brexit party into power but anyway then I'm not sure how long have been on me haven't got the glasses I can barely see the numbers I guess it's about 20 or minutes but if you like a video and like what I'm saying and you know please consider you know send send blood donation because I need to buy some more stuff and I'm quite gone off year I'm still saving it a new camera new mic and I want to buy PA system because I'm going to go into town at some stage and I'm going to say my piece to to the people of wherever anywhere in New Zealand where I go because I'm gonna use my my freedom it's a protest at this government to protest at the United Nations Global Compact and to protest what this government is doing to this nation and I need to pay for travel and things like that anyway if you if you'd like to you know make a small donation doesn't matter where it is and I'll leave the details below but I please subscribe and check your subscription because my numbers are right down I know I know this government along with YouTube mess with my numbers on this channel but that's okay I expect it there's I'm not the only one but but yeah and please like subscribe and bingo bell for more videos and please leave a comment and onion and shit share this video firearm wide you know everywhere all around the world because what I what I say I believe is the truth the absolute truth and I'm saying it from my heart I don't rehearse nothing I just love the ones who love notes then but just in case of guys wants to cover everything but you know I do this because I believe in the truth and a great risk to myself and like I said I'm expecting there knock on the door from the even the police or the SIS and you know so be it if it happens it happens and but I'm not sure but like what they can do because what am i doing what am i doing apart from telling the truth but anyway that's me I'll shut it down now and be known here long enough but yeah like I said and like subscribe share and and thing little bell for more videos okay let's meet you see you later

49 thoughts on “Boris derangement syndrome, Ilhan Omar been caught out, and MSM bias against their own people.

  1. Where's Bill English, he is the man for National, stop the pandering to the pansies,Bill is the man if he will step up and call them out.

  2. You're a good man mate. You definitely have good intentions and a good heart. You are making a difference. A very positive difference. We need more people like you in the world. God Bless you and your family mate. Even if you don't believe in God, I definitely do and I pray for you. I pray for Tommy too and I know for sure that he doesn't believe in God and that's OK. I don't try to force my Christian beliefs on anyone. That is a lie about us. I simply wish the very best for good men like you who have the best intentions. I know good people when I see them.

  3. I hope Boris gets Tommy out of prison. I also hope that the UK Prime Minister also has the power to release people from prison who shouldn't be there like our President has the power to do here in the USA.

  4. I agree with everything that you have put forward today. We have no children being born, than the pro-choicers for that. Muslims multiply like rabbits by choice, we are told that women don't have to have babies. Put the two of those together and you are advancing the islamic agenda perfectly. We western nations and the middle east, specifically islam are totally, totally incompatible. We neither live nor believe not one thing in common. We love God, families, country, law and order and our police and military, being kind to one another and living a peaceful life. They believe in Allah, violence, wildness and death by violence. Like I said, nothing in common. They are also intending to take over with sharia every single country in the world, then we are expected to convert or die, simple as that. Now try to explain to the dense political leaders who have simply fallen in love with islam. They have no idea what awaits them.

  5. Farage is pissed, he knows that if PM Johnson succeeds he'll have no chance of getting into Parliament on his 8th attempt. I prefer Johnson myself, and won't be at all surprised if he bestrides British politics for the next decade as long as we exit the EU on All Hallows Eve.

  6. Just come up on my local FB page. Hand in your weapons.

  7. Do you reckon the protests at Ihumatao are hindering 400 new house's for our now open boarders….or anywhere there is extensive housing building going on certainly not for natural New Zealander's struggling and working hard, ….. meanwhile we can not look after our own and vulnerable. Or labour wanting to increase their term from three to four years because "There simply is not enough time to fully implement our policies???" There is more incentive to hop on the vote labour gravy train express. Cutely called "[email protected]@k you middle class new zealander's". No we call them the dole bludger's elite. It is amazing the bullshit you see through when you apply double think and logic to government statements it really is. I openly wear my Trump T shirts and beanie around and to work. It really does show you who is a bit rascist and usually never from [email protected]#@E people. I have had more thumbs up and awesome shirt comments from [email protected]#@E people so there is a lot of common sense here we are just so blinded by FAKE news…….ohh I dared say that in public….best have my affairs in order I guess…. off to the gulag son.

  8. It’s a conspiracy made up by the nz government about the mosque shootings there the ones that are the ones who staged the shooting in the first place fuck the sis !!!!

