Bolivia Resists China’s Subversion

Bolivia Resists China’s Subversion

On this episode of China Uncensored, when Chinese state media brag about deeper ties between China and Bolivia… …you know Bolivia is deep trouble. Hi, welcome back to China Uncensored I’m your host Chris Chappell. I want to share with you an exciting story of resistance against an oppressive regime. I’m not talking about China. And no, I’m not talking about the Last Jedi. There are some controversies I just will not
touch. I’m talking about the resistance in Bolivia, against President-for-life Evo Morales. Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in
South America. So what is propping Morales up? Well, like many countries, Bolivia is part of China’s Belt and Road
Initiative. And that could be bad news for a lot of ordinary citizens in Bolivia. I sat down with Bolivian activist, member of the resistance, and possible Jedi Jhanisse Vaca-Daza on the sidelines of the Oslo Freedom Forum
in New York. Well thank you for joining us today. Thank you for having me. So, for people who don’t really know much about the situation in Bolivia, what’s going on there right now? Okay, Bolivia is in the middle of South America, and we are a country that is currently going
through a democratic crisis that has been seen previously in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, we’re just not at the tipping point quite
yet. But, you have a president, so it’s a Democracy
right? It’s a competitive authoritarianism so it’s a weird hybrid between Democracy and
Dictatorship. We do have political- That sounds awesome. opposition parties, it’s so great but everything is controlled by the state at the end of the
day, and there is a big resistance movement, a citizen movement because the president asked
the country in a referendum if we wanted to have a change
to the constitution to make it legal for the president to be re-elected
indefinitely. We said no. We won. We had a high percentage of the vote, but then he turned to the constitutional court and had them make it legal to be re-elected
indefinitely. Okay. Our elections are next year. People are protesting we want him to obey the results of the referendum but we’re not quite sure where it’s gonna
go yet. Why wouldn’t you want a president for life? Why wouldn’t we- They have that in China, it’s great. It’s works so well right? It does. I think it’s worked very well for other countries
too but, the funny part, the irony out of all of this is that our president is an indigenous president, which has worked very well in his favor. Our country was the first one to have the rights of the environment as mother earth recognizes part of the constitution, but then again there are several human rights
violations to indigenous people in Bolivia. They are being displaced off their national and natural parks right now. Even under the current- Under the current president- President Morales. and purposefully, he applied the supreme decree, 1366 on May this year, which says that our natural parks and indigenous
areas can be opened for hydro carbon exploration, and guess which companies are doing such explorations
right now. Nicaragua? Definitely, no. China. Oh, hey that was my second guess. Yup. So, China has taken an interest in Bolivia? A high, high, high, interest. China is actually on a bilateral level, China owns 80% of our external debt. 80%? 80%, yes. We used to receive a lot of funds from Venezuela, because our economy is very much- They don’t have much to give for funding- Then things changed for those guys, and we were like where should we go. That’s funny they were also getting a lot of investment from China. Weren’t they? I’m sure it’ll work out for Bolivia though. That’s what I’m saying, there’s a pattern that’s being repeated and that’s why we need to raise awareness about
this because we already have a huge crisis in Venezuela, we have a very violent crisis in Nicaragua, you don’t want Bolivia to go there especially
because Bolivia is in the middle of South America. We’re very well connected to the countries
around us, and then at the same time there’s a high level of Narco traffic and coca production in Bolivia, because it’s actually legal to grow coca in
my country. It’s legal? It’s legal, yeah- Are there non cocaine reasons you can have
coca? Most definitely, there are a lot of typical ways to use coca
for tea, for medicine, but this current government, again, president indigenous and also leader of the
