28 thoughts on “Bobby Sessions – Politics

  1. yo I saw you at club DADA about a year ago. I was one of the only white dudes there. For real man, you are one of the best hip-hop artists out right now. I've been a big fan of rap for a while now. I'd listen to shit on Kiss FM and it was a bunch of corporate trash. Started listening to rap and it was the last bastion of real raw music with raw emotion, story telling, and creative freedom. Now, most new rappers these days just perpetuate negative racial stereotypes for the sake of clout and because everyone else is doing it. Most likely just industry plants to pollute the minds of our youth. There is a difference between story telling of that life, and glorifying it. Keep up the good work my dude. Bring the people together.

  2. how this only has 32,000 views and some fucking trash like cardi b and migos has millions and millions of views…. keep hammering Bobby!! you are the truth

  3. Decided to check out your music after seeing your XXL freshman video, which was the best of all the candidates. Your music did not disappoint me either. Underrated artist with legit lyrics. Keep putting out content and you will finally get the attention you deserve. The law of attraction is real.

  4. That man is a masterpiece for this century. I'm lucky cuz I know him and listening him.
    Go on king. 👏

  5. This is my favorite of many favorites. He just spoon-fed us the very thing that's difficult to swallow; The truth!! Stay elevated yungblood!

  6. The majority won’t gravitate towards the truth due to wool over there eyes. Keep speaking your truth Bobby.

  7. It's true people love being stupid and shallow. The number of views and likes proves. Anyway much love from Kenya Africa ..we love you Bobby S.

  8. I just heard about this Gentleman on the Jeremy Schahill podcast, " The Intercept" we need more of this music, in the words of one of the BEST ever, KNOWtheLEDGE ! (Rakim)

  9. Continue to drop the knowledge. This type of awareness will always be needed in music. Hopefully, we can get it to the minds of the youth so can internalize it and make positive steps towards the future.

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