Book Discussion | Indian Foreign Policy: The Modi Era

Book Discussion | Indian Foreign Policy: The Modi Era

22 thoughts on “Book Discussion | Indian Foreign Policy: The Modi Era

  1. Now Indian foreign policy 👍. Being as CM of Gujarat for many years, he was having clarity and plan.His resistance to chaina, improvement of relationship with Israel, trade through Iran port, srilanka relationship, American relationship, Surgical strike on Pakistan terrorists camps by crossing their international border ,given indication to international community that we are aggressive and effective. DRDO and ISRO are encouraged.Restricted the separatist gangsIn J&K.Indicating we no longer wait begging for international Sympathy and help . Ex. IAF

  2. It would have been a more beautiful listening experience if Dr.jaishankar was allowed to speak more.

  3. Wish the "experts" could have listed some tangible outcomes of Indian foreign policy in Modi's regime rather than indulging in same old " intellectual blabbering"

  4. Self Reliance in Defence sector is fundamentally integral to "strategic autonomy" . Much like his predecessors, Modi didn't achieve much in this area.

  5. People like Modi, who may be shrewd politicians, but lack true statesmanship,
    who weaken India by furthering internal fault lines so as to somehow expect electoral gains indirectly do the work of India's adversaries.

    Secondly, Indulging in jingoism rather than accumulating hard power in a subtle manner closes & doesn't open newer foreign policy options.

    Such stereoscopic domestic politics serves no good to India's foreign policy dynamic.

  6. Let we creat transparent BRI investment bank with contribution from major economies,smaller countries will trust it more and finance will be available for projects implementation.all countries can thus very confidently engage and Chinese ownership of the projects can be diluted ,countries with there capabilities not only participate but train but also more cohesive world order can be created

  7. Looks like not being very active part of BRI is like nonaligned supporter, India should engage head on and dilute the hegemonies of China by claiming equal stakeholder and claim it’s indian part of Kashmir (gilgit baltistan)…it’s equal share in Europe and Africa’s and even Latin Americas.send your engineers/technicians,workers as part of BRI

  8. Based on the questions asked, looks like the old guard who had spent prime of their life in socialist india are unable to comprehend the changes that are happening on the ground today. The amount of self-doubt they have about india was appalling..

  9. for the First 30 Minutes, I have listened….it was so boring… the same thing can be said again and again in many ways that must be what Intellectuals do..

  10. I have listened a lot from Harsh Sir on Rajya Sabha TV. And I endorse with many thoughts he has about India's global stature and position. He is subtle and influential.

  11. Looks like Jawaharlal Nehru is finally dead. RIP India's socialist foreign policy. Now we can start representing the Indian interests on the international stage. For the past 65 years we were representing THE FAMILY and its captive political wing, The Congress Party. Harsh V. Pant and S. Jaishankar obviously admire the clarity and boldness of Narendra Modi and his government's foreign policy. The moderator Samir Saran is well known establishment supporter and yet he organized this session is commendable. The change in India's foreign policy came with Prime minister Chandra Shekhar, a socialist, in 1991 during the first Gulf War. The direction continued under P V Narasimha Roa and beyond till Manmohan Singh appeared on the scene and destroyed whatever gains were made during the preceding 14 years. He allowed deterioration of India's relations with Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Australia. He sucked up to America without any tangible gains. He was scared of China and he never went to Pakistan. Hopefully this is all history and India would take its rightful place in the world.

  12. ex fs was great as always………..many indian ex army…fs people have some problem with so called politicisation
    these same people never utter a word that……..many netas has called army chief a gunda….iaf chief lyier…..
    blaming modi for pulwama
    if some morons can launch book on 26/11 in
    u realise how stupid some are

  13. Very good & knowledgeable session, It's always good to hear former FS. But I hate the way moderator dealt with Nepali guy, I know some people from Nepal & they always complain that how India treats them as a inferior country & does not give them enough attention/respect as a neighbouring friendly country and I think that is major reason why Nepal is somewhat tilting towards China.

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