Bob Saget on Comedy, Trump, and Political Correctness (Full Interview)

Bob Saget on Comedy, Trump, and Political Correctness (Full Interview)

36 thoughts on “Bob Saget on Comedy, Trump, and Political Correctness (Full Interview)

  1. I think the truth is The American People don't care about your race or sexual preferences. I never see in Right chat the Right bringing it up ever. I do see fake accounts making comments in the chats to stir things up. America is for their brothers and sisters that's the truth! Not our country is bad and needs fixed or people don't like other people. If you support Dr Kings vision of Americas future it's not a racist sexist future of division it's everyone hand and hand.

  2. As a youth I thought that Bob Saget was a loser. Even when I heard that he was rather crude with his language on his future endeavours such as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," I thought that he was overcompensating for the public's perception of him being incredibly lame on Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos. After watching this and seeing him interact with Dave, I've come to realize that the person Bob really seems to be, assuming that some/most/all of what he said in this interview was genuine, is someone who simply wants to bring people up.

    Similar to what I said after reading peoples' comments on the Glen Beck interview (when people called him a shill): even if these men are attempting to be genuine only because they're being recorded, at least the messages that they espoused in their respective episodes on the Rubin Report were excellent messages and reminders for people to focus on what really matters. What might that be? How to make a better society.

  3. So he says, "I'd rather get my """News""" from John Oliver, Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, Seth Meyers,
    Jimmie Kimmel.
    WTF news is that?
    NEWS! News?
    I think he's very funny but what a libtard

  4. I enjoyed this interview, even though Bob is a lefty, at least he is mostly level headed. I did find it interesting that he said he'd rather get his news from all the late night talk show hosts than the news. If you're getting your news from them, then of course you are going to have such a bleak outlook on what is going on in America. I would encourage Bob to seek out more neutral sources of information and his opinion might change.

  5. (32:28) Bob's comment about how people now think that "roasting people" is suppose to come from a place of anger or meanness is exactly what comedy has become, and the proof was on full display for the world to see when Michelle Wolf verbally attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders—which is probably why most people didn't find it "funny."

  6. What is this a pedo channnel? Bob Sagget had a baby and his wife had complications with the delivery. So Bob hadnt had any sleep and looked aweful. His friend came by a director friend stopped by to help out and to check on things. Bob answers the door looking horrible with no sleep and was exausted. The director asks if he could help and said his little baby was so precious…..Bob said in return….for a dollar i will let ya finger her.!!!!! 2 days old!!!! Poor baby!!!!!! Kill this muther fukr!!!!!!!!!

  7. Non sequitur: "being gay" is not an immutable characteristic. Sodomy is a choice, and skin color is how God made you.

  8. Rubin: "PC sucks. I'm in favor of freedom of speech. Now let's ban BDS and keep Chelsea Manning from talking at Harvard."

  9. So people like bob saget and bill maher blame political correctness for people not laughing at them. did they ever consider the simpler possibility that they just aren't very funny?

  10. I know this is trivial, but I can never take my eyes off that painting behind Dave. That is Kurt Cobain right?

  11. Ty for pulling him away from politics….when he says where he gets his news.. because he has no idea…

  12. face palm BOB… come on! John Oliver?? okay he says some funny shit intermittently but he's either misguided naively or he's purposely directing people in the wrong way. both are not good but the former can be excused to some degree

  13. Does Bon think Trump's career only a reality show? Just bc Bob spent his entire career in Hollywood doesn't mean everyone does. Trump had a fine career prior to tv. That was one small slice if the pie. He's talking like a stoned millenial.

  14. Literally, the first one hour is him bragging about his career… 1:00:00 to boring politics and his take on what a tweet is.

  15. Exactly! We need an antipartisan law. You cannot vote against a bill just because it is from another party. Yuo must justify your vote, and it absolutely must comply with the letter of the law of the Constitution for the United States of America.

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