BoJo’s whims will decide UK’s Israel policy – Galloway

BoJo’s whims will decide UK’s Israel policy – Galloway

and over in the US House of Representatives they've passed legislation to oppose the global boycott movement against Israel better known as BDS and this has exposed some division among many Democrats whose minority opposed this bill this on the heels of a new demolition permit that has been granted in Israel to destroy dozens of homes along Gaza belonging to Palestinians let's bring in former UK MP George Galloway to discuss all of this so George you were a lawmaker for many years is it unusual for any legislative body to draw up such a bill to disallow people from expressing their freedoms of speech and essentially dictating where people can spend their money it's breathtakingly unusual I've never heard of any country that has ever done anything like this before and taken together with Donald Trump's rather curious conversation the other day when he was talking about giving the Golan Heights and giving the embassy to Jerusalem and talking as if he was the president of Israel as well as the President of the United States some kind of 51st state status for a country many thousands of miles away which has a very controversial provenance to say the very least I would have thought the United States had enough of its own problems to solve without attempting to police a small but growing number of US citizens led by very brave Jewish US citizens who say that the kind of thing you've just talked about house demolitions killing of people every day in the occupied territories building of illegal settlements is just too much to bear and they will not be associated with it and will not agree to your country funding and arming and propagandizing for it you talked about the houses that are about to be demolished around Gaza about much the world was fixated over the last couple of days with houses of a hundred families in holy Jerusalem being blown up and destroyed leaving a hundred families big families by the way extended families absolutely homeless in the burning summertime of the Middle East or because they were regarded as too close to an illegal wall which Israel has built so you build an illegal wall on Palestinian land then you knock down houses because they're too close to your illegal wall no wonder people want to boycott that yeah Georgia this bill is certainly very peculiar I'm no lawman at least that's my observation so this this anti BDS bill passed almost unanimously saved for just a little over a dozen representatives voting against it why do you think why do you think so many of these American politicians seem to want to protect Israel in such a way well I'm sorry to say that it's a sordid conflation of money and votes the evangelical Israel lobby that's mad for the final days the rapture as Michael Pompeo your Secretary of State put and will do anything to support Israel until the Messiah returns when all the Jews will have to convert to Christianity or be killed of course and the money the money that is put into individual politicians campaigns by supporters of Israel has bought silence at best and complicity at worst it's a very sordid story that your Republic should have come to this that the money supporting a foreign country should have effectively colonized your own political process that's right and US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was chided too the least for calling that out in a tweet and George switching gears just a bit here besides brexit being the main topic of discourse over in UK Parliament Boris Johnson as the new PM will have to address a broad swath of issues how do you see Boris handling the accused human rights violations against Palestinians by Israelis with this recent move to demolish those homes that we were just talking about well Haaretz today described them as the most pro-israel Prime Minister of Britain ever and that's saying something I'm about to tell you it depends in a way which Boris turns up on foreign policy just two years ago before he became foreign secretary he was proposing an alliance with Russia in Syria against the head-chopping Islamist fanatics there and that was a good Boris Johnson then he changed his line entirely and became a belligerent opponent of Russia and Syria Assad must go and all of that so he is pliable to say the least I suppose as Oscar Wilde once said of a sofa he bears the impression of those that last sat upon him I am gonna leave it with that final word bear George Galloway thank you for sharing your time with us today hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America's one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more

29 thoughts on “BoJo’s whims will decide UK’s Israel policy – Galloway

  1. Money talks and BS walk ……..unfortunately ……..when living in corruptions ………the human right ……..democracy ………turning both eyes blind to the truth. We should not blames others for what they doing.

  2. Check out "Know More News".
    It's worse than you think.

  3. Mr Galloway, shame on you. How can you say that Israel is (as if it were) the 51st state of the USA? When Israel is the 1st state of the USA and all other fifty states are, well, the secondary states of/to Isra(h)ell.

  4. there is a train of thought which says that the real purpose of the bilderberg conferences is so that they can be SWAPPED FOR THEIR CLONES

  5. The only country in the world, I think, that qualifies for the requirement of "Regime Change" is Israel! . The Netanyahu
    Regime needs to be abolished. The Israelis and Palestinians need to come together and elect a P.M. that is on the Left, is a Secularist and believes in universal "Human rights and Values" based on Ethics.

  6. These Demons are on borrowed time . Sooner or later the rest of the world is gonna rise up and bring these Pricks down and perhaps, eliminate them all from the face of the planet to have peace prosperity ….I would . I'm sicked of it and I'm not alone .

  7. If you take money out of elections where special interest groups pressure politicians this nonsense would stop.

  8. Come on Bojo, those scallywag Israelis are killing innocent people in Palestine. Let’s invade Israel :))))


  10. Boris, the Zionist stooge, needs to call a General Election immediately and get a mandate from the people, not from his Tory pals.

    It’s a disgrace how Israel dictates British foreign policy.

  11. Israel controlls America and UK and majority of "western” countries

    If u dont see this in 2019 U are either a dead brain or in coma.

  12. britain should admit its mistake in creating the BOGUS fake state of israel and dissolve israel and pull back all the israeli JUs back into english society OR to JU hq in switzerland…..and good luck with those criminals…..

  13. duh! all mental illnesses & physcopath clowns led terrorists act or. same whites .gangsters rapists, groomers or mafia led strikes again.. nothing New!

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