coca growers unions, that’s where he came from. He’s taking the permits to grow coca and giving it only to the areas that take it to Narco traffic. There is a UN study that says that those areas, 97% of the production goes towards Narco traffic and the areas where they actually use it for
the typical legal ways to produce coca are not getting the permits
anymore, so they’ve been protesting and we’ve had several
coca growers protest under this government, which was unthinkable when he rose to power. President Morales is sort of using his image as an indigenous person representing the coca
growers to basically use this as a propaganda. Yes, most definitely, both inside and outside of the country. Outside of the country he’s really appreciated by the international community because of the respect for indigenous rights and mother
earth, while again inside the country we’ve seen
terrible, terrible damage to our natural areas. To take it to more specific examples, we’ve found in Chinese citizens and companies that are illegally trading our jaguars teeth
and skin, and every time we try to take this to trial because it’s illegal and jaguars are endangered
in my country, we haven’t been able to have them process. There’s just, there’s no rule of law in the
country at the moment, everything is co-opted by the executive branch but it’s affected even more because most of
our natural resources are being taken by Chinese companies. Can we just go back for a moment? Jaguar teeth and skin? What is that used for? It has a high value for collectors, I guess. The statements that were given to the press; farmers are getting paid $100 per jaguar and then the skin is being taken illegally
to China and Europe and other markets and it’s being sold (by)
ten times the price. So China is taking a real interest in Bolivia. Besides the poaching that’s happening, what else are they investing in? From 2013 until right now, $609 million have been invested by the Chinese
government in Bolivia and by 2025 it’ll be over $1 billion that are invested but here’s the catch: We invest in projects to create infrastructure
but we select, China says, who’s going to be the company
that carries and executes these types of projects and it’s normally always Chinese companies. Bolivian companies, business people and Bolivian
workers have absolutely no access to these projects. We are losing jobs, if you want to see it that way, we have absolutely
no control. There is no way to oversee these contracts and it’s a lot of money that’s being used
and at the same time, most of these projects either haven’t been
carried to the end so there are a lot of unfinished projects or they’ve been executed poorly and you have bridges that fall within a month. One of the biggest issues with this is, given
the morale, this government has successfully eroded the
independence of the different branches of government. You can’t hold them accountable. There’s no way to take this to trial because the trial’s just not going to work and if you make too much noise around it, like some of our environmental activists have
done, they get sued and persecuted judicially and they’re not able to continue doing their
activism. So you’re in a crossroads that’s really affecting our environment mainly, but also it’s part of a mission that is supporting my governments erosion of democracy which is going to have it’s tipping point in the elections next year. So Chinese investment. It’s not helping the local economy, it’s helping prop up what is essentially a
dictatorship and Bolivia’s one of the poorest countries
in South America. How are you going to pay back this debt? That is the main question that everyone has
right now. The current government rose to power with
a speech, and a rightful speech in a way, that we had been often selling our natural
resources to big external forces such as the empire, which is what they call the U.S. and right wing governments all the time. It’s like we just switched empires from one
to the other. China’s owning most of what we do. It’s the money that we’re getting from China is going to really unnecessary stuff. We’ve spent over $40 million buying two MA60
military airplanes which we absolutely don’t need, we’re not at war right now. Yeah but those are really cool. They are cool. And so there are $150 million that have been
spent on buying 6 helicopters for the president. And more thing I’d like to mention, we’ve spent over $250 million buying a satellite
from China and this happened recently after the government
nationalized the biggest telephone company in Bolivia which they are using through this satellite. At the same time, the satellite is allowing the national T.V.