  9. Have a listen to this lady: .
    Macron, Merkel, Kissinger have this award, I think Trudeau & Ardern after it too.


  11. Form Your own Party. Call it Centre Right New Zealand. Crowd fun money for the campaign. I reckon You should go into Politics. As Your views are shared all over Social media.

  12. Don't fear a label they might put on You. Stand up because at least its a label of Your choice. Don't be afraid Our forefathers weren't afraid of the Nazis.

  13. Ilhan Omar brother lives in London, UK . She was in an incestuous relationship with Her own brother. UK Government should issue international arrest warrant and charge Her with incest. Dirty bitch.

  14. Farage is a Fraud. Robin Tillbrook will prove We have already left the EU 29th March when He takes Our Government to court. May did not change the Law so the first extension was illegal and that makes the second extention invalid. We are already out. Farage knows it, the Government know it and so do the Media. Great video. #FREETOMMYROBINSON

  15. When will these Muslim apologists realise that they are being used as "useful idiots" to quote Stalin. When Islam succeeds , which it will unless a miracle happens, these idiots will be sent off to join us in the gulags. To the cry of "I was faithful to the cause", just before they are encouraged to leave the world.

  16. FOCUS . ON THE REAL and not the fake news  Bullshit Propaganda from the Globalist ,, Believe in yourselves Cromwellian Uprising Required,, FFS

  17. Great video mate there is a good feeling hear in the UK with BORIS fingers x he sorts all this bollox out

  18. that Brendan Tarrant character was in fact a Jew…
    a Jewish supremacist ! posing as a white supremacist !

  19. Zio-Nazi Kalergi Anti-Sovereign Migratory Global Zionist plan!
    W.A.S.P. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant!

  20. Social media is our weapon. The globalists didn't expect that. Keep on , we will get through eventually and we won't let them win. Never.

  21. Mate, I would like to give you a few quid but there is no link to do it, something sinister or your mistake?

  22. Mate, God bless from your home country. On a brighter note things are changing, people are waking up, have a look at Cross the Rubicon on YouTube, TR.News, Paul Joseph Watson, Katie Hopkins, Avi Yemeni, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, James Goddard, Unity News, Rebel Media, Sarah Corriher to name but a few and the list is growing.
    We will win this.

  23. They have no respect for the west's laws and they hate the freedom the west gives but above all they believe the west is stupid and weak and Allah has allowed them to get traction to overtake and implicate sharia. The more we start going down this trans clown way they will sit back and let the west thrive in decadence and then through birth rate they will take over, thank you China, thank you Saudi Arabia, were fucked if we don't get behind our Christian culture and fight back as one.

  24. That Muslim shit should not be allowed in the west at all and there religion is nothing but death and they don't respect freedom at all and they never will .

  25. So, despite the best efforts of the Bash Boris Corporation, Boris is our new PM. A strong start by cleaning out the Cabinet. I live in hope.

  26. Illhan Omar we know nothing about her (Illhan is a man's name) Is she even a woman? I'm not so sure about that. We need to look deep into what it is. Kids probably aren't even hers or his.

  27. The religion of genocide , Omar has admitted she married her brother to enter the USA.
    Cortez is a psycho far left extremist , and she is the most aggressive and unhinged of the far left extremist squad.
    Patrick Gower is a complete and utter cunt , and also a fully blown far left extremist , he is a clown but he is very dangerous , because it is wankers like him that have a voice and he has the platform to brainwash young vulnerable minds.
    There needs to be petitions started to force government to talk about islam on mainstream media , and to talk about the UN human trafficing pact , these criminals need to be exposed for what they are.

  28. there is more black people with youtube pages with support for Donald Trump, then there is white people. lol

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  30. I ain't Brexit or Remain Rubi… You have an email though I backed off to make contact. You might find, that I might agree with you, or not, in some instances. You seem to be a shit scared fringe male. Put up and get it done wisely. What has happened, has happened and is to be believed a front. Watch the U.K. (AND OTHER MAJOR CITIES FALL) as Europe and the West and East move into (a certain type of of chaos) chaos, into leaving the middle ground alone, with many to wallow in their own mire and wishing for a return to what they believed they "had".

  31. For god so loved the world tht he gave his one and only son Jesus to die for yr sins tht whosoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life for god did not send he’s son to condemn the world but tht the world through him might be saved…

  32. All you need to do to know what islam and jihad are all about is to read the history. Read 'The history of jihad' by Robert Spencer. It should open your eyes to what is coming. Ask yourself how many christians are living in saudi arabia?

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