station to be able to reach even more rural areas
than it could before. May I add this national T.V. station states
to be, is giving nothing but propaganda about the
government and it never reports on stuff like the crisis in Venezuela or Nicaragua, you don’t hear about that in this news. I am shocked. Can you believe? Do you see any similarities with any other
government that we may have been talking about? Interesting. So really in Bolivia you’re seeing the same
thing that you’re seeing in countries around the
world, particularly in Africa, but also in other places in South America
and Central America where China’s basically acting as sort of
modern day colonial power. Exactly. So China is extracting resources as well? What do they want from Bolivia? Our natural resources for sure and then you also have to keep in mind, Bolivia has the highest lithium reserves in
the world. Around 70% is estimated to be there, so you want to be in good relations with us,
in a way. At the same time, it’s a great way for China to expand it’s geo-political power in South America. Again we’re in the middle of everything. There’s a reason that Che Guevara wanted to start his revolution in Bolivia specifically. Very strategically located. It is very strategically located and then
you also have a country that has no rule of law so you can get away with not paying your workers
properly, not finishing the projects that you’re working
on, and also I should add, this is very important; there have been, not just Bolivian’s denouncing
this, but we also know the Chancellor of Bolivia spoke about this with the Chancellor of China. There are Chinese convicts that are taken
to Bolivia to finish their term in my country while working
on infrastructure projects or mining projects. They’re basically slavery conditions. They’re really doubling down on the colonialism. They are really going back to it and it’s really bad and at the same time, there’s no way to have it. Check and balance to oversee all this. Is China playing a direct role in the drug
trade? I wouldn’t dare say directly but there’s this one case that was really
big for my country. It’s about the TIPNIS. TIPNIS is the name of a national park that was also an indigenous territory that’s incredibly important for the ecosystem of
the entire country so it’s very protected by law, for years already. The TIPNIS is really close to the places where you grow coca and suddenly the government
came up with this plan that they were gonna build a road, executed by Chinese companies through the
middle of the TIPNIS which was not only unnecessary but suspicious
as it would make transporting coca a lot easier for them. Indigenous groups that live there, they had this big march towards La Paz, the city capital, and there was heavy, heavy,
violent repression against indigenous groups including children
and the elderly. It became a big problem and the government
tried to shut it down and after that they started persecuting the
activists and indigenous people that were talking about
this. China’s not necessarily clamping down on our
indigenous people but they are being the economic provider for all of this actions to happen otherwise we wouldn’t have these companies
going in. I wouldn’t dare to say that China is the one
strategist behind my government because we know that
it is Venezuela and Cuba that are sticking their nose inside my country. We do know that it is Chinese money, again, 80% of our external debt is to China only. They are the ones that are sustaining the
system, the authoritarian system that we have in Bolivia
right now. What’s even worse, no one’s is paying any attention. Well the audience of China Uncensored will
be paying attention. Well they better do- So what’s your role in all of this. As one of many activist in the resistance
movement, to Morales attempt to hold onto power for
even longer, we are trying to educate the citizenship of
Bolivia about what’s happening. Why these elections that are coming are really a very important moment for our democracy and at the same time we are doing that through
nonviolence. We’re really committed to nonviolent actions
from the citizenship. We’re really committed to strategic work and including different areas of Bolivia. If there is something that I do give to Morales’s
government, is that he brought representation to many
minorities that were previously ignored by the system. So we want to keep this, we want to keep this inclusion, this union that we have in the country but at the same time we want democracy. Most people from my generation have known no other president than Morales and it’s so
difficult to explain both to the international community and sometimes to people within the country that despite being an indigenous president, you have heavy violation to indigenous rights, environmental rights and you also have absolutely no rule of law. We’re trying to work with what we have. The movement I’m in is called Standing Rivers, Rios de Pie and again, we’re trying to translate all of this information through social media, nonviolent mobilization and education to other
people. If somebody wanted to learn more about your
group, what you’re doing or just the situation in
Bolivia, where would you point them to? To our Facebook page, Rios de Pie, Standing
Rivers. If you want to look out for me on social media or just checkout our many activists talking about Bolivia at the moment. It shouldn’t be difficult to pin us down on
the internet. We can definitely provide a link in the comments
section below. Yes please do and check our movement. You’re going to have such good laughs. We do a lot of relativism. We try to use humor as a way to educate people so our activities tend to be really funny
and strategic too. So you’re a laughtivist? Activist if you want because you need more
than laughter, you need to mobilize people on the street. Well thank you so much for joining us. That was very interesting. Thank you so much. It’s great to be able to bring some light
to this situation. Good luck to you Thanks! Hope you enjoyed that interview; but there’s more to know! Why don’t you give us a rundown of some of the things you talk about on the China Unscripted podcast? Yes, in this podcast we have a second Bolivian so it’s not just me. And we will be two Bolivians telling you about how the president is the reincarnation of indigenous gods. And also many other things, including corruption, as well as the influence of China within our elections and how that and how the played out for the election of the president indefinite, so there’s a lot more material to cover. Plus the story of a lovechild, and miners who throw dynamite! Yes, and how we’re using nonviolence to counter that. Effectively – They’re not using dynamite. No, we’re not using dynamite. Effective nonviolence we’re using though. …which is the best kind of dynamite.